Sell more self made Woodwork at the Flea Market

Sell more self made Woodwork at the Flea Market

This Mod lets you sell more self made Woodwork at the Flea market.

Craft Sales Table

The following self made Woodworks can be put into the Craft Sales Table to be sellable:

  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Violin Child

Flea Market Tarp

Added an Inventory to the Tarp (same as Craft Sales Table) and 4 big Slots. The Tarp can be put into the inventory.

The following self made Woodworks can be put into the Flea Market Tarp to be sellable:

  • Garden Plantbox
  • Garden Pot
  • Toilet
  • Bathtub
  • Table
  • End Table

Download “Sell more self made Woodwork at the Flea Market” Version 11.01.2018 | Downloaded 4769 times | 25 KB

XML used “Sell more self made Woodwork”

Plus the Original Objects!

6 thoughts on “Sell more self made Woodwork at the Flea Market

  1. Hi, mainwhile i was translating all you mods to Spanish i notice this one only had German in all the strings from all languages. Example:

    This show in Spanish string:

    Handgefertigter Beistelltisch

    Thank you.

    By the way i almost finish of translate all you mod ( which dont was ) to Spanish, if want i can send you the strings.

    1. Yes cloning Objects end up in the Language of the current Installation which means in my case everything is German. I will leave it like that. You don’t need to translate the Object Strings. If you want me to add your translations you can send me them via my Contact Mail 😉

  2. Hello dear LittleMsSam, great download.
    I have a question.
    Is it possible that you add this mod a sales time of 8 hours or in an extra mod?

    1. Hello LittleMsSam,
      My question has been resolved since you put the mod live in business online.
      The Flea Market is not so important to me anymore 😉

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