Playing Together fills Social Need & Fun OBSOLETE

Playing Together fills Social Need & Fun OBSOLETE

I found it odd that playing Basketball, Table Football and Don’t Wake Llama with others doesn’t fill up social needs (and sometimes fun) so i made a small tuning mod which overrides the interaction for playing basketball & Table Football and more with others (2-4 players) so it fills the social need as well as fun.

Playing Together fills Social Need & Fun

Which interactions are included so far:

  • Basketball
  • Table Football
  • Don’t wake Llama
  • Battle Station
  • Bowling
  • Fishing together in a Group (Fishing Spot works best since Sims need to be close together)
  • Dollhouse
  • Monkey Bars

Optional Addon (The Addon is NOT compatible with the More Buyable Venues Mod!):

  • Playing Table Football costs 1$ per Ball if you don’t own the Table Football
  • Bowling costs 5$ per Player if you don’t own the Bowling Lane


THIS MOD WILL NOT BE CONTINUED – PLEASE USE THE MOD “More Fun Stuff (Motives, Skills, Life Skills & More Overhaul)” I might do a Standalone of the new Mod soon for this affect only.


Download “Playing Together fills Social Need & Fun” Version 22.02.2018 | Downloaded 14041 times | 106 KB


14 thoughts on “Playing Together fills Social Need & Fun OBSOLETE

  1. So the main mod can be used with More buyable venues Now? Only the add on can’t? I am hoping this is true. I wanted this mod, but liked the morebuyable venues one a bit more.

    1. Yes it is compatible except the Addon. The Files from the Addon are already included in the More Buyable Venues Mod.

  2. “LittleMsSamPlayingTogetherALLINONE” breaks bowling – bowling action (directed or automatic) won’t stay in sim’s action cue. I’ve tested it with only this mod in my mod folder and it’s definitely this mod causing the issue.

  3. I’ve had this mod for a while now and I’m only now realizing that it prevents my sims from fishing (I rarely fish). I’ve tested this mod alone with no other mods and the problem persists. When you go to a fishing area and try to click on the fishing sign, nothing happens. It isn’t clickable. Normally the option “Go Fishing” would pop up, but with this mod, nothing comes up when you click on the sign. I just made a new family and was hoping to send them fishing to make some money, but with this mod in, it can’t happen.

      1. I do have everything up to date. I took the mod out but I’ve put it back in again, cleared caches, to do some more testing. Before nothing at all would come up when I clicked the fishing sign or water. Now I get the option “Fish with Bait” when I click the water or the sign. But the “Go Fishing” without bait isn’t there. I’m going to try re-downloading the mod and reinstall it to see if things will be any better. Maybe the data of the mod got corrupted at some point somehow and just needs to be reinstalled. I will get come back and let you know the results of that.

  4. So glad you did this, so thank you. I could never understand why social and fun wasn’t made to go up with those interactions.
    I love all your mods. I have almost all of them. thanks for being so quick to update after patches. Really appreciate your hard work.

    1. Apparently, as I just learned, it’s intentional, according to the devs at the Answers HQ Bug Reports forums (is it okay to link them here?).

      I did remember that *SOMEBODY* made a mod that allows you to gain Social from basketball, though, and a bit of searching revealed that it was LittleMsSam! ^_^ I went ahead and downloaded this mod for the first time. 🙂

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