Retail Overhaul (Hire certain Employees/Better Shopping as a Customer & more)

Retail Overhaul (Hire certain Employees/Better Shopping as a Customer & more)

A “small” Retail Overhaul which let’s you hire certain Employees and intends a better “Customer” Feeling when you are going shopping.

Hire Certain Employees

  • Certain Employees hireable including Lot Owner and Family Member!
    You can choose certain Sims to be your Employees even Sims from your own Household.
    You need to give Sims you want to show in the Hire Employee Menu a hidden Trait via the following Cheat (Testingcheats needs to be enabled):
    traits.equip_trait RetailEmployee (to remove the Trait: traits.remove_trait RetailEmployee)
    After this the Sim will most likely be on top of the List of possible Employees (If they are not on the current Lot!) If they don’t show up the first try close and open the Hire Employee Menu until they do.
    IMPORTANT: If one of your Played Households already owns a Retail you need to sell & buy it again or else you’ll get Errors and the Hire Menu won’t work.
  • I also adjusted the Behaviour of Employees a little react faster to situations (Restock, Ring Up & Co)
  • Added Option on Doors to Set Shop to “Open” (New Customers will spawn) and “Close” (No new Customers will spawn) like you can do in Restaurants or Vet Clinics.


Fish in Retail Fridge

  • All Fish are now dragable into the Retail Fridge


Go Shopping – Outfits

  • Buying Clothes
    As a Customer you can now change the Outfit of Mannequins and later try & buy it.
  • Toddler can buy Oufits via Mirrors
    Toddler can now buy Outfits as a Customer. After they paid the Price (Base Price 50$) they will be loaded in CAS where you can add/change their Outfit. It may take a moment for the CAS to load.
  • Pet Outfits
    You’ll find a new Option to buy Outfits on Pets when you visit a not owned Retail Store with them. (Base Price 25$)
  • Prices Overhaul
    Instead of the same Price (Base Price 175$) for every Outfit there are now different Outfits which gets calculated depending on the following characteristics: Children (50% Discount), Gender & Poses of Mannequins. The prices will increase in the following order of Poses Playful – > Active ->  Confident -> Flirty -> Business


Go Shopping – More Options

  • Fruits, Veggies & Herbs
    All Fruits, Veggies & Herbs are buyable via Retail Fridges
  • Fish
    All Fish are buyable via Aquariums
  • Baked Goods
    Buy Single Bakery Dishes like Bagels, Donuts & Co. via Warming Rack
  • Flowers & Plants
    All Flowers & Plants are buyable via Store Register
  • Books
    All Books are buyable via Bookshelfs.
    Added this also to the Retail Bookshelf plus added an Inventory to this Bookshelf and the Options to Read etc.


Go Shopping – More Options – Addons

  • Pet Toys/ Pet Treats
    As a Customer you can buy Pet Toys/ Pet Treats via Registers
  • Jungle Adventure / Camping Supplies
    As a Customer you can buy Jungle Adventure / Camping Supplies via Registers (not the Items you can buy on the Craftsalestables in the Jungle Adventure World)

Fruits & Flowers sellable/buyable

With the Cats & Dogs DLC EA disabled Fruits & Flowers to be buy-/sellable at Retail Stores. I don’t know why they did it but i enabled them again. This does not work inside the Retail Fridge for whatever Reason!

You can install the seperated Mod Parts OR the All in One Version!

Languages available: English (default), Danish (by Sighubert), Japanese (by maru dada), Korean (by yakfarm) and German

Download “Retail Overhaul” Version 17.04.2018 | Downloaded 11029 times | 675 KB

XML used “Retail Overhaul”

Hire Employee


Fish in Fridge


Go Shopping – Outfits:


Go Shopping – More Options:


Fruits&Flowers Sellable


99 thoughts on “Retail Overhaul (Hire certain Employees/Better Shopping as a Customer & more)

  1. love this idea! if you could do this same “hiring certain sims’ to restaurants…. it’d be lovely to pick any sims we want

  2. Played retail for the 2nd time in my sims 4 life using your mod and it works like a charm! I am now more interested in playing retail with my sims lol

  3. Fine work as always! I would love if my customers actually eat after buying food in my bakeries. Can it be possible?

  4. I’m sorry if this is a silly question- I updated to the Nov 9 patch, and can’t seem to get the mod to work. However, im not sure if I’m using the mod correctly. How exactly do you add the employee trait to a sim you want to hire? I tried entering the cheat, but it didn’t do anything. Do I need to select the sim I want to add, or am I missing something?

    1. 90% of my Mods needed an Update. As written on the Frontpage and on the Site all Updates were Pre Uploaded on Patreon for downloading for free for all. I will upload them here today.

  5. Hi, I wanted my sim to be able to buy fruits, so I fixed a store and a owner, and gave him a lot of fruits. But I could not get the fruits to come inside to the fridge. Have never own a store before, so are not sure that I do this the right way. There was no option for my other sim on the frigde, I guess it was because it was empty, so could not buy any fruit that way. Not sure what to do to be able to buy fruits. Can it be that I not using your mod right or that I dont use the store right? I have updated to the latest.

    1. To sell/buy Fruits you need to use the special Retail Fridge.
      The Buy Menu Options i added are like those on Computers etc so no real Fruits are needed to be in Retail Fridges.

      1. Ok, I think I used that special fridge. But I may try again, just in case I had the wrong ones. Is it a special cashiers machine as well? Because I couldn’t get the flowers in there too.

        1. No, there is only the normal Register. The Options i added are only visible if you are a customer not if you own a retail store.

  6. Is there a trick to making it work? I installed the full (all-in-one) mod and have scripts enabled but can’t purchase any fruits/foods on retail lots. Your other mods work fine.

  7. Hello, i use several of your mods and very satisfied, you made a lot of useful mods and make the game feel more immersive. im really glad that i found this site! and if it possible, could you please also add this option to butler like hire curtain butler? (sometimes i want my butler to looks like this and that but i have to re-edit the butler is cas and cant just import the pre-created sims) i hope this makes sense ._. if it impossible, it’s fine! and thank you so much again for creating many useful mods! ♥

    1. I don’t think this will be possible. When you hire a Butler you can’t choose anyone. What you could try out is to give the Sims you want to be Butlers a inGame Trait via “traits.equip_trait isButler” maybe that will let certain Sims spawn then.

  8. Hi there!

    I have the latest version of this mod installed along with the latest game patch and all EPs, GPs and SPs installed.

    My Sims’ baby aged up to a toddler and when I took them to a clothing store I was unable to purchase an outfit for her on the mirror.

    I had the option appear, but it was greyed out and said “Insufficient business funds for this”. The family own a Vet Clinic, but there is sufficient funds, as well as sufficient household funds.

  9. Hello, and thank you for your work, both in the creation and maintenance of your mods. Regarding your Retail Overhaul, it seems that another mod- Wicked Whims- is siting it as being outdated, despite my having downloaded it (your mod) only last night. I’ve also taken the liberty of making sure by removing all mods save for WW, and re-introducing them a few at a time, which led to my narrowing it down to this one in particular. Note that all of your other mods [I have installed] gave no error, just this one. The exception log states:

    Any help you could provide, or reassurance, would be appreciated.

    1. Sorry, but the blog isn’t showing the exception, no matter how I type it, so I’ll try in word form: (Arrow left)?xml version=”1.0″ ?(Arrow right)(Arrow left)root(Arrow right)
      (Arrow left)/root(Arrow right)

      1. Check if any Objects (Fruits, Veggies…) are in Retail Fridges and co! EA disabled them to be sellable/buyable. If you still have them in Inventories on your Store you’ll get Errors!

          1. I also use WW beside other Mods and don’t get any LEs (with the All in One Version). Which Version are you using exactly? If it is also the All in One then it is difficult to say why you get LEs and i don’t. Did you delete your Cache after installing the new Versions?

  10. Is this working? I have the All In One version and my Sim can’t purchase anything. She’s on a retail lot that isn’t owned by anyone with a retail fridge/warming rack and fish tanks.

    1. Yes it works fine in my Game.
      Did the Retail have NPC Workers?
      No Purchase Options were shown?
      Did you check with only this Mod and nor other Mods/CC?

      1. Sorry for not commenting sooner. So I did some more testing and I think I just needed to restart the game as everything is working properly now. Also, just an FYI, fish can be purchased but not from the Cats and Dogs/Dine Out aquariums. I even tried the tiny fish bowl from base game and that works fine. Not a big deal though 🙂

        Also a small request, is it possible to allow buying custom harvestables/foods using your mod? There are a lot of food mods now. Not sure if there is a way to include “anything edible” or “anything grow-able” as opposed to a certain list of items? I would never ask for something like this if it meant that items needed to added manually. That’s too much work on your part. Just an idea. Thanks again for the awesome mods 😀

  11. Hello,
    Ive made my sims farmers and they have grown many different fruit, will this mod allow me to sell the fruit they harvest from the farm and place them into the retail fridge? or does this just spawn random fruit? and does this work for fish/flowers sims catch as well?

    1. It’s written in the Description: With the Cats & Dogs DLC EA disabled Fruits & Flowers to be buy-/sellable at Retail Stores. I don’t know why they did it but i enabled them again. This does not work inside the Retail Fridge for whatever Reason!
      Also Fish was never allowed to be put into the Fridge. I enabled this but i guess like Fruits it will not work anymore to sell Fish like this anymore.
      The only way to sell Flowers/Fruits/Veggies is to do it one by one on surfaces.

  12. @littleMsSam, I’m wondering if you could create a second type of retail overhaul mod, but one that is not really retail as in no visible customer. One will buy a lot like an office where you hire/pay employees, and make them perform task. Let’s say you open a software development company, you hire employees to program/develop apps. The revenue of those apps will go to the business. The reason I say this as a retail and not generic lot is so we can manage the business just like you manage retail business, transfer money, train employees, etc. Is this doable?

    1. Hi there,
      something like this would be a hell lot of work if it is even possible at all to use all the Functions of the current Businesses ingame. Some things seem to be deeply coded and not tuneable. They don’t work on any other Lots then the original.
      I don’t plan to do such a Mod because i am pretty satisfied with how the More buyable Venues Mod work so far.
      I have not much free time and therefore focus on mods that I need in my game. Sry.

      1. It’s ok, I understand. Thanks for explanation. Another couple of questions, if you don’t mind, 1) IS there a cheat code that let’s assign a specific career to an NPC sim(just like the retail trait above? 2) is it possible to have an NPC claim a desk/PC, like they do beds, so make sure the same NPC works at the same computer station/desk/etc every day?

        1. I found an answer to my first question, but we need a the sim id which you can get from a mod, plus the cheat to add career.

          As for the second one, I can’t find an answer. Do you know if it is possible at all to assign an object to a sim similar to beds?

          1. I am not sure if this is possible. The Beds have a special “autonomous” Coding BED. When Sims go to Bed autonom this is the connection to the Bed. Other Objects don’t have such a thing so i don’t think it will be easily done. Maybe a Script Modder could do such a Mod?

            1. Thanks. I posted a mod request on Sims4Studio, hopefully someone can pick it up. Imagine using it not only for assigned work stations, but to have a reserved table at a restaurant/lunge/night club, etc.

  13. hello, in the mannequin you can change the outfit but then there is no option to buy it, sun change attire and dance with mannequin, do something wrong ?? otherwise the fruits and everything goes great. Thank you

    1. it comes out, I should have done something wrong, thanks. You could put it if you do not know how to do it also that you could buy the cooking. hehe Congratulations for your work and effort

  14. I was wondering if you knew how someone could do a price overhaul for restaurant menus kind of like how you did a outfit price overhaul on this mod. If not that’s okay, Thank you for all of your amazing mods!

    1. Never checked the Prices Files but i know someone made a Mod on Mod the Sims. Though i don’t know if it is working after the C&D Patch.

      1. It’s not working but someone said that they’ll update it next month if the original creator doesn’t. Thank you so much for responding.

  15. It seems that when the employees restock (without being assigned that task) it costs the same price of what I just sold it for (even with surplus perks). Is there anyway around this?

  16. Hello am having a really hard time getting the mod to work. my game is up-to-date, . Okay so once i’m in the game. I put in the cheat- (Testingcheats on) then it says it enabled. so i type the cheat (traits.remove_trait RetailEmployee) and nothing happens. Am i doing it right? Also do i need to click on the specif sim i want to work in the store for it to work? If so how do i, do that if they are not in my house hold or a NCP?

    1. Do you want to add the trait or remove it? Because with the cheat traits.remove_trait RetailEmployee you remove a trait and not add it. You need to write “traits.equip_trait RetailEmployee” to add it to the active Sim. The Sim needs to be active when you do that. There is a debug cheat menu which you maybe could use on non active Sims but i am not 100% sure how to activate this without a Mod (I use MC Command where you can active different Cheat Options. One of them activates the Debug Cheat Menu). After you have added the Trait to the Sim they should show up in the hiring Menu.

  17. Thank you so much for this! OFB was my all time favorite expansion in Sims 2 and I found the business expansion for Sims 4 to be a huge disappointment and a waste of money. But now I have incentive to actually utilize it again. Thanks <3

    1. I checked the Options to buy Books, Fish, Veggies, Herbs & Co. & Bakery Goods. It worked fine, i could buy everything. I checked the All in One Version. Which Version are you using? Did you check for a Mod Conflict?

    1. I don’t thing the Veggies/Fruits thing is a Bug. They changed this in all the Object Files so they did this on purpose i think. I don’t know why they did it though. I added the Option to be able to sell them again but i could not fix the Retail Fridge Problem. Hopefully EA will fix everything someday.

  18. Im a lil lost as to how to make someone from a different household a retail employee. I have MCC but there is no option in the menu to add your trait. Do i have to switch houshold make the character with the trait, switch back to the retail owner and then invite the “want-to-be-employee” character back to the store?

  19. Is there any chance you could incorporate the features of these two mods into this?

    Fridge Stores All Harvests (UPDATE: 2017-11-15) by egureh
    Refrigerate ALL The Harvestables! by Karazhan87

    I ask because “LittleMsSam_RetailOverhaul_FruitsAndCoSellable.package” conflicts with either/both of these, and I really want to be able to sell fruits & flowers while still being able to store all harvestables in fridges.

    1. With the help of the maker of one of those mods, I was able to edit your mod to enable the features of both. It was as simple as adding “FRIDGE” under the “” section of each of the flowers/fruits that lacked it.

      1. Yub^^ I may will add the Fridge Option to them later if i have to update this anyway 😉 Btw this is how we all started Modding ;P Soon you have your own Mods out there^^

        1. When editing, I noticed there was no entry for Death Flowers. Why is that? I would’ve added it to the fridge, but I wasn’t sure where to get the XML for it from or how to make sure it was sellable as well as “fridge-able”.

  20. I think its the lice cold freezer that’s buged that’s why we cant sell the fruits from them loads of people have been complaining since cats and dogs that that freezer is broken and stops the store from opening and customers showing up.
    you can place some veg in it but no fruit

    1. Yes the Freezer is bugged i think. If you have some veggies in there no customers will spawn. To fix this you have to delete/move out every Veggies etc you have in there. That’s how it worked in my Game. Unfortunately this is something that EA needs to fix.

  21. Tulips are missing from “LittleMsSam_RetailOverhaul_FruitsAndCoSellable.package” as well as the all-in-one version.

      1. I think they were there last time, but I’m not 100% certain. I’ve deleted the older version already, so I can’t check. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Many of your mods are among those I could not play without.

  22. I wanted to try this mod, but I don’t know if I’m using it right. I wanted to hire a family member, so I made them the active sim, then turned testing cheats on, then typed the command traits.equip_trait RetailEmployee and hit enter. I made the store owner the active sim and had him check the available to hire sims. The sim I wanted wasn’t on the list, so I opened and closed it several times, closed the shop and reopened it, even restarted the game. It still didn’t work, and I wonder if it’s because maybe I didn’t set the mod up correctly, or select the sim correctly. Could you give a little more detailed instruction on how to set your mod up please? Much appreciated!

    1. When you gave the first active Sim the Trait was it listed in the UI List where you can see all Trais? If yes then this Part worked right.

      Was the Sim you wanted to hire on the current lot of the Store or at home? The Sim you want to hire has to be at home (or at least not on the current lot).

  23. Hi LittleMsSam! Love your mods! Only I can’t seem to get this mod working in total. Everything works except my sims can’t buy flowers & plants via de store register & no baked goods via theWarming Rack. Also can’t buy anything from the retail fridge but I believe this was already mentioned by someone else.

    1. I will check the Interactions later ingame.

      EDIT: Checked ingame. I can see all Interaction, use them and all Interactions worked fine. I only need to add the new Fish/Plant Stuff that came with JA
      Make sure you don’t have any conflict going on. Also the Options only show up if you are the customer not the owner. Just in case^^

      1. Thank you LittleMsSam! I’ll take a look at my other mods to see if any of them conflict with your retail mod. One more question….I don’t have all the expansions packs etc. Could that be it?

        1. Unless it is Get to Work you don’t have it should work fine. Sometimes it can even not be a Mod Problem/Conflict but the Game itself. A Repair and a Fresh Sims 4 Folder can help to if Problems are not solvable just through Mods.

          1. I do have Get to Work. I’ll try the steps you advised. Thank you again en keep uo the good work. Love your mods!

  24. Just noticed that you missed Sixam Mosquito Trap Seeds. Didn’t notice before since I didn’t have any growing at the time.

  25. Hi! And thanks for the great mods. Is it possible to tweak pet treats vending machines to be working in shops?

  26. Hi LittleMsSam will you update this to include new harvestable and fish from Jungle Adventure?
    Thank You.

      1. Hi LittleMsSam
        Will you update this mod please, please, please so that it includes less slacking employee or more serious shopper (less talking). It is one of my wish list and Thank You for this amazing mod. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. Hi! I just downloaded this mod but I don’t know if I have made some mistakes. I control my sims as customer and visit a store but I don’t see any options popping out when I click on the retail fridges, store register and warming rack. Is that the retail store shall be owned and operated by my own sims so that I can buy stuff using another sims as customer? Sorry if it is difficult to understand :p

    1. No you did the right thing. The options only show up on stores you don’t own. Did you install the script & package only one Folder deep? Are Script Mods enabled? That is important for options to show up.

      1. I did installed the script & package only one folder deep and enabled script mod but still no options to show up. Would it be caused by the conflict from other mods? Do you know if there is any other mods that may conflict with this mod? Thank you very much for your reply!

        1. Hm, i don’t think there could be something that could conflict since i added custom interactions and added them via script but you never know with this game. The only thing that i can think of that could be preventing them to show up are 1) you own the lot (only non Owners see them) or 2) your game version is not up to date.

  28. They also don’t show up for me when I use the All-In-One package, and even using the Individual Modules, the JA Gear doesn’t show up in the Camping sort. Just to let you know

    1. Are you only talking about the JA Gear or something else? If you mean those things you can actually by on the Crafttables in the JA World then yes i did those special Things not to this. Only the normal Camping Stuff you can buy when you ask the Vendors.

  29. Just noting this, I think it would be a good idea to note this in the mod description, just to prevent Confusion.

  30. Sorry for so many posts, Do you mean the JA Craft Sales Tables at the Market in Salvadorada, or something else? Just making Sure.

  31. Thanks for your awesome mods! I think this one in particular add a new career as a Sale Associate but without a proper picture and description. Could you please fix that so that it is a bit better looking? Thanks again!

    1. It does not add a real Career i just had to unhide the hidden ones so Sims would keep these Jobs and don’t lose them every time.

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