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Random Bug Fixes

A Collection of random small Bug Fixes

Trait Buff Fixes

This Fixes some Trait Buffs which gets added even if the Sim does not have the Trait. With this Fix they will only get added if the Sim has the Trait it belongs to!

Added so far:

  • Romantic (Buff_Trait_Romantic_Lovelorn)
  • Creative (Buff_Trait_Creative_Uncreative)
  • Wild RunRunRun (Buff_Trait_Toddler_Wild_RunRunRun)
  • Active (Buff_Trait_Active_Antsy)
  • Materialistic (Materialistic_NeedToAdmire, Materialistic_WantNewStuff)
  • FeelingTrapped (CommitmentIssues_FeelingTrapped Career/Rel)

Know more Trait Buffs that are Bugged? Let me know!

School Outfit Fix (Children)

When Children go to School they always change into the Everyday Outfit 1 even when they’re wearing another Outfit from the Everday Category. This Mod “fixes” that.

Pet to Pet Greeting/Be Nice Fix (Cats & Dogs DLC)

  • Pets don’t autonomously get in contact with other Pets they have never met before
    The actual Pet to Pet Greeting Interaction is set to no autonomous which does not make sense if we actually can’t play Pets. I really don’t know if EA was knowing what they were doing but this does not make sense to me. I set it to autonomous. This Part will be a Work in Progress because only spending time playing the game will show how this autonomous Interaction will be used by Pets.
  • If you ask them to be nice to another Pet they have never met nothing happens
    When you send your Dog to be nice to another Dog (which they’ve never met) a loot will be added via the Interaction BUT EA messed this up. Instead of giving the loot (add relationship Pet to Pet) to your Pet and the other Pet it is added to the Actor (the Sim themself) and your Pet. I changed the Loot so your Pet and the other Pet will get the Relationship added!

Invite over NPC Toddler on Park Venue Fix

There seems to be a “Bug” which prevents NPC Toddlers to spawn when you invite them over at the Park. I “fixed” that so Toddlers can spawn again.

Stereo Classical Calm Emotions Fix (Parenthood DLC)

Within the last Patches EA changed the Tests for the Stereo Classical Calm Emotions Options and they forgot to add Children & Teens so those could not use the Option anymore. With this Fix the Option is back.

Advanced Wellness Treat Fix (Cats & Dogs DLC)

Giving Pets the Wellness Treat Blocks Sicknesses that Pets can get through other special Treats. But the Wellness Treat Buff gives Pets also the Sickness Anxious Buff which just makes no sense at all in my Opinion. So this Mod fixes that! I also added loot on addition which should remove sicknesses so the Wellness Treat will really make your Pet feel well.

Vet Station Crafting Fix (Cats & Dogs DLC)

Added new Fix for Vet Station Crafting Bug which throws LEs when Sims have the Marketable Trait. This deletes the “conditional_apply_states” from the recipes.

Pet Sniff New Objects (Cats & Dogs DLC)

For those who have Problems with Pets sniffing Objects and causing Errors because of missing Focus Bones: I don’t use MC Tuner so i tried to make a fix Mod for this. Within this fix i added a Object State Test which lets Pets only sniff at Objects that are not burning. This should prevend Pets to sniff on Clutter you used with the BuyDebug Cheat or CC Clutter that don’t have a Tuning File. I tried it out and so far it seems to work fine at least with the Sniff new Objects Interaction. It does not work for CC which have their own outdated Tuning Files!

Obsessed Pet Pet Fix (Cats & Dogs DLC)

Since the Seasons Patch Pets are initiating Petting of Sims which makes Sims obsessed with petting them over and over again. This hopefully stops them.

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School Outfit:

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Invite Over NPC Toddler Park Fix:

Stereo Classical Calm Emotions Fix:

Advanced Wellness Treat Fix (Cats & Dogs):

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