Pregnancy Overhaul

This Mod changes a few Parts of Sims Pregnancy (Size of Belly,  Walkstyle and more)

Pregnancy Overhaul

What i changed exactly with this Mod:

– No huge Pregnancy Bellies anymore (see Pictures below in Gallery)

Be aware i had to modify the “object_sim” File to make this happen. The chance of Mod Conflicts is high so check all your Mods!

Also some Animations like the “Feel Baby” might not fit 100% anymore because the huge Belly is gone.

– No special Walkstyle for Pregnant Sims (would not fit with the new Bellies anyway^^)

– Sims who are in the first and second Trimester can do more (Third Trimester is still disallowed!)

What they can now do exactly:

  • pool-swim
  • pool-swim_Autonomous
  • punchingBag_Shove
  • punchingBag_Shove_autonomous
  • si_Touching_Toddler_Roughhouse
  • sim_doStretching
  • terrain-doPushUps
  • terrain-doSitUps
  • terrain-doStretching
  • terrain-jog
  • terrain-jog-plantsims
  • testSetInstance_SteamRoom_Relax
  • treadmill_action2
  • treadmill_action3
  • bathtub_TakeMudBath
  • bathtub_TakeMudBath_DirtyBath
  • bowlingLane_PlayGame
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_01
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_02
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_03
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_04
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_05
  • Dancefloor_DanceTogether_startSituation_set_06
  • mixer_social_WooHooInSteamRoom_targeted_romance_transition
  • si_instructorYogaMat_Class_idle
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Boat
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Bridge
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Corpse
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Dance
  • si_Yoga_Pose_DownwardDog
  • si_Yoga_Pose_HalfMoon
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Handstand
  • si_Yoga_Pose_SidePlank
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Triangle
  • si_Yoga_Pose_Warrior
  • si_yoga_Practice
  • si_Yoga_Routine_BrainBoosting
  • si_Yoga_Routine_EnergyCentering
  • si_Yoga_Routine_MindConcentrating
  • si_yogaClassMember_Class_Idle
  • si_yogaClassMember_CreateMat
  • si_yogaClassMember_FindMat
  • si_yogaClassMember_FindMat_NoCreate
  • simPickerInteraction_BowlingLane_PlayWith
  • steamRoom_MessAround_Picker
  • steamRoom_WooHoo_Picker
  • terrain_JogOffFeelings

Pregnancy Overhaul

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 28.07.2017

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11 thoughts on “Pregnancy Overhaul

  1. Hello LittleMsSam, I would love for my pregnant sims to have this interactions available but could there be a version where the bellies stays as originally intended please?

    • I guess so. The object_sim.xml i used to do this is a general xml for all sims as far as i know. So it should affect all Pregnant Sims.

      But i did not test this with all.

  2. Hi. First, thank you so much for your mods. I have a bunch and they’re all great. I have this mod but her pregnancy looks regular and she is unable to get into the hot tub. I do have MCCC in my game and I increased the amount of pregnancy days. Could that be an issue?

    • Hi,

      Did you install the Mod while your Sim was already Pregnant? If yes, you may need to reset your Sim for the new Belly Size to take effect.
      If no, check if you have any other Mod that modifies the “object_sim” xml File.

      Regarding HotTub i did not include that in the List of things they can do now 😉

    • Unfortunaley no. There are two reasons for that. One, the Info if Twins or Triplets is not “Readable” via xml Code and second the Belly is an “ObjectState” and i don’t think it is that simple to do this test based. But without being able to actually get the Info via Xml i cannot even try it out.

  3. Hi, I installed the No Huge Belly part of this mod and unfortunately none of my sims are showing even well into the 3rd trimester (as in flat bellies). Took out all my mods and MCCC. No dice. Definitely this mod is the culprit.

    I own all EPs, GPs and SPs and on the latest patch.

    • I cannot confirm that. I currently test another Mod regarding Pregnancy and therefore i see a lot of pregnant sims and the Bellies are shown like they should. If your Sims were already pregnant when installing this Mod they may need to be resetted plus deleting the Cache Files can help sometimes.

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