Power Napping on Sofas

Power Napping on Sofas

This little tuning mod overrides the Napping Interaction on Sofas

Power Napping on Sofas

Napping time on Sofas:

15-20 minutes (default ~100min)

Napping time on Sofas for Toddlers:

15-30 minutes (default ~120min)

Motive Energy:

Your Energy bar will fill much faster. See Pictures.

Available languages: English (default), Spanish (by Edespino) and German

Download “Power Napping on Sofas” Version 17.01.2018 | Downloaded 8732 times | 8 KB

XML used “Power Napping on Sofas”


6 thoughts on “Power Napping on Sofas

  1. Hi,
    The latest patch (November 8th) seems to have broken this mod. Napping does not show up at all when it’s installed in the game.

    1. 90% of my Mods have been broken. It takes a while to update 80+ Mods^^ I have already updated 50+ Mods and pre uploaded here: https://www.patreon.com/LittleMsSam

      This Mod was updated today and works fine so far. I also added Power Napping on Chairs for Toddler again after they fixed it finally!

            1. If you don’t get the “Power Nap” Option instead the normal Nap Option on Sofas then it could be a Mod Conflict maybe.

              Did you check if it works if you only have this Mod in your Mod Folder and no other Mod/CC?

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