Preferences | Custom Lot Trait

Preferences | Custom Lot Trait

This Mods let’s you customize “Preferences” for Sims on Lots.

Preferences | Custom Lot Trait

This Lot Traits adds a Buff to all Sims spawning on the Lot. With this Buff Sims will have more “Preferences” to do various Interactions.

I recommend using those on generic Lots to build your own custom Venue. The Lot Traits are/will be balanced for generic Lots!

Added so far:



  • Order a Drink & Drink
  • Play Games (like Foosball, Cards)
  • Play Arcade
  • Dance (only Dancefloor/DJ Booth)



  • Play Games
  • Play Arcade
  • Bowling
  • Play Computer Games
  • Sing Karaoke
  • Comedy Interactions
  • Dance (only Dancefloor/DJ Booth)
  • Play MotionGames
  • Play Video Games



  • Play Musical Instruments
  • Paint
  • Sing
  • Woodwork*

Since Sims need the mind. Level 2 to autonomously use the Piano i added a “read Book” autonmous Behavior for Sims that don’t have this mind. Level.
I recommend to buy a few Piano Skill Books and put them on the Lot. Sims will then read them and learn their first levels (hopefully).

*If you use a no autonomously Woodworking Mod and want Sims to do Wookwork on Lots with this Lot Trait you should download my updated “No autonomously Woodworking” Mod



  • Read Book
  • Write
  • Programm
  • Use the Podium
  • Drink Coffee

Body & Soul

  • Exercise
  • Climbingwalls
  • Swim
  • Play Basketball
  • Meditate (only on Gym/Relaxation Center)
  • Yoga
  • Order at Espressobar

More Lot Traits planned: Sun & Fun

Available languages: English (default), Portuguese (by Guedesrs) and German

Download “Preferences | Custom Lot Trait” Version 24.02.2018 | Downloaded 10293 times | 76 KB

15 thoughts on “Preferences | Custom Lot Trait

  1. There is a small error in this. In the lot traits selector, the “Preferences Office” is labeled “Preferences Entertainment” with “preferences office” as a subtitle. It’s not a big deal but was a bit confusing at first.

  2. I hope this isn’t a dumb question, but is it okay to use more than one of these custom preferences traits on one lot? Like to give a lot a preference for both Entertainment and Artistic or something? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi,

      technically it should be no Problem to use two of those Traits together but i cannot say that it will work smoothly. Every Trait is Balanced for the Preferences listet for the Trait. To Balance this i had to work with a lot of Buffs because every “desire” to do something has more or less high autonomous Behaviour. That’s why i could not simply put every Interaction possible into one big Trait.

      But as i said you could try it out to see how it works for you ingame. Maybe two Traits will work pretty well together after all 😉

    1. Same answer as in Dress Code: I don’t have WWs Hypersexual lot trait so i cannot look into this. The only way two Traits can conflict is when they have the same Tuning IDs which are based on the xml Names. Mine always start with “LittleMsSam:” so conflicting should not be happening. But as i said i cannot check this, so you would have to ask Turbo because of that.

  3. Is it possible to make a version of this for restaurants (or another mod) so people stay seated, eat the food and go away instead of interacting, dancing, etc?

    1. Not like this but i wanted to look into this if i have a lot if time some day. But i will probably not prevent them from doing anything at all because that would also not be realistic^^ I don’t know when i will actually come to do that through.

    1. I have a More Visitors Mod which has Age Lot Traits but they only work 100% on Generic Lots because they don’t overwrite the original Zone Director Files of normal Lots.

  4. Is there a way to make a lot become Vampire/Alien/Human only?

    I’m making a narrative where these races can be themselves and I’d like the Hollow restaurant to be vampire only, like there to be a meeting place exclusive for aliens and such.

    They always end up showing especially with Alien gatherings and people get angry/embarrassed and ruin the party.

    1. I will add Vampire/Alien only Versions and seperate the Other “More Visitors Lot Traits” to Human only/All in the future.

      BUT those Lot Traits will not work properly on Original Ingame Venues! Those Lot Traits don’t overwrite the Zone Director Files where the spawning of Sims is controlled. They only work 100% on Generic Lots where no Sims spawn normally.

      I may will add a Version someday where i will edit all the Zone Files but i don’t know if and when i would do that because it will be a hell lot of work plus this would affect all Venues of the kind. This would mean you would have to add Lot Traits to all Restaurants for example to make sure Sims are spawning.

  5. Another good option would be a Gloom and Doom lot trait to go along with your sun and fun… this would effectively give everyone a sad buff so you can make proper graveyard lots with sad people instead of people doing push ups on every grave.

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