Pregnancy Overhaul

Pregnancy Overhaul

This Mod changes a few Parts of Sims Pregnancy (Size of Belly,  Walkstyle and more)

Pregnancy Overhaul

What i changed exactly with this Mod:

– No huge Pregnancy Bellies anymore (see Pictures below in Gallery)

Be aware i had to modify the “object_sim” File to make this happen. The chance of Mod Conflicts is high so check all your Mods!

Also some Animations like the “Feel Baby” might not fit 100% anymore because the huge Belly is gone.

(There is a slightly bigger Belly Version available for those who find the Belly to small now. This Version is optical in between the original Belly and the no huge Belly)

Two more Versions (seperated Files only!) are available:

  • 1 Trimester smaller + 2nd & 3rd default Size
  • Much Bigger than Default Belly (1st & 2nd x 25%, 3nd x 35%)

– No special Walkstyle for Pregnant Sims (would not fit with the new Bellies anyway^^)

– Sims who are in the first and second Trimester can do more (Third Trimester is still disallowed!)

What they can now do exactly:

  • pool-swim
  • pool-swim_Autonomous
  • punchingBag_Shove
  • punchingBag_Shove_autonomous
  • si_Touching_Toddler_Roughhouse
  • sim_doStretching
  • terrain-doPushUps
  • terrain-doSitUps
  • terrain-doStretching
  • terrain-jog
  • terrain-jog-plantsims
  • testSetInstance_SteamRoom_Relax
  • treadmill_action2
  • treadmill_action3
  • bathtub_TakeMudBath
  • bathtub_TakeMudBath_DirtyBath
  • bowlingLane_PlayGame
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_01
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_02
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_03
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_04
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_05
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_06
  • mixer_social_WooHooInSteamRoom_targeted_romance_transition
  • si_instructorYogaMat_Class_idle
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Boat
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Bridge
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Corpse
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Dance
  • si_Yoga_Pose_DownwardDog
  • si_Yoga_Pose_HalfMoon
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Handstand
  • si_Yoga_Pose_SidePlank
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Triangle
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Warrior
  • si_yoga_Practice
  • si_Yoga_Routine_BrainBoosting
  • si_Yoga_Routine_EnergyCentering
  • si_Yoga_Routine_MindConcentrating
  • si_yogaClassMember_Class_Idle
  • si_yogaClassMember_CreateMat
  • si_yogaClassMember_FindMat
  • si_yogaClassMember_FindMat_NoCreate
  • simPickerInteraction_BowlingLane_PlayWith
  • steamRoom_MessAround_Picker
  • steamRoom_WooHoo_Picker
  • terrain_JogOffFeelings

– Optional:   Sims can die after giving Birth. (Not included in the All In One Version!)
There is a 1-3% Chance for a Sim to die after giving Birth.

Download “Pregnancy Overhaul” Version 08.03.2018 | Downloaded 14524 times | 111 KB

XML used “Pregnancy Overhaul”

No Huge Belly:

71 thoughts on “Pregnancy Overhaul

  1. Hello LittleMsSam, I would love for my pregnant sims to have this interactions available but could there be a version where the bellies stays as originally intended please?

      1. I don’t get it. Is the “slightly bigger belly” or the “much bigger belly” the one where belly is not affected?

        1. If you don’t want the Original Belly to be changed at all don’t use the All in One Version or one of the seperated Belly Packages. Only use the seperated Packages for the other Stuff the Mod does (Allow more, Walkstyle)

    1. I guess so. The object_sim.xml i used to do this is a general xml for all sims as far as i know. So it should affect all Pregnant Sims.

      But i did not test this with all.

  2. Hi. First, thank you so much for your mods. I have a bunch and they’re all great. I have this mod but her pregnancy looks regular and she is unable to get into the hot tub. I do have MCCC in my game and I increased the amount of pregnancy days. Could that be an issue?

    1. Hi,

      Did you install the Mod while your Sim was already Pregnant? If yes, you may need to reset your Sim for the new Belly Size to take effect.
      If no, check if you have any other Mod that modifies the “object_sim” xml File.

      Regarding HotTub i did not include that in the List of things they can do now 😉

      1. I finally got this mod to work with the smaller belly! Thanks to an updated resource.cfg and an override folder that goes in the mods folder from Coolspear1. Once I put this mod in the override folder my currently pregnant sim and all other pregnant NPC sims in game now have the smaller belly without me having to do a reset. Aside from the smaller belly, everything else was working. I was able to do yoga even with the regular belly. So again, thank you so much for this awesome mod.

        1. Thx for letting me know! These Override/Non Override Folders sounds like those in Sims 3. I never thought we would need that in Sims 4. I will check this out later too to see what Cool did there^^

    1. Unfortunaley no. There are two reasons for that. One, the Info if Twins or Triplets is not “Readable” via xml Code and second the Belly is an “ObjectState” and i don’t think it is that simple to do this test based. But without being able to actually get the Info via Xml i cannot even try it out.

  3. Hi, I installed the No Huge Belly part of this mod and unfortunately none of my sims are showing even well into the 3rd trimester (as in flat bellies). Took out all my mods and MCCC. No dice. Definitely this mod is the culprit.

    I own all EPs, GPs and SPs and on the latest patch.

    1. I cannot confirm that. I currently test another Mod regarding Pregnancy and therefore i see a lot of pregnant sims and the Bellies are shown like they should. If your Sims were already pregnant when installing this Mod they may need to be resetted plus deleting the Cache Files can help sometimes.

  4. Hi there! Really want to use this but scared it might conflict with some of my mods. Can I just download the optional die after birth add on? Or do I need to download the base pregnancy mod, too? Thanks!

    1. You can use the Optional Addon as a Standalone. Be aware it does overwrite the “loot_hadbaby” xml Tuning File.

  5. I downloaded this a while back (I’d like to try out the part of it that empowers pregnant Sims to do more things!), but does your overhaul conflict with MCCC? I’m asking this because of today’s PSA about MC Command Center and other pregnancy mods that I read on the mod’s Tumblr.

    1. I don’t think there should be a Conflict between those two. I guess the other Pregnancy Mods were only doing the same thing as MCCC and therefore are not needed. MCCC is pure scripting so even if i would tune something it would be overwritten by MCCC. But i don’t think anything from this Mod is included in MCCCs Pregnancy Part. I actually use both together. MCCC for longer Pregnancy and mine for, well, mine^^

  6. Hi Sam! I was wondering if it were possible to add a bigger belly than the EA one and to add stretch marks?

    1. Would it possible for you to share how you edited the pregnant bellies in the first place? I wanted to try and make them SLIGHTLY bigger but I’m not too sure where to start.

      Some help would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Hello Sam!
    I was wondering if you could design a addition to this mod to allow third trimester sims to do more of the exercise? Not really a priority, but it would be kinda useful!

    1. I always want to make the Mod realistic and IRL i don’t think women should do exercise in 3rd Trimester even though i know that there are some women who do that. I still don’t think i will add that at least not anytime soon.

      1. really? when i remove the mod it works again, put it back and they cant go up stairs. i have the newest one and i didnt install anything new besides cats and dogs.

      2. i was using the all in one version, but when i switched to the no huge belly (without the walkstyle change) then the problem goes away

    1. I am having the same issue. I didn’t know which mod was causing it at first but after taking out and putting them back a few at a time, I finally figure out it was that one. I also tried running it with no other mods and same result (confirming no mod conflict). Thank you for all you do by the way. Your mods make Sims 4 gaming awesome! I have no problem downloading the other version as it appears to be working fine according to the comments, just thought I would confirm what Hermi has said here 🙂

      1. And scratch the above comment… I just read above about the fix and it works lol. My word, I can be a ditz 😉

  8. Hey for some reason I can’t use the bowling lane, everytime I click the bowling option it appears in the queue but get cancelled immediately

    1. Checked ingame with Male and Female, 1st & 2nd Trimester (3rd is disallowed anyway). Ech time my Sims could bowl just fine…
      Did you check if this happens with only this Mod inside and no other Mod/CC?

      1. I checked it and tried some other things and it doesn’t really make sense because some stuff like swimming rounds,yoga,pushups,situps,stretching,jogging,taking a mudbath and bowling don’t work while everything else works just fine

        1. Do you use the Overhaul or the seperated Files?

          Swimming Rounds, Yoga etc is usually disabled in the Original Game.

  9. I loooove this mod!
    I don’t use the smaller bellies because I like them big but I use the no pregnant walkstyle and I just wanna know if you would consider an no pregnant walkstyle for 1st and 2nd trimester only because I feel like with no smaller bellies the 3rd trimester looks like my Sim shouldn’t walk normal

  10. Im using the slightly bigger belly option but for some reason my sim isnt showing much and shes in her 3rd trimester.

  11. It seems to be working on other sims so i guess its something about this particular sim. Maybe its a piece of CC she has on. Disregard previous comment. Thanks and good day.

    1. It can also be the Body Type. Very thin Sims will not show much while others show more. I have two Sims. One shows a “nice” Pregnancy Belly in 3rd Trimester and the other one who is much thinner does not show much.

  12. Hello, I was wondering if you have or will you make a mod that makes the pregnancy longer than 3 days. Im always looking for mods that extends the pregnancy.

  13. Hey there, they for us awesome mods, I would like to ask if this mod in particular is compatible with wicked wims of TURBODRIVER? thnx in advance.

  14. hey there! I’m thinking about adding the bigger belly to my mod folder, could you make an preview for that? I wanna see how big the bellies are with the bigger belly version

  15. Hello and thank so much for this mod!! I’m glad to see it is compatible with MCCC (-: I don’t know if you take request or suggestions but would you consider making a version with no belly change at all? That would be wonderful!

  16. Thank you!! I just want the pregnant sims can do more. It should work well with EA’s default bellies, right?

  17. Whenever I have this mod in my game it seems to take away the pregnancy belly 🙁 it’s only this one too. i can’t figure out how to fix it or why it’s doing that

  18. How can i edit it so that even when the sim is in in the 3rd trimester they can still exercise, do yoga etc.?

  19. Hi Sam!!! Just wanted to say that I lovvvvve this pregnancy mod, esp for my more athletic sims! 😀 The one thing that I (and I knowwww it’s me!) am having a problem with is the actual mod making my pregnancy bellies just disappear until the 3rd trimester. At which point they appear as if they are only slightly bloated from eating a burrito XD

    Anyways, I tried switching and using the other “slightly bigger bellies” file instead and it doesn’t make a difference in their bellie size.

    Am I doing something wrong?? Thank you!

    1. Is your Sim very thin? I had a Sim who was pretty thin and she did not “show” much while another Sim with a “normal” had the Bellies like in the Pictures. That’s why i made the slightly bigger Version. The Belly Size is changed via a Value. The thinner the Sim the less you really see unfortunaley.

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