How to translate Mods

Here is a little Tutorial i did to show you how to translate my Mods:

Extra Info:
Don’t translate Textparts within {} like {2.ObjectName}.
Only translate those if they are marked with F & M!
For example {M0.He}{F0.She}. You can then translate the “He”and “She” Parts.

How to make a Custom Lot Trait

Here is a Tutorial on how to make a “No Women Allowed” Lot Trait (is a part of my Gender Lot Trait).

This Lot Trait will prevent Women to enter a Lot and will make them leave. It will not affect the Active Household or NPCs with Jobs.

Important. Save and reopen the package in between a lot to make sure changes have been saved!



Here you can download all example Files including the Tutorial Pictures:

Download “How to make a Custom Lot Trait” | Downloaded 188 times | 11 MB