Pandora Sims and the stolen Mods

Pandora Sims and the stolen Mods

Some of you already know that some of my Mods got stolen and still get stolen by a certain Paysite called Pandora Sims.

Since i can not stop them to steal my Mods (except if i quit modding but we don’t want that do we ;)) i would like to clarify a little bit up about them and their Super Nude Patch and Super Mod Patch.

Maybe it will help to prevent new Players to go there or enlighten current “Customers” who simply did not know any better:

  • Everything (or like 99%) on that Homepage is stolen. Stolen and uploaded from other Creators without their Permission.
  • Most Mods included in the Super Mod Patch are not compatible, updated or even broken.
  • Everything of the Super Nude Patch is easily downloadable for FREE on the original Site:
    At the Bottom of the Topic of the MainMod Wicked Whims (the Sims 4 Sex Mod!) you’ll find links to all Modders who already did Animations for it!
  • Almost everything included in the Super Mod Patch is downloadable for FREE at Modthesims.infoΒ or you know – my Mods – here πŸ˜‰

Don’t Support such Paysites!

Download from the original creators! It is free and respectful towards their Work!

Thank you for reading and Happy Simming!


A Note to Modders:
Mods stolen by Paysites like Pandora Sims
and what Creators can do against it!

11 thoughts on “Pandora Sims and the stolen Mods

  1. leave option to share this page on twitter or facebook like option for us to shere and warn other users.Thank you for your mods,my gameplay is so much better with your mods and other great fy moders.Good luck and keep up good work..thanks!

  2. Pandora Sims has been a leech every since Sims 2! He is a horrid, nasty little man and deserves to be held accountable for the things he does.

  3. Padoramsims knows exactly what they’re doing, and knows it’s breaking the law. they say they don’t care. it’s bull crap. EA specifically states that NO ONE should be making money off of their CC, so link shorteners are also in violation. I wish more people knew about this so the site would lose its bandwidth funding.

  4. your making a mistake with this page you are still supporting him by advertising. not all but a small percentage of people will see this and still be curious and end up looking at the website and actually signing up.

    this is what mobile games do they say they are free to play when in reality they are certainly not. you end up having to pay $ to keep playing them.

    your doing the exact same thing here you tell people where they can get the items for free but as i said a small percentage will find that site here and go to it and actually be scammed by it so your still giving them free advertising even bad publicity can backfire I’ve seen it happen on bad advertisement campaigns and time and time again on countless mobile games and MMO.

    the best thing you can do is NOT advertise anything just completely ignore him and do not give them any type of adverting whatsoever.

    i work in marketing trust me i know how this works πŸ˜€

  5. I must say, i am glad i came across your page. I as a simmer who is always looking for new things to download, whether it be cas stuff, design stuff, or mods i am happy to know to stay away from pandora. (i found their site a while back) but i cant afford to “pay” for cc. (the game itself is pricey if ya keep buying the packs LOL) i do appreciate every single creator. especially the ones who put their dedicated time into creating wonderful cc to make the game better and more realisitic! Thank you and i LOVE your creations

  6. I want to honestly say that I appreciate all the time and work that Modders and CC creators put forth in their work but the game and packs already costs enough and I only look out for the free stuff that is offered. I show my support by downloading it, leaving a comment, recommending it to a friend, and/or dealing with tons of ads! πŸ™‚

  7. Who on earth would want to PAY for mods. Mods in all games are free. When i look for mods, i always go to the source. I’d rather support the person creating them than go to some third party website which i don’t trust and that is full of adverts and pop ups and probably viruses. When i discovered littlemssam i was wowed by not only the quality of the mods but the constant updates. That kind of dedication requires a heart felt thank you and praise. Littlemssam is my “TOP” go to mods page. Absolutely brilliant work!

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