Random Small Mods

Random Small Mods

Sometimes Mods are sooo small they don’t need their own Page. Plus i am lazy^^

Cats & Dogs DLC


  • Warmly Greeting always available for Vets
    Greet your Patients warmly even if you are in a bad mood
  • Dogs longer Lay Down Command
    Want to go on a Adventure with your Dog and don’t want them to stray around hunting dangerous Squirrels? Command them to lie donw (they need to have learned the command of course) and they will lie down up to 300 min (default 5 min). Every Interaction with your Pet will Cancel the Command. Also it will fill up the Energy Motive.


Download “Random Small Mods” | Downloaded 492 times | 4 KB

Random Small Mods

Warmly Greeting always available for Vets

Dogs longer Lay Down Command

7 thoughts on “Random Small Mods

  1. Lazy? You? With all those wonderful mods you have done and been repairing and adding to? That is not what I call lazy! thank you for making my game so much more fun and less troublesome!

    1. Exactly what @Ziafar said! You do so much!!! Thank you for all the amazing work you’re doing!! <333

  2. Another amazing mod to be added on my game.
    You are so great LittleMsSam! Thank you for making TS4 more fun to play with and more realistic too 🙂

  3. your head is creative, smart and skilled and NEVER lazy omg I cnt even make proper trait myself I cnt help but adore you

  4. Would it be possible for you to make a small mod that would make sims automatically pick up artifacts after authenticating them? It would be so awesome if you could, because then we could queue up a bunch of artifacts to uncover/authenticate instead of having to wait until each one gets done to start another one.

  5. I wish my RL dog wouls stay put for five full minutes!!! But at least my Sim Dogs will.
    Thank you!

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