Sell via Simbay

Sell via Simbay

Simbay is our new unique Selling Service where you can submit all your crafted Items and Artifacts.

Sell via Simbay


Why using our Service:

  • No Waiting Time to get your Money
    Our Experts will estimate the retail value and you’ll get your money right away while we do the work of finding customers and selling the products.
  • Highest possible retail value
    Our experts will estimate the best retail value every day. Highly valuable Masterworks and Treasures get a 25% bonus.


How to use our Service:

  • Via our easy to use Online Service at Computers (under Web Pie Menu – the Items must be in your Inventory).
  • You can submit four Items within 24hrs.
  • After submitting four Items you’ll have to wait until your Account is reopened.
  • We’ll notify you when your Account is open for Submissions again.


What does our Service Cost you:

We charge a service fee and sales commission of 10% which will be deducted directly from the estimated retail price.


What Items do we accept:

So far we accept the following Items:

  • Self crafted Woodwork (Poor Quality Items can not be submitted)
  • Self crafted Paintings (Poor Quality Items can not be submitted)
  • Artifacts & Treasures


Don’t wait any longer – Test our Service – Let us do the work for you!


Download “Sell via Simbay” | Downloaded 685 times | 15 KB

6 thoughts on “Sell via Simbay

  1. This is so awesome Sam! It kinda makes me wish we could actually make more sellable items like pottery, jewelry etc.

  2. What even?! I LITERALLY just posted ideas for increased online shopping presence and specifically mentioned a Sim’s version of ebay! You read my mind! Can’t wait to add it to my game! You are one of the best modders out there. Keep up the amazing work!

  3. You are a GENIUS! The way you create useful stuff that actually fit seamlessly into the game just baffles me everytime. Thank you so much!

  4. your head is always creative it was exactly what all artists needed! if you could add fishes there my fisherman would be grateful 😉

  5. Wow, what a great idea!

    I was so fed up with having a store in the game because of the Sims who rather talk and talk instead of buying stuff. I didn’t play a store in a long time since then, but this mod is so amazing, well, I need to test it first, but now I am more motivated in letting my Sims create stuff and search for artifacts and so on.

    So, thank you so much, I will try it right now.

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