Objects don’t share Inventory

Objects don’t share Inventory

Fridges, Bookshelfs, Chests & Toyboxes don’t share Inventories anymore.

Objects don’t share Inventory


Fridges (except Retail Fridge), Bookshelfs, Chests & Toyboxes don’t share Inventories anymore.

  • I changed the Inventory for Bookshelfs, Chests & Toyboxes so they don’t share anymore.
  • I changed the Inventory Type for all Fridges to “CRAFT_SALES_TABLE_EP03” from City Living EP. It should still work even if you don’t have the City Living Expansion Pack but i give no guarantees. Save your Savegame before trying!

Before installing (including Updates)/deinstalling take everything out of those Inventories because the Game destroys everything through those changes!

Had to make a compromise in this Mod. Changing all the Inventory Types within the Object Files caused the Put away Actions not to work because of routing Errors. Changing the Inventory Types within the Object inventory_type_tuning caused Errors on Retail Lots when Computers were put on sell (don’t ask me why). I could track the Error down to the Fridge Inventory. So i had to make a compromise: Changed the Inventory Type of Toy Boxes, Chests & Bookshelf within the Object inventory_type_tuning and the Inventory Type of Fridges within the Fridge Object Files.

Put Away Interactions with Fridges do not work anymore with this (Routing Error).

Download “Objects don’t share Inventory” Version 11.01.2018 | Downloaded 4843 times | 38 KB

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21 thoughts on “Objects don’t share Inventory

  1. For example when you have two Fridges on your Lot and you put Food in it, it shows up in the Inventory of both Fridges. With this Mod the Food is only in the Fridge where you put it in.

  2. That’s great! That way I can put my wine and canned goods in one frig and put my harvestables in another. That way I don’t have to scroll through all my harvestables to find them. Love it!

  3. Love this idea! Also, for some reason, I didn’t know that there were chests that could be used for storage, so extra yay for that :)!

  4. would it be to have a version without the fridge part? I don’t mind those sharing an inventory (rarely have more than one fridge on a lot anyway ;)), but I do like the put away interaction..
    Thanks anyway for this mod, the shared bookshelves were driving me mental!

  5. Thank you for this mod! I always hated shared inventories! Does this conflict with custom storage items other modders make?

  6. I’ve heard the Cats & Dogs patch broke this mod. Has it been updated to work with the new patch? I’m so happy to have learned of this mod, and I really want to use it.

  7. Thank you! I hate that these items don’t have their own inventory like in the sims 3.

    Question – will this work on modded storage items? Example: mts member keirkieran’s not so secure storage – a simple storage box.

  8. I just spent hours making a custom storage item only to be hit in the face with the “Combined Inventory” reminder upon a successful test… Crossing my fingers that this is a working solution applicable for custom created content too. :3

    Either way, Thank you so much for doing this. The combined situation irks me every time I play. πŸ˜€

  9. Sadly the mod didn’t work for me at all. I have everything up through Laundry Day, I don’t know if that’d be why.

    Also, everything my sim harvested while testing it was automatically destroyed. Only mentioned as a warning for sim Gardeners.

    1. Still works fine in my Game and i have all DLCs.

      I cannot guarantee that it will work with CC.

      Also there is a Red Warning in the Description that all Items in those Inventories will vanish when installing and deinstalling this πŸ˜‰

      1. Thankfully, I did see and heed you’re disappear warning. I moved/saved everything out of my inventories pre-test. ^_^

        I actually retried applying the mod (Because I wanted it so badly xD), and it was personal error the whole time.. I didn’t have “script mods allowed” in my game options yet because I’d only gotten the game last week. I didn’t know about the option. Herpa Derp :/

        Its working with my CC storage item; Which has made my effing day <3; Because it was meant to be item specific.. I was wondering if I could attach your mod to it's upload page as a recommended add on (with your personal warnings about it included in).

        It's sort of a must have. I think the sacrifices are worth it. <3

  10. This mod is working for me(with one small issue) as of today, 3/4/18, with Jungle Adventures installed and all other packs. I did notice one thing that has changed, I no longer see the command tree options to cook “breakfast, lunch, dinner” on the fridge or stove. I use to see those commands at the appropriate times of day/night before installing this mod. I can still cook all meals via the other “cook” command tree but I thought it was weird and worth mentioning here. Also this is the only mod that I currently have installed.

    1. Hm. I would have said that the Fridge part of this Mod (do you use the one with fridges?) might be a culpit though nothing changed with the latest patches. But what makes me think this Mod can not be the cause is the “stove” part you mentioned. This Mod does not touch stoves or the Timeframed Menus. Did you try it Vanilla without any Mods? (Be careful your Stuff in those Objects will vanish with installing/deinstalling this Mod) After installing this Mod did you delete your cache? Also you said of today, did it work before the 4th?

  11. God bless you for this mod!
    It’s annoyed me so much that everything shared inventory since sims 4 was released. Looked all over for something that changed it, then stumbled across this mod yesterday completely by accident.
    You’ve seriously saved my sanity, Thankyou! πŸ™‚

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