Small Pet Food Overhaul

Small Pet Food Overhaul

Small Pet Food Overhaul

I love to cook my Pets Food but it took too much time if you have more than one Pet or have to feed them two times a day.

So i added more Serving Options to the Cook Pet Food (Homestyle & Gourmet). I added 4 and 8 Servings.

This does work on Stoves and Fridges. This does not affect the Cook Pet Food for Pet XYZ. These will still only cook one single Meal.

Known Issue: I am not a CC Creator so i used the Single Pet Food Serving and Cloned that for the Multi Servings. This means that after taking the last serving the Dish will not look empty.

Download “Small Pet Food Overhaul” | Downloaded 1825 times | 250 KB

XML used in “Pet Food Overhaul”


8 thoughts on “Small Pet Food Overhaul

  1. I love this! Thank you so much for all that you do!! My only problem now is keeping my sims from eating the pets food now xD

  2. you have no idea how many people waited for such option since animals appeared in game, maybe you could consider make mod to add option on every food to call animal and feed it? if it’s possible, that is, when people makes food for family it’d be easy place one dish on floor and call pet to eat it

      1. no, I noticed when I’ll place normal food on floor pets will sometimes eat it, just like cats are stealing it from counters but no options or mods about it (at least I didn’t noticed it)

  3. Could You Make An Add-On For More Serving Options Like One Of Your More Popular Mods To Make This Mod Even Better.


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