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Quick Walk (with the Dog)

Go for a quick Walk with your Dog (New Interaction)

Under Pet Care – Go for a Walk – you’ll find a new Option called “Quick Walk”

With this Interaction i added a new Walk with the “shortest Way” possible.

What i changed compared to the short Walk:

  • The going for a Walk is not time based but based on Walk nodes and breaks. I lowered the Walk Nodes to 1 (default of Short Walk is 2-3) and the value of the breaks to 0 (default of Short Walk is 9).

Depending on your Neighborhood the Walk will be quicker or really quick.

If you have my Ask to Go for a Walk & Bath Mod you can ask to go for a quick Walk too

Language: English (default), Portuguese (by Ana Carolina) and German

Download “Quick Walk (with the Dog)” Version 04.04.2018 | Downloaded 2767 times | 13 KB