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Pregnancy Overhaul

This Mod changes a few Parts of Sims Pregnancy (Size of Belly,  Walkstyle and more)

What i changed exactly with this Mod:

– No huge Pregnancy Bellies anymore (see Pictures below in Gallery)

Be aware i had to modify the “object_sim” File to make this happen. The chance of Mod Conflicts is high so check all your Mods!

Also some Animations like the “Feel Baby” might not fit 100% anymore because the huge Belly is gone.

(There is a slightly bigger Belly Version available for those who find the Belly to small now. This Version is optical in between the original Belly and the no huge Belly)

Two more Versions (seperated Files only!) are available:

  • 1 Trimester smaller + 2nd & 3rd default Size
  • Much Bigger than Default Belly (1st & 2nd x 25%, 3nd x 35%)

– No special Walkstyle for Pregnant Sims (would not fit with the new Bellies anyway^^)

– Sims who are in the first and second Trimester can do more (Third Trimester is still disallowed!)

What they can now do exactly:

  • pool-swim
  • pool-swim_Autonomous
  • punchingBag_Shove
  • punchingBag_Shove_autonomous
  • si_Touching_Toddler_Roughhouse
  • sim_doStretching
  • terrain-doPushUps
  • terrain-doSitUps
  • terrain-doStretching
  • terrain-jog
  • terrain-jog-plantsims
  • testSetInstance_SteamRoom_Relax
  • treadmill_action2
  • treadmill_action3
  • bathtub_TakeMudBath
  • bathtub_TakeMudBath_DirtyBath
  • bowlingLane_PlayGame
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_01
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_02
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_03
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_04
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_05
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_06
  • mixer_social_WooHooInSteamRoom_targeted_romance_transition
  • si_instructorYogaMat_Class_idle
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Boat
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Bridge
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Corpse
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Dance
  • si_Yoga_Pose_DownwardDog
  • si_Yoga_Pose_HalfMoon
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Handstand
  • si_Yoga_Pose_SidePlank
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Triangle
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Warrior
  • si_yoga_Practice
  • si_Yoga_Routine_BrainBoosting
  • si_Yoga_Routine_EnergyCentering
  • si_Yoga_Routine_MindConcentrating
  • si_yogaClassMember_Class_Idle
  • si_yogaClassMember_CreateMat
  • si_yogaClassMember_FindMat
  • si_yogaClassMember_FindMat_NoCreate
  • simPickerInteraction_BowlingLane_PlayWith
  • steamRoom_MessAround_Picker
  • steamRoom_WooHoo_Picker
  • terrain_JogOffFeelings

– Optional:   Sims can die after giving Birth. (Not included in the All In One Version!)
There is a 1-3% Chance for a Sim to die after giving Birth.

Download “Pregnancy Overhaul” Version 19.06.2018 | Downloaded 19007 times | 122 KB

XML used “Pregnancy Overhaul”

No Huge Belly: