Small Laundry Overhaul

Small Laundry Overhaul

A small Overhaul for the Laundry Stuff Pack

No Auto Put in Hamper

Clothes of Sims without the Lazy/Slob Traits get autonomously be thrown in the Hamper. With this Mod Part there will be always a Clothing Pile generated. Also only at least used Clothes will get genereated instead of clean Clothes you can’t wash.

This Part has three Versions. Only install one!

  • No Auto Put in Hamper for all
  • No Auto Put in Hamper for Kids & Teens Only
  • No Auto Put in Hamper for Lazy, Slobs, Kids & Teens Only


New Interaction via Hamper: Put (Laundry) in Inventory

A new Interaction via Hampers let’s you put the Laundry into your Inventory.

Put Laundry In Inventory On Community Lots when changing Clothes

If you change Clothes on Community Lots you’ll now get a Clothing Pile in your Inventory.

This happens via the following Interactions only:

  • Change Outfit via the Sim Menu
  • Change Outfit via Dresser
  • After taking a Shower

Doing Laundry On Community Lots Costs Money

Washing (via Washing Machine) or Drying (via Dryer) Clothes on Community Lots costs now 2 Simoleons! Added Option to let you wash/dry Clothes in WM/Dryer even if they are clean/dry.


No Sparkling Effects on Sims who wear Pristine Clothes

This will hopefully disable the sparkling Pristine VFX Effect on Sims. Let me know if they still sparkle and if so which Buff they currently have!


No Idle Animation

This should stop the Idle Animations “Brush off” & “Straighten”.


Small Buff Changes

This changes the following Buffs:

  • Clean – Happy +1 4hrs -> Fine +1 2hrs
  • Damp – Sad +2 4hrs -> Uncomfortable +0 2hrs
  • Dry – Fine +2 4hrs -> Fine +0 2hrs
  • Filthy – Uncomfortable +2 4hrs -> Uncomfortable +2 2hrs
  • Fragrant – Confident 2+  4hrs -> Happy +0 2hrs
  • Grungy – Uncomfortable +2 4hrs -> Uncomfortable +1 2hrs
  • Pristine- Happy +2 4hrs -> Happy +1 2hrs
  • Rank- Embarrassed +2 4hrs -> Embarrassed +1 2hrs
  • Soaked – Angry +2 4hrs -> Uncomfortable +1 2hrs
  • Used – Fine +1 4hrs -> Fine +0 2hrs
  • Warm – Playful +2 4hrs -> Happy +1 2hrs


Download “Small Laundry Overhaul” Version 08.03.2018 | Downloaded 7323 times | 37 KB

XML used “Small Laundry Overhaul”

Washing Machine Fix:


No Auto Put in Hamper:


New Interaction via Hamper Put (Laundry) in Inventory:


Put Laundry In Inventory On Community Lots when changing Clothes:


Doing Laundry On Community Lots Costs Money:


No Sparkling Effects on Sims who wear Pristine Clothes:

Small Buff Changes:

No Idle Animation:



58 thoughts on “Small Laundry Overhaul

  1. thank you for this! How sad that Maxis didn’t fix this before release, thank you for keeping my walls from being bare!

  2. can you do a mod to have a laundry lot? where the sims take their dirty clothes to laundry that will be awesome !!! by the way you should work for Maxis YOU ARE GREAT!!!

  3. Thank you!

    I just saw someone on SimGuru Nick’s Twitter feed saying they couldn’t do laundry, because a shelf was over the washer, and I was so bummed, since there are some great shelving units in this pack.

    I’m so glad a fix is available so quick!

  4. You are the bomb. Thank you for taking the time out to do this for us. I know that you are still grieving for your beloved dog.

  5. Ah that explains a lot, I just have the new stuffs about an hour and I had a problem with the machines, so it was that lol what a crazy.

  6. I was wondering why my machines haven’t been working since I got the pack on release day. This explains everything, and fixes it! Thank you so much!

    1. Well, he had to mention it because yes i did delete that Part (replaced it with a Object Check instead) and it may will let sims have Problems with Routing errors because of closed doors but at least they won’t get those errors anymore because the shelf is too low 🙂 This will hopefully just be a temporary Fix anyway 😛

      1. BUT I am happy you made it so we have to go and collect clothes because it adds realism to the game.. PLUS who makes a whole laundry pack with no laundry mat???? lmboo SO TY

  7. Thank you so much for these mods! Just wanted to let you know, though, that the laundry isn’t being enabled on my owned retail lot. My sims have an apartment above their store and I would love for them to be able to do laundry while they stay there. I took out all mods and cc and tested these to make sure there wasn’t something conflicting but that didn’t fix it so it was definitely this mod. I don’t know all of what lots you enabled this for, so I thought I would just let you know what was up in case it was an oversight.

    1. What do you mean? That no Clothing Piles do get generated? I tested this on my own Retail Store lot and it works fine. Clothing Piles did get generated in my Sims Inventory. Those get only generated from the Interactions i listet in the Description! I even tested the WM and Dryer and both worked also fine.

      1. No piles are generated. No clothes go into hamper. Can’t interact with the washer and dryer really except to upgrade, probably because I have no clothes generated to wash. I have done all the actions listed in the mod description and none of them are generating dirty clothes. Even with all other mods and cc taken out. I don’t know why my game is choosing to be special. :S

        1. There aren’t any clothes going into the inventory or on the floor or anywhere else it what I mean by the clothes piles, sorry about not being clear.

        2. Yeah would not be the first time a Mod not working for some mysteries reason. Youi could send me your savegame (via Contact Form) and i could check out if i have the same Problems with my Game Settings?

          1. I did a game repair and when that didn’t work, I reset my sims folder and this seems to have fixed the issue. So it seems to have been an issue with my game somehow. So at least that’s one problem figured out. Sorry about that! Or at least it seems to be all fine now. Just wondering if it’s normal that toddlers aren’t generating dirty clothes or if it’s only ages kid and up. Kinda disappointing if they purposely didn’t allow dirty clothes for toddlers. Highly unrealistic if you ask me.

            1. I think they are generating Clothing Piles but not with the three Interactions i used. Toddler have their own Interactions as far as i know.

              1. Ah, ok. Thanks for letting me know. I was thinking, “And yet something else EA screwed up.” But apparently not this time, at least. 😛 Will have to play around a while and see if they will ever eventually get dirty clothes on my retail lot. Thanks a lot for your help, though. 🙂

  8. I love all your mods and I downloaded this mod for laundry. My sims would not do the laundry since there was a shelf over the appliances even with your mod in. I am only using your mod for laundry and once I moved the shelf my sims did the laundry.

    1. I only editet one File the Bring to Washing Machine Interaction on Hamper so far. So they may be more Interactions which i did not edit (yet)

  9. I put the shelf back but it’s higher up on the wall and the sims will do the laundry. If I put the shelf any lower the sims will not do laundry.

  10. Hello!
    LittleMissSam, what about doing your laundry in non-community and residential lots like restaurants/clinic/retail store? Can I make my sim clean their laundry in those places too? If not, can I make a request for one, just like the “Put Laundry In Inventory On Community Lots when changing Clothes” thing you have going on? It’s quite needed, especially for those who played home business stories like me. T_T

  11. First, thank you for your mods!

    I’m curious if is would be possible to do a mod where you can “collect all” the laundry from all the hampers available in the house? Like in gardening, you choose water and it waters all.

    1. Knowing EA & Routing it will be difficult as hell. Specially since their Laundry System is not Bug Free at the Moment. I don’t know yet if i would ever feel like checking this out 😛

  12. Hi Sam theirs still a bug with the washing machine in that if you place a washing machine near/next to a wall it stops working after a while the only option is to upgrade, and when you select the laundry bin it sys no available washing machine

  13. Hello and thank you! I ran into a small issue and was wondering if there is a different approach you could take for the Washing Machine Fix? I tried to place the “When Life Gives you Linens” (I think it’s a coffee table) above the washing machine using bb.move.objects and now the option to do laundry is grayed. I’m going to look into this further but if it comes down to it, I’m just going to have to delete the objects footprint…

    1. I don’t think that’s something i can Fix in the WM because it is more a Problem that the Footprint of the Table is in the way.

  14. Would you suggest I delete the objects footprint? Lmbo I just realized my question may strike you as odd but It’s just the way I have it set up in my game, the table looks great a s shelf! 😉

    1. I am no CC Creator so i don’t know if it would actually “fix” your Problems and if it would maybe cause new ones too. If you want to use it as a shelf you could maybe try out to make a new Shelf Mesh with the Table? But again i am no CC Creator so i don’t know how easy/difficult it would be^^

  15. Another thing I’m surprised Maxis left out is the ability to have a sim collect clothes from all the hampers on the lot to add to the washer. It’s so tedious to click each hamper. Your mods help a lot with the monotony though! Thank you very much.

  16. Does this remove the playful moodlet? Sorry, it’s just i hate the moodlets. I hate having sims playful all the time, especially when i didnt want them to be playful sims. It totally ruins the story i had in mind.

    1. No need to apologize~ I’ve just been hoping someone would remove those moodlets, but so far no mods.

        1. It’s mostly the playful one i don’t like. None of my current households are going to benefit from the playful moodlet

  17. Just wanna say thank you so much for the buff adjustments! As with most things in TS4, the originals were kinda over-the-top for me.

  18. Before your mod, I waited till the clothes were cold in the dryer to avoid the playful moodlet but now, I don’t know why, that doesn’t work anymore, so my sims are dying from laughter all the time. I had to remove this mod and that stopped. Too bad because it is a really useful mod, you know, apart from that. Thanks.

    1. The only part of this Mod that affects Moddlets is the Buff Change part. Do you mean that Part that does let them get Playful all the time?

    2. I assume you had a EA Bug thing that got fixed with todays Patch?:
      Warm laundry should no longer kill your Sims.
      The playful buff received from wearing warm laundry has been reduced in its strength.

      1. I didn’t even know it was a bug, I just assumed it was from the gameplay! Thank goodness they fixed that, now I can put your mod back on my game, I was running out of death flowers.

  19. You are a godsend! TYSM for this, the playful moodlet from warm laundry is killing me… I absolutely cannot play without this mod!

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