Vampire Powers | “Be able to eat Human Food”, “Enable own Mirror Reflection”, “Stop Hissing” and more

Vampire Powers | “Be able to eat Human Food”, “Enable own Mirror Reflection”, “Stop Hissing” and more

This Mod adds new Vampire Powers to the Vampire Pie Menu

Vampire Power “Be able to eat Human Food”

When Vampires use this Power they’ll be able to eat Human Food for 7 Days. They’ll get a visible Buff.

Their Hunger Motive will fill up and they won’t vomit if they have the “Withered Stomach” Weakness. They’ll still not really like the taste of Human Food though.

Vampire Power “Enable own Mirror Reflection”

When Vampires use this Power they’ll en-/disable their own Reflection in Mirrors. (If you delete all Buffs you need to enable your Reflection again)

Vampire Power “Stop Uncontrollable Hissing”

When Vampires use this Power the uncontrollable hissing should be prevented for 7 Days. They’ll get a visible Buff.

Vampire Power “Become immune to Sunlight”

When Vampires use this Power they will be immune to Sunlight for 7 Days. They’ll get a visible Buff.

Vampire Power “Turn Target into a willing victim” (available on TargetSims)

This Power will make unwilling Sims to willing Victims for you to Drink of.

This will delete the following Buffs which can prevent you from drinking or multiplier the chance to fail.

From TargetSim:

From Actor:

It will also add a Buff (2hrs) which multiplies the Chance to Fail with 0.


  • Japanese Translation by Simtelma
  • Portuguese Translation by IngridValentine

Download “New Vampire Powers” Version 26.02.2018 | Downloaded 7220 times | 34 KB

XML used “Vampire Powers…”


21 thoughts on “Vampire Powers | “Be able to eat Human Food”, “Enable own Mirror Reflection”, “Stop Hissing” and more

  1. hey I really like this mod.
    the Mirror reflection is awesome is there no way to enable it without traveling or make the power last for 7 days so I don’t have to travel that often and maybe add an 2. ability that deactivate the reflection again

    1. Yeah i guess you are right. Since there is no other way for the Reflection to work without traveling etc. i will change that with the next Update.

    1. ok your mod and the mod I posted are conflicting because now my Sims started growling again, would it be possible to make your stop hissing power an optional file?

      1. Both Mods use the same XML File so they conflict. I will not make it an optional File because others like me would want an all in one Version and then i would have again x Versions. After the last Patch i will make as less Versions as possible in the future. You can either use only one of the Mods or you can edit my Mod by opening it with Sims4Sudio and delete the Interaction of the Stop Hissing Power and the idle Vampire File.

        1. that’s too bad. I really like your mod but I also like the other mods idea with only hissing in dark form. I guess I need to edit it myself then. Also any plans what you’ll add in the future?

  2. Great mod, thanks. I wonder if it would be posible to add something like “no rejection bite” I always find frustrating the rate of rejection the mighty vampire has, it seems there are too many sims vampire resistant.

    1. Is that not a Perk already somehow? Never looked that closely into this since my Sim doesn’t drink from Sims^^

          1. There is no specific perk for that, but these two could do the trick if moded (I think).

            Control the minds of other Sims. You can tell them to clean, repair, and do other household tasks, work out, or be mean to others.

            Allows your Vampire to put another Sim into a trance, causing them to be dazed (+10 moodlet) and unable to move. The effect lasts for a couple hours, so it’s quite potent.

            1. FYI. In the cheat console I found in a sim that resisted being bitten, a moodlet called “unwilling snack”. Through the same console I eliminated that moodlet and immediately the sim agreed to the “compel for a deep drink” command.
              Don’t know if that helps. 🙂

  3. i have a question for this mod..
    this mod isn’t compatible 1.39 patch? only use 1.40 patch?
    p.s sorry for my english T.T

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