No Tiny Harvestables

No Tiny Harvestables

It really annoys me that after harvesting the Harvest was so tiny. It just looked soooo stupid^^

No Tiny Harvestables

There a five States of Harvestables while growing where they change their Size.

With this Mod i changed the min Value (0,5) and max Value (2) both to 1. 1 is the Original Size of the Harvestable Object.

Download “No Tiny Harvestables” | Downloaded 3681 times | 1 KB

XML used “No Tiny Harvestables”


5 thoughts on “No Tiny Harvestables

  1. This really is an useful mod! It annoyed me so much to see my nice big custom harvestable meshes appear teeny tiny . Thanks!

    1. It annoyed me since the Game came out and i never really enjoyed gardening 😉 I’m glad i found the damn Code responsible for that 😛

  2. This will help me out big time. I have bad eyes. Now I can see what the pixel pricks are putting in their mouth.

  3. I have not seen this mod “No Tiny Harvestables” in your updated lists. Does this mean it’s still working fine? Sorry for asking, but have not been in my game yet, not before I have updated my mods 😉

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