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Plasma Packs from Plasma Fruits

This tuning Mods adds a new Plasma Pack which can be crafted from Plasma Fruits. I made this Mod because i really want to leave those poor Frogs and Fish aloneĀ 

Plasma Pack from Plasma Fruit

You can now craft Plasma Packs from Plasma Fruits. Like the Packs from Frogs/Fish they can be crafted with Vampire Lore Level 4.

They fill the Thirst Motive 50% more then the other Packs. (Default 37.5, new 56.25)

Good Vampire Aspiration

Create 3 Plasma Packs from Fish or Frogs – You should be able to fullfil this Milestone by crafting Plasma Packs from Fruits (I didn’t change the original Text though)

Download “Plasma Packs from Plasma Fruits” Version 15.11.2017 | Downloaded 3644 times | 18 KB

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