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While i was already working on this Mod another Roommates Mod was published. I asked kawaiistacie if it would be ok to continue and publish my own Version. Thankfully she said yes 😉 Check out her Roommates Mod

Please read the Description carefully till the End.

With this Mod you can have Roommates who live with you.

How to get Roommates

  • Via the Computer or Phone under the Household Menu “LMS Roommates Service” (Potential Roommates need to be Homeless)
  • Mind. Age is Teen at the Moment. May change in the Future.
  • You can pick up to 20 Roommates (tested with 4 Roommates in my Gameplay)
  • They will arrive shortly after and will get automatically into the Roommate Situation

What Roommates do

  • Well, first they are just Roommates and act like normal Sims
  • They pay 500$ Rent every Friday
  • They go to School or Work (if they have a real Job). They’ll not come back on their own after, you need to call them Home via Phone.
  • When Roommates get pregnant while living with you a Notification will pop up informing you who got pregnant and who the other parent is. They will not be able to give birth while being your Roommate. You need to cancel the Roommate Aggreement and add them to your Household or give them a real Home so they can give Birth etc.

Traveling with Roommates

  • You can travel with Roommates to Clubs or whatever. When coming back Home with them they will automatically get back into the Roommate Situation

New Pie Menu “Roommate” (on Roommate Sims)

  • Go and use the toilet before you pee yourself. (Will give them a boost to use the toilet)
  • You stink. Please go and take a shower. (Will give them a boost to take a shower/bath)
  • It is late already. You should go to sleep. (Will give them a boost to go to sleep)
  • Can you go and repair the broken Items please? (Will give them a boost to repair stuff)
  • You are on cleaning duty! (Will give them a boost to clean up)
  • Cancel Roommate Agreement

New Interactions on Objects

  • Bed – Assign Bed to Roommate
  • Door – Open Door for Roommate (Under Allow Access to when the Door is looked)

Other new Interactions on Phones

  • Call Roommate Home. For example after School/Work those NPCs will not come home on their own. You have to Call them back with this.
  • Cancel Roommate Agreement.

How to get rid of Roommates

Via the Phone (under the Household Menu ) or via the TargetSim Menu  “Cancel Roommate Agreement”

Important Info (Read before installing!):
There are two Game Bugs i cannot prevent from happening:

  1. When Roommates leave for School/Work they often come back earlier even though the Game still thinks they are at School/Work. It is the same that sometimes happen with Kids in the active Household. I sometimes use the Force to Leave Mod to send them away again but sometimes even that won’t work and they’ll just return right away.
  2. There is a small Chance that a LastException.txt Error File gets generated. The Error itself is a SoftSleep Game Error which has to do with the Game Simulation of NPCs i guess. I could not find a common reason for them popping up it just happens random. So this seems to be nothing i can prevent from happening so far. If you don’t like LEs or are scared of LEs be aware that you have been warned.

Also Important to know: It happend to me once that the Game or a Mod (like MCCC) moved my “Homeless” Roommates into empty Houses. If that happens the Mod won’t work right anymore because your Roommates need to be homeless. You have two Options then. Reload a Backup and change your Settings so no Mod or Game Setting will move Homeless Sims into empty Houses or cancel the Roommate Aggreements, move them out of their Home again to make them Homeless and then make them your Roommates again.

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  • English (default)
  • German
  • Portuguese by Ana Carolina
  • Danish by Sighubert
  • French by Nova

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