Sleep All Night

Sleep All Night

This tuning Mods prevents a Sim from waking up because their Energy need is full.
The original Mod of ReubenHood does not work anymore so i updated it.

Sleep All Night

This Mod changes the min sleeping hrs of 2 to 24 to prevent a Sim from waking up because their Energy need is full.

They’ll still wake up on different occasions (Empty Bladder, Schoolkids around 6.30 am etc.)

Download “Sleep All Night” | Downloaded 8722 times | 626 B

XML used “Sleep All Night”


Additional Credits:
ReubenHood for the Original Mod!

12 thoughts on “Sleep All Night

      1. my sims wake up when their energy need if filled.. even if all the other needs are filled as well. I have all ep’s, sp’s and gp installed .. I have all of them..

        1. It works fine in my Game. Make sure you don’t have another Mod Conflicting. If nothing is waking them up ingame like Noise, Pets, Needs etc pp they should sleep until their wake up time. The Default wake up time for unemployed Sims and Toddler is 7 or 8 am.

  1. There is nothing waking them up. when the energy bar is filled they get up no matter what time it is. I don’t have any mods that would conflict with this mod. It just doesn’t work for me. 🙁 I don’t know why it doesn’t.

    1. Just to make sure there are no conflicts I’m going to take out my mods and just leave sleep all night in to double check if it is something conflicting.

      1. could shimrod’s mod same energy comfort be what is conflicting with yours?.. I forgot I had that.. could you let me know?

        1. No i don’t think they should but with the Way the Game behaves sometimes i would not be surprised. Make sure to delete your Cache as well when deleting/adding Mods!

      1. unfortunately, the mod no longer works in my game either. since the cats & dogs update, my sims wake up multiple times in one night, without any particular reason (i was observing this for a few weeks now and there was never a pet involved which woke any of the sims up). it happens with all sims in any life stage – from toddler to adults (i never play with seniors, but i guess the’d wake up too).
        the only other sleeping specific mod i use is also the one from shimrod (“all beds same energy comfort V. 12). but i’ve had the shimrod mod AND your mod already in the game before the Pets update and it worked then.

        1. I can’t tell you why it does not work for some. This Mod only edits one Buff and this Buff (the original ingame File) did not get changed since forever. It still works fine in my Game so there might be something else that affects Sims so they wake up more now. It will not be easy to figure out what it is since a) it does not happen for everyone and b) it is happening so fast that you probably can’t catch it the right moment to even look with ShowSimInfo to see if it is a buff/Interaction or whatever.

          BTW i don’t know if EA changed the Bed Objects with Pets? Maybe you should try it out without this Mod to check what happens then?

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