Quick Shower & Quick Bath

Quick Shower & Quick Bath

This little tuning mod adds a new Option “Quick Shower” to the Pie Menu of all Showers .

Quick Shower

Shower Time = 5-10 minutes (default is way longer depending on how dirty you are)

Hygiene Motive will fill up much faster.

Quick Bath

Bath Time = 15-25 minutes (default is way longer depending on how dirty you are)

Hygiene Motive will fill up much faster.

There are two Packages inside the Zip. One were Sims change into Everyday Clothes and one were they change into a Towel. Only install one Package File with the Script File!

Available languages: English (default), Spanish, Portuguese and German

Spanish Translation by efsamos4
Portuguese Translation by Guedesrs

Download “Quick Shower & Bath” Version 28.02.2018 | Downloaded 8750 times | 19 KB

21 thoughts on “Quick Shower & Quick Bath

        1. In Game means in my Game which is up to date.

          There are a few Steps you can do to find the Problem:
          1) Check if only one Shower does not work or all. If only one, let me know which one. If all Step 2)
          2) Check if you installed everything right. The Package & Script File need to be together and only one Folder deep. Script Mods need to be enabled in the Game Options. If it still does not work step 3)
          3) Redownload & Install the Mod and delete your Game Cache (https://sims4.crinrict.com/en/2014/09/delete-cache-files/). If it still not works step 4)
          4) Check if another Mod is causing the Problem or a Mod Conflict. Put every other Mod & CC out of your Mod Folder and only leave this Mod in. Delete you Cache and check ingame if the Mod works. If not step 5)
          5) The last thing you could try is to repair your Game. If it still does not work after that than i’m out of ideas.

  1. Hey! Great work with all of your mods, they really make the game much more fun 🙂 I tried this mod and it works great, but aren’t they supposed to come out of the shower with a towel on? I think they did before the patch (did only get the chance to try it out once) but now they get out like it’s a regular shower and into their casual outfit. Not really a big deal, just wondering if the mod changed or if it’s just my game.

    Also, if I may give a few suggestions on mods? I know you only make mods that you yourself want to use, but I’ll give it a shot anyway 🙂

    It really bugs me that my sims always watches tv STANDING UP instead of sitting down in the couch, I mean who does that? xD

    And my other suggestion is if there may be a way to make a mod that lets the children/teens react if they see they parents cheat on eachother and maybe get a buff of some sort 🙂

  2. I only added the non Towel Version for now. I will add the Towel Version later.

    I don’t know about the Mod Suggestions. I have too much to do at the moment to add even more on my to do list, maybe later on but i don’t know yet.

      1. Still does not work. Ive only downloaded your quick shower mod the 19th and released it dosent work, and I think that is because my game is updated to the 15th and the newest version of your mod was the 11th. so please update it

        1. It is updated. It does not need to be updated for the 15th Patch! I have it in my Game which is up to date and it does work perfectly fine!

          If it does not work for you than it is either a wrong Installation, a Mod Conflict or something else that is only happening in your Game.

          Did you try if it does not work on all showers? Did you delete your Cache Files?

  3. Hi 🙂 Love your mods makes gameplay such more fun! 1 thing i noticed is the quick bath isnt working anymore? Quick shower does but i get dots and blank spaces where quick bath used to be.

    1. Checked both ingame and both times no Shoes. Check if you still have that Problem when only this Mod is inside your Mod Folder. Maybe it is some CC that is messed up.

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