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Random Small Mods

Sometimes Mods are sooo small they don’t need their own Page. Plus i am lazy^^

Cats & Dogs DLC

  • Warmly Greeting always available for Vets
    Greet your Patients warmly even if you are in a bad mood
  • Dogs longer Lay Down Command
    Want to go on a Adventure with your Dog and don’t want them to stray around hunting dangerous Squirrels? Command them to lie donw (they need to have learned the command of course) and they will lie down up to 300 min (default 5 min). Every Interaction with your Pet will Cancel the Command. Also it will fill up the Energy Motive.
  • Dogs change into Everyday Outfit after a Walk
    After getting unleashed Dogs will now change autonom into a Everyday Outfit.
  • Pets Longer Nap
    Pets now sleep longer when they are napping. Default time was 45-60min. New Time is 180-240min unless they get woken up by someone/something.



  • Round Dining Tables Slot
    Round Dining Tables (Laundry, Jungle Adv. DLCs) will now have a Food Slot in the middle of the Table:
  • Wake Up (Animation) Overhaul
    Thanks to nabob052 ( The Secret Agent Modder on Discord who kicked my Ass in the right Direction 😉 )  i finally found out how to change the Animations when Sims wake up. Now this is what i changed:
    – Sims with the following Moods will wake up more unmotivated – Sad, Happy, Bored, Embarrassed, Uncomfortable, Fine, Tense, Dazed

    – Sims with other Moods will wake up more motivated – Focused, Energized, Flirty, Inspired, Confident, Playful
    – Angry Sims will still wake up angry
    This will also affect Children. The bugged always in Panic wakeup is overridden with the unmotivated wake up.


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Random Small Mods

Warmly Greeting always available for Vets

Dogs longer Lay Down Command

Dogs Longer Naps

Wake Up Overhaul