Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound Scan

Visit a Gynecologist to do a Ultrasound Examination 🙂

Ultrasound Scan

  • When the pregnant Sim is in 2nd or 3rd Trimester they can go and visit their Gynecologist to do a Ultrasound Examination (75$) to determite the Number and Gender of the Babies
  • You can find the Interaction “Visit a Gynecologist” via the Phone Travel Menu
  • Your Sims will be away between 60-90 minutes.
  • When they come back they’ll find an Ultrasound Scan inside their Inventory.
  • The Description of the Ultrasound Scan will include the Name of the Pregnant Sim and the Result!
  • You can hang the Scans on Walls to View and get a Happy Buff.
  • You can also copy the Scan (25$) and give it to Family & Friends (works with my Give a Gift Mod).
  • The Ultrasound Scan Object has 9 Picture Frame Swatches!
  • New! You can rename the Scan to keep track of which offspring the scan was

A huge Thank you to Turbodriver of WickedWhims for helping me with the Script Part of this Mod. Without him this Mod would just be an Idea in my Head 😉

Be aware if your Household Size changes while a Sim is Pregnant the Number of Babies may change if the Limit is reached!

>>>>>>> IMPORTANT INFO <<<<<<<

I don’t get an Ultrasound Scan. Why?

There can be some reasons why this Mod does not work for you. The main reason can be that something prevents the script from giving your Sim the right Buff. For example if you use other Mods that influence the pregnancy offspring data – like being able to be pregnant with more than 3 Babies etc.

To check if the main script of this Mod works with your pregnant Sim, do the following:

  • Click on your pregnant Sim
  • Open the Command Console (Strg+Shift+C)
  • Type offspring.scan and click enter (testingcheats might need to be enabled for this)

If you get a message back like this for example “Added buff with ID 16852025926204541681 to the active Sim.” then the script worked. Send your Sim to the Gyn and see if you now get a Scan in your Inventory.

If you get the message “Added buff with ID 0 to the active Sim.” then the script can not read the offspring data because of reasons i explained above. The Mod will simply not work for this Sim then.

>>>>>>> IMPORTANT INFO <<<<<<<

Languages available: English (default), Italian (by Ilaria), French (by Yuu), Spanish (by Edespino), Russian (by Alexander), Japanese (by Simtelma) and German

Download “Ultrasound Scan” Version 05.03.2018 | Downloaded 37194 times | 242 KB

138 thoughts on “Ultrasound Scan

      1. Download or Install? To download just click on the blue Button in the Description. For more Infos on how to install Mods take a look at the FAQ Section “How do i install your Mods?”

  1. Is there any way you can make it so this doesn’t conflict with MC Command? I had to take it out of my game in order for the ultrasound to show up in my sims inventory.

    1. It does work fine with MC Command in my Game. But i don’t use all Modules. Even if one of the Modules does conflict, i can not do anything about that sry.

      1. If you don’t mind me asking, which modules do you use of MC? That way I’ll be able to tell if they will be fine in my game ^_^ Thanks so very much for all of your mods BTW

          1. Hello, thank you for your wonderfull mods. I love them but i just wanted to let you know that i only have the MCC pregnancy module and unfortunately this mod is somehow conflicting with it. MCC throws a lot of error reports out. You say you have the pregnancy module too and it doesn’t conflict, that got me thinking maybe it is something in the set up. Could it be that it is conflicting with that. For example maybe if you set it up as a longer pregnancy. I changed a few things in my set up but nothing changed. I can’t figure out what is wrong. Why in my game it isn’t compatible with MCC.

            1. Sry just saw i missed this: I have longer pregnancy too (21 Days) and it works fine so i don’t think it is that setting at least. There are a lot of settings in MCC so it would be hard to figure out which one it may be if it really is a setting conflicting here. The only thing that could “conflict” is when you maybe change something major like the Amount of possible Babies. If you set that to 4 then the Mod is not able to read the Data anymore i guess because it can only read the Default Game Data?!

        1. The ts4script File & the package File need to be together in your Mod Folder and it is only allowed to be one Folder deep. Script Mods must also be enabled in the Game Options. If it still does not work you need to check if you have a Mod Conflict going on.

              1. The ts4script File & the package File need to be together in your Mod Folder and it is only allowed to be one Folder deep.

  2. Hello, I’m a loyal fan of SIM4. I like your MODS very much. However, I am Chinese, play the game is Chinese version. So, I put your MODS download their own translation into Chinese, and to share it to a lot of people love the SIM4 website, of course, the original website address I will share out, hope you don’t mind. If the infringement, please inform me, I will stop. Thank you

    1. Hi there, i would prefer to not have my Mods uploaded on other Sites. If you want to tranlate this, you can send me your Translations via the Contact Form and i will add it then. Thx

  3. Great mod!
    For people having issues I recently tried the have more personality please mod from mod the sims and it changes so many XML’s that it mess up loads of other mods in my game, including this one. So if you have that I’d consider removing it 🙂

    1. I have the Personality Please! Mod as well and I have no issues. I can have my sim travel to do the ultrasound and get the picture just fine. I also have a lot of other mods in my game.

  4. Bonjour,

    super mod ! mais je n’arrive pas a le faire fonctionner pourtant j’ai bien tout installer comme marqué dans les précédents commentaires

    Une solution ?

    1. If you have installed everything right: The ts4script File & the package File need to be together in your Mod Folder and it is only allowed to be one Folder deep. Script Mods must also be enabled in the Game Options.
      Then you need to check if you have a Mod Conflict going on! Put every other Mod & CC even MC Command out of your Mod Folder and load the Game with only this Mod inside.

  5. This mod does not work for me, I tried with this mod only and it does not work either.

    Do I need all the EP/SP ?

    Or the problem is the new update ?

    1. I cannot answer this before i checked it. But it was most likely broken by the Patch because so far after updating over 50 of my Mods i think 90% have been broken by the Patch. I will probably Update the Rest of my Mods tomorrow.

      1. I did the same thing. I moved all my mods and cc expect for this and it doesn’t work there are two M ( < < stacked on top of each other)like things on either side of my phone other than that. It still just says volunteer, move household, and travel. I even deleted my old one and downloaded it again.

    1. Yes i used it already after the Patch. And yes you can translate it and send me the Translation via Contact Mail. I will include it in the Mod then.

  6. OMG! is so amazing, but will have any other languages? If you don’t mind I can translated to Spanish and Portuguese, I can send you update. Just me let me know if I can and how :c hahaha but if I discover how before you answer me I will keep save to send to you update :3

  7. A bit of help needed. I will say I am not tech savvy, daughter handles my mods.
    She installed the sonogram mod ( yay) but anyway. My pregnant sim went to the gynecologist and it took my simoleons but there is no sonogram picture in inventory. Help please. I do have a couple other mods but not many. MC Command and Wicked Whims and a few of yours.

    1. That does sound like you Sim did not get the right Buff which then lets the right Object spawn inside their Inventory.

      Did you use the newest Version? Try reinstalling and delete your Cache Files. Then try to send them again to the Gyn.

      Also i guess you don’t use any Mods which let’s you get more then 3 Babies?

        1. Not conflicting. I use MCC myself. But the Mod only works for Babies up to 3. If a Sim is pregnant with 4 or more Kids it won’t work then.

    1. Did you go alone or with your SigOther? Do you use any Mods that Change the Pregnancy? Like the Amount of Babies?

        1. And both times you did not get any notification/Scan? Did you try another Sim to see if it is just this one Sim?
          Hm… pretty difficult to say why it is not working for you here.

    1. Then your Sim did not get the Buff like they should. I can’t tell you over the Internet why. The only thing i can offer is to check your Sim/Savegame in my Game and see what happens when i send them to the Gyn? If you want me to check that, send me your Savegame via Contact Mail and let me know which Household the pregnant Sim is in.

            1. If you don’t get any Message at all then you installed the Mod wrong? You have to install the Package & the s4script inside your Mod Folder only one Folder deep or directly in the Main Folder. And you have to enable Script Mods in your Game Settings.

              1. i know how to download mods. your mod just plain doesnt work. many people have the option to go to the gyn but get no picture.

                1. Ok, first seriously????
                  Many! People don’t get the Picture??? Almost 10.000 Downloads and a handful of people (~5) with this problem are NOT many!
                  And yes my Mod works fine! I just went with my Sim to the Gyn yesterday and got a Scan. Don’t say it does not work just because it does not work for you!
                  I offered you to check your Savegame but no reaction from your Site! Instead you come here and say that it doesn’t work.
                  One more time: if you have done what i wrote in the Important Info Part and you don’t have gotten any Buff not even the 0 Buff then something is wrong on your Site or you did something wrong.

                  Did you even check for Mod Conflicts? Did you even check if it works with other Sims? Did you check if it works without any other Mod/CC?

                  1. i dont have ANY OTHER MODS. either way im just going to use the pregnancy mega mod and make cc ultrasound pics. I’m not TRYING to be rude im just a bit irritated with my game right now.

                    1. Saying that the Mod does not work for many ppl is simply rude because it is wrong. 80-90% of those Problems are from Mod Conflicts or wrong Installations.
                      Also how am i supposed to know that you don’t use any Mods at all when you say “I do not use any mods that make it so i have more than 3 babies” and “i know how to download mods”?!

                      Since you are 100% sure you did everything right and no Conflicts are going on then there is nothing i can do. Still the offer stands that i look into your Savegame.

  8. I downloaded the Ultrasound mod, and I’m not getting an Ultrasound picture when my sim returns from the Gyn, Help?

  9. I downloaded the mod and i got the message “Added buff with ID ……….8312 to the active sim” but i dont see a photo in her inventory. I have the otion to go to the GYN and she leaves to go there but when she comes back there is no moodlet or picture.

    1. Really difficult to say what’s going on in your Game. You could send me the Savegame with the Pregnant Sim and i could check it out myself?!

  10. Thank you so much for this Mod LittleMsSam..this helps alot ..will you be able to add doctor appointments at least for them to do initial appointment to find out they are pregnant and then two other appointments..maybe with dialog if they are eating correctly or not and taking prenatal pills even.. I think that would be awesome if able to do such.. crosses my fingers.

    1. Hi Cherishmonet,
      i don’t plan to add any more to this at the Moment. I barely have free time next to work and two old/sick Dogs so i spend the time i have to make new Mods or Updates that i would like to use in my Gameplay. The “add doctor appointments at least for them to do initial appointment to find out they are pregnant” sounds interesting but i would have to check out how the Game mechanics work here because i know at some point Sims go and use the pregnancy test on their own. Depending on how much time it would take and how “complicated” it may be i would check it out but no promises are made here.

  11. OMG! For something so absolutely amazing people sure are RUDE!!!! Thank you so much for making all these amazing mods that add a touch of real life to my game play. I cannot imagine how difficult it must to be to not only create these mods but keep them up to date. Please don’t stop what you are doing. I know MANY of us appreciate it.

  12. It won’t even give me the option to go see the gynecologist on the phone or anywhere else and the only other mods I have are your sleep all night and miscarriage.

    1. It only works in 2nd & 3rd Trimester. Also make sure that the Package as well as the script File is together only one Folder deep installed.

      1. I had it in 2 folders deep and I changed that and now it works. Thanks so much. I really like your mods and how you reply back to people as soon as you can. Your mods make the Sims 4 more real and I love it. Thank you for doing that for us. 🙂

  13. I love your mods thank you for everything you do I just downloaded the new version by replacing the old and I do not have the action visit a gynecologist 🙁

    1. Did you delete your Cache? Is your Sim in 2nd or 3rd Trimester? What is your Game Version? It is still working in my Game.

        1. I checked with a Sim in 3rd too and it worked there. You could send me your savegame and i could check it myself?

    1. Checked Download Link and so far it works fine. Does it happen with every Download on this site or only this?

  14. denke mal dass du deutsch spricht lol
    also, ich spiele auf version 1.38 und kann aus irgend einem grund den gynäkologen nicht besuchen, also mir wird die option auch nicht angezeigt, weisst du woran dass liegt oder wie ich das behebe? :/

    1. Dafür kann es verschiedene Gründe geben:
      Die Interaktion ist nur Sichtbar im 2ten und 3ten Trimester.
      Die Dateien Script & Package müssen zusammen im Mod Ordner sein und dürfen nur maximal 1 Unterordner tief liegen
      Script Mods muss natürlich aktiviert sein in den Spieleinstellungen

      1. hab ich schon alles nachgeschaut, habe den download ordner jetzt nochmal neu erstellt und die datei neu runtergeladen, jetzt funktionierts *.* danke trotzdem!

  15. Hi there,
    the Ultrasound said there would be twins, maybe boys. But my sim got only one boy. Is this a bug of the mod? Or is it because I let my sim go to the hospital to have the baby and there she only can get one?

    1. As far as i know Sims can get Twins etc in the Hospital too. There can be reasons why the Amount of Babies changed after you got the Scan. One is another Mod that somehow has to do with pregnancies and two is that your Household Size changed while the Sim was pregnant and therefore instead of Twins only one Baby got born.

      So far the Mod itself works fine since my own Sim did get Twin Boys just yesterday just like the Ultrasound Scan said she would.

      1. Thank you. I need to check that. But there were only 3 sims in the house so far. I’ll try next time. My houses all have the trait with the “good baby place”.

      1. Thank you. I have a story in mind. I got to finish writing it out only got like 4 chapters done and part of chapter 5.

  16. Everytime my sim gets an ultrasound, she always has one less baby than it says on the scan. When it said triplets, she had only twins and everytime it says twins she has only one baby. I’ve never had the ultrasound say one baby. Each time this occurred, there was only the mother and father in the household.

    1. Make sure you don’t have any other Mod that “manipulates” the Offspring Data.

      If you don’t have any other Mod like that you can send me your Savegame and i will test it out myself (if you still have one with the pregnant Sim)

      1. I downloaded it and I don’t have expansion packs but I do have parenthood and toddler stuff and it didn’t work did i miss a step?

            1. You need to download the zip file and extract it. Then both Files LittleMsSam_Ultrasound.package & LittleMsSam_Ultrasound.ts4script need to be in your Mods Folder (“Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods”). You also need to enable Mods & Script Mods in the Game Options (Game Options -> Other “Enable Custom Content and Mods” plus “Script Mods allowed”).

              If you put Mods in Subfolder make sure to put Script Mods only one Folder deep like “Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/Scriptmods”.

  17. Fantastic mod! I have only gotten the chance to use it once so far but I have loved it. I was wondering though, is it possible for the scan to be wrong? When I had the scan done it said there were twins, but when my sim went into labour, she only had one baby. That’s fine of course, just wondering is all 🙂

    1. No, usually the scans should all work fine the moment you do the scan but your pregnancy can change after and something can also mess it up.
      For example if you use other mods that influence the Offspring Data then it can happen that the scan script can not read it correctly.
      Also if your Household changes while your Sim is pregnant the game “deletes” offspring when the Household Size is too big.

  18. Hi so i downloaded the mod and when my sim hit its third trimester nothing shows so I came back to this page and try to follow your directions and that didn’t work. I don’t have any mods to help pregnancy or anything like that so I don’t know why it’s not working for me can you please help me

    1. Extract the Package & Script only one Subfolder deep max inside your Mod Folder. Enable Script Mods in your Game Options. The Pregnant Sim must be at least 2nd Trimester.

  19. It doesn’t work for me my sims is on third semester and she still can get the option ☹️ I already tried all

  20. It comes up with added buff with ID then the long number but I can’t take them to the doctor or whatever it is what should I do?

    1. If your Sim is in 2nd or 3rd Trimester and both the Package File as well as the Script File are installed max one Sub Folder deep you should see the Option via the Phone Travel Menu.

          1. That is the right place. The Mod Folder or one Folder deep like Mods/Script Mods. But not deeper. If that is the case and your Sim is in 2nd or 3rd Trimester it should show up in the Phone Menu.

            If not you can send me your Savegame via Contact Form so i can check it out.

              1. It comes up at the start in the script mods category and I have downloaded it a few times. It still comes up with the long number you have mentioned at the top but it isn’t in the phone so I don’t know what I am missing and I have spent ages trying to figure it out

              2. You can send it via my Contact Form if it is not bigger then 10 MB. Only the current *.save File is enough out of the Saves Folder.

  21. Took my sims to the gyno, said they would have two twin boys. When it came time to actually have the babies, only one came out. Don’t know why this happened, as this is the only pregnancy mod I use and the house had enough room for twins.

        1. If you are sure it is not a Mod Conflict or another Mod that influence Pregnancies (MCC, Preg. Mega Mod etc) then you can send me a savegame of the still pregnant Sim to check out.

  22. Are the ultrasound results supposed to be correct? My Sim’s ultrasound said she would have twins; but she only had one son. There were only 4 sims in the household before getting pregnant.

    1. Yes it is working correctly. I just checked ingame. Got my Sim pregnant with 2 Boys (with MCC), send her to the Gyn, got a Scan (Twins 2 Boys). Send her into labor and she did get two Boys.

      If you have a Save where she is still pregnant you could check with MCC if she is pregnant with Twins. Send her to the Gyn. Check the Scan. Check again via MCC if she still is with Twins. Send her into Labor and see what happens then.

      Check also if you have any other Pregnancy Mod that might change Offspring like the Pregnancy Mega Mod or so.

      1. Weird! This has happened twice to me. I don’t have any other pregnancy mods (aside from your Abortion/Miscarriage mod) and twice now my ultrasounds have said I’m having twins and I only have one baby. I don’t have MCCC either. :/ I definitely love this mod though!

        1. Was it the same Sim? If you still have the Sim (being pregnant with the Twins aka non Twins) you could send it to me so i could take a look myself. The Only thing i can say for know is that every time i test it or actually use it in my Play Savegame it works fine.

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