Unlock/Lock Doors for chosen Sims

Unlock/Lock Doors for chosen Sims

This little tuning Mod adds a SimPicker to the Unlock Door Pie Menu.

On Residential Lots


With the SimPicker you can choose up to 20 Sims including Sims who are not in the Household to unlock/lock the door for.

New: Lock (Unlock) for specific Pets and Gender & Age Door Locks (only one Age can be locked out at the same time!)

On Community Lots


Lock for all, Unlock for all, allow Employees/Butler and “Unlock Door for…” are enabled on Community Lots.
New: Gender & Age Door Locks (only one Age can be locked out at the same time!)


How to unlock/lock Doors for specific Sims/Pets

Unlock For Sims:

  • Lock the Door for all
  • Then Unlock it for chosen Sims
  • The Door is then unlocked for the chosen Sims and the Active Sim which you have used to Unlock the Door

Unlock For Pets:

  • Lock the Door for all Dogs or Cats
  • Then Unlock it for chosen Pets
  • The Door is then unlocked for the chosen Pets

Lock For certain Sims:

  • Under the Lock Door for Pie Menu is a new Lock Door for Menu where ou can lock certain Sims out. Unfortunaley i could not use the comfortable Sim Picker Menu for this. So all Sims will show in a normal Picker Menu and has to be clicked one by one.

What you also need to know

I cannot guarantee that this will work on Apartment Front Doors. They seem to have a different Unlock/Lock mechanic from the Outside.

If a sim has already decided on their route to a location, locking a door on their chosen path will be ignored until the next time they try to find a route somewhere.

Available languages: English (default), Polish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Danish and German

Polish Translation by Pawlq
Dutch Translation by ElenaInTheSims
French Translation by Yuu
Spanish Translation by Juniorcayher
Chinese Translation by Christine_jxn
Portuguese Translation by Guedesrs
Japanese Translation by Simtelma
Danish Translation by Sighubert

Download “Unlock/lock Doors for chosen Sims” Version 12.04.2018 | Downloaded 12889 times | 42 KB


39 thoughts on “Unlock/Lock Doors for chosen Sims

  1. This is so helpful especially when my YA sims moves out in a tiny shared apartment, at least his girlfriend can still have an access in his room haha.

  2. I’ve been redirected to this from Scumbumbo’s lock mod page. Excited to try it! The EA locks are awful. Would it ever be possible to add age and gender locks as in Scumbumbo’s mod? That would be AHMAZING if ever possible! Thanks.

  3. I will be trying this later tonight I can’t wait to try I loved scumbumbo’s but she says the code is to messed up for her for the new game Pets so she says but that’s kinda hard to believe since the mod worked such fine up to the new game came out…But oh well we have a new mod for it she doesn’t have to do nothing any more she can stay sitting on her ass still and not do nothing with the mods that everyone really NEEDS updated for Pets I just don’t understand I mean don’t do it all the time just update them every now an then but its whatever a !!!

    1. Well i can understand scumbumbo. No Modder is obliged to update their Mods. Especially if they do not play the game anymore. Also the last Patch broke so much and changed so much that it is not always easy to update a Mod just like that.

  4. Hey. Will this also allow specific pets in and out of rooms similar to Sims 3 locks? When I have two Sims living together sometimes I want only the chosen Sims dog in the room and not their roommates. Will this help?

      1. Thanks! Sims 4 changed a lot of my old favorite features from 3 and the locks were one of them. Your Mods are amazing btw! I hope you implement it and I signed up for your newsletter in case you do!

  5. How does this work for employees? I use Zerbu active business career on a custom lot that I changed to “Office”. Then I select “lock everyone but employees” but my sim can’t get it unless I unlock it for him. The other employees are already spawned inside so I can’t test if other people labeled “staff” are able to use the door.

    1. Employees are certain Job Types like Butler, Maid, Bartender. Employees from Mods or Active Careers do not count as such.

    1. You locked the Door and in the Pie Menu to unlock no “Unlock Door for…” shows up right?

      Did you install the Package and ts4script together? Only one Folder Deep? If yes, check if a Mod Conflict is going on. Put out every other Mod & CC and delete you localthumbcache.package then check if it works.

  6. It will not allow me to unlock doors for specific pets. They are still not able to go through even after I choose to allow them :/

      1. Both cats and dogs. I locked the door for all pets and then tried to allow specific pets but it did not work. I also tried locking the door for all cats and it didn’t work and then tried for just all dogs and still did not work. I then tried to lock the door for everyone but it did not work. I tried it on multiple doors to see if the specific door is the problem but it did not work on any. I deleted the mod and reinstalled it and pets still cannot go through doors when I try to allow specific pets through. Your mod works in every other way but I cannot allow specific pets through doors.

  7. Thank you so much for your diligent work on all of your mods. I have several of them installed, and I do so appreciate your keeping on top of the patches, and any issues folks have posted. I know it is a lot of hard work.
    This mod was the first of yours that I installed, after Scumbumbo’s stopped working. She has done a lot as well. I don’t understand how certain users get to feel so entitled that it must be continued. Please keep on, only as long as you are having fun. You have made the game much more enjoyable for me, and bless you for sharing!

  8. I just wanted to say thank you for updated your mods. I’ve seen so much entitlement in the community from players who actually believe they are OWED these updates when they’re not. As a player, it’s frustrating enough having to overhaul the mods folder after every update and that only entails removing outdated mods and searching for updated ones. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for an actual modder having to dig through the codes and scripts and do all the testing and answer a billion questions… so yeah, thank you so much for all your hard work <3

    1. Hey there, you can translate it and send me your translation if you want but pls don’t reupload the Mod directly somewhere else. Thx 🙂

      1. I will attach ur post address and ur name… I need ur proof of authority and send me the stbl file if you agree plz give me ur email address

        1. Why do you need my proof of authority if you send me your translation and i add it to my Mod? 😛 You can just send me the Stringtable via my Contact Form.

  9. Can you please add the “Lock Door for Current Sim” option? I’m trying to look for a mod that allows you to lock doors on community lots. However I wish this mod had the ability to lock doors for the current Sim selected.

    1. You mean like the Sim Picker Unlock for but with Lock for instead? Or what do you mean with current Sim? The Game itself has a Lock for Household Member xyz Option on Doors already.

      1. I think i know what is he saying(i want it too), an inverse version of this mod, a version which you can lock any sim, so anyone can enter into my retail store, but there is a stupid and awful townie that i dont whant, so i go to the door, click in it and ‘choose’ lock for a specific sim, a list shows all the sims in the world(LIKE YOUR MORE VISITORS DOOR INTERACTION) and choose that townie, so anyone can enter except that townie, i think that is what he is asking for, I LOVE YOUR MODS SO MUCH!

  10. Would you consider adding a new option: “Everyone but any club members”?

    This will allow sims who’re joining in any club. And deny else(not in joining in any club).
    I’m using club system to filter homeless* sims(which I constantly delete from MCCC mod).

    * automatically generated sims
    (Of course, “Everyone but homeless” is the best but I want above option)

  11. Hi how are you been?, the lock doors for ages is not working for me, when i choose the option any sim still gets in the room no matter what i do, is the door? or what?, help T-T

    1. Did you choose only one Age that are not allowed to go through the Door? Also sometimes when you lock a Door and a Sim already was on their way through the Door the lock won’t work until they choose they route the next time.

      1. I chose the option Age…hmm when the sims where out and in, but didnt work, let me see with the new update

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