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Teach me the Rumbasim

Learn the Rumbasim Dance

I know there is a Mod out there which disables the Skill requirement to dance the Rumbasim but we all know that is not my kind of Gameplay^^

So here is my own Version of a possibilty to dance the Rumbasim without the need of lvl 5 of the Local Culture Skill:

Teach me Rumbasim (Jungle Adventure DLC)

There are two kind of Sims you can ask to teach you the Rumbasim:

  • Local Natives in Selvadorada
  • Sims who have already learnt the Dance through this Mod

You’ll find the new Interaction “Ask to be taught in Rumbasim” in the Friendly Pie Menu

After you asked the Sim to teach you they’ll start to show you their Dance Moves while you’ll be watching them for around 25-30 Minutes. In the End you’ll know how to Dance the Rumbasim.

Language: English (default), Danish (by Sighubert) and German

Download “Teach me the Rumbasim” Version 04.04.2018 | Downloaded 2034 times | 24 KB

Teach me the Rumbasim