No Restaurant Bill when being Invited

No Restaurant Bill when being Invited

Don’t pay when you are invited to the Restaurant (Dine Out needed)

No Restaurant Bill when being Invited

When Sims get invited to the Restaurant they always have to pay.

This Mods let’s you really get invited.

You’ll find two new Interactions on Tables:

  • Call a Waiter/Waitress over
  • End the Restaurant Visit

Both Interactions are pretty self explanatory. I recommend to end the Restaurant Visit properly by using the Interaction “End the Restaurant Visit”

Be aware you can not choose the Food/Drinks like you usually can. You have to let yourself be surprised because the NPC “has to choose” the Food/Drinks.

Languages: English (default), French (by Damabiah), Portuguese, Danish (by Sighubert), Korean (by Yakfarm), Japanese (by Simtelma) and German

Download “No Restaurant Bill when being Invited” Version 04.04.2018 | Downloaded 16929 times | 24 KB

XML used “No Restaurant Bill when being Invited”


22 thoughts on “No Restaurant Bill when being Invited

    1. @itsmetroi Thx for the Link. The new Interactions should be available until the End but i guess the whole Death Situation messed it up^^

  1. I don’t understand why EA don’t included that in game.
    It’s logical when sim gets invited …
    So thanks so much for this mod !!! (and all your great job)

    Does NPC order vegetarian food for vegetarian sim?

    1. @Damabiah I can’t really answer that question. It uses the Command Code that let’s NPC Guests Order like in your own Restaurant. I can’t really “see” what is coded behind that command. Hopefully EA thought of that part at least. But i think they did otherwise you would have sick guests all the time in your Restaurant . If it happens anyway let me know.

  2. Hi, I got a little of a Last Exception with your mod:
    File “”, line 8, in _inject return new_function(target_function, *args, **kwargs)
    File “”, line 18, in add_superaffordances

    Does this indicate an error or something? Thanks, great ideas!

    1. I don’t get any LE in my Game from this. Maybe it’s a Mod Conflict or another Mod is causing the LE which then lists script Mods even though they are not the Issue.

      1. Is not everytime but sometimes. Also the End the meal doesn’t appear after she eats (the call wait and order does).

        So my sim just gives up the table after eating.

        I love this mod though!

        Is working, but still throwing exceptions. I will try to delete other mods. Do you have any suggestion what type of mod would conflict? Thanks!

        1. If you get LE when being on a Restaurant Lot than the Chance is high it is a known Bug with Restaurants. The ChefStation to be exactly. You should check if moving the ChefStation helps you. You should not use any MoveObjects Cheats or anything to move them and you need free space around i think.

          If you don’t have the Options “End Restaurant Visit” then your hidden Buffs did get deleted somehow. You’ll still get a free Meal as long as you don’t get the Choose Food&Drinks Popup.

  3. This is instanlty one of my favourite mods for this game!
    I was so confused and then annoyed when I found out that you were still the one ordering and paying for things when you were invited.

    Vielen, vielen Dank! =D Das macht einem das Leben als Sim um einiges leichter und die Überraschung der Bestellung wird garantiert für ein paar interessante Momente sorgen. XD

  4. Ok, now this is just logical and practical, so thank you for making this mod and adding it to our games.
    Your mods are great 🙂

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