School Holidays

School Holidays

This Mod adds School Holidays for Kids & Teens.

School Holidays

Kids & Teens will randomly get School Holidays (1 Day, 3 Days or 5 Days).

The Base Chance is set to 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% or 10% (Only Install One Version).
I recommend to use lower percent chance the bigger your Household is.

Be aware if you delete Buffs via Cheat or Mod you’ll delete the current Holidays.

How this Mod works exactly:

When Sims wake up they can get a Holiday Buff (Only Teens/Children). All Children/Teens in the Household will get the same Buff and have the same Holiday length. Any Sim can trigger the Holiday Buff no matter if they are the first or last to go to sleep within the Timeframe. As long as the Buff is active Kids/Teens don’t have to go to School. You’ll get the “On holiday” in the UI. But after 3 pm the Timer will go back to xx hrs until School bla bla. Don’t worry if you still have the Buff you’ll again have a free day when your Sims go to sleep.

Available languages: English (default), Spanish (by Edespino), Dansk (by Sighubert) and German

Download “School Holidays” Version 17.04.2018 | Downloaded 8385 times | 65 KB

5 thoughts on “School Holidays

    1. Nope, not in my Game. Make sure it is not another Mod/Mod Conflict. Put out every other Mod and CC and check if you still get LEs.

  1. you know that is what has been bugging me in the game. In sims 3, the holidays would come up automatically and with seasons, you could have holidays in your game because you thought about it. Without the “reminders” and the seasons, I don’t even play with holidays, so this is really nice to have. Now if only “leisure day” from sims 3 was a real weekday holiday!!!

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