No Pets Allowed | Custom Lot Trait

No Pets Allowed | Custom Lot Trait

This Lot Trait prevents Dogs/Cats from visiting Clubs, Bars and more

The following Situations should be prevented from happening with this Lot Trait active:

  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Dog_Park
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Cat_Park
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Dog_Bar
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Cat_Bar
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Cat_Club
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Dog_Club
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Cat_Gym
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Dog_Gym
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Cat_Library
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Dog_Library
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Cat_Lounge
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Dog_Lounge
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Cat_Museum
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Dog_Museum
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Cat_ArtsCenter
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Dog_ArtsCenter
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Cat_Karaoke
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Dog_Karaoke
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Cat_Pool
  • situation_Venue_PetOwner_Dog_Pool

Languages: English (default), Portuguese (by Guedesrs) and German

Download “No Pets Allowed | Custom Lot Trait” Version 24.02.2018 | Downloaded 1980 times | 9 KB

21 thoughts on “No Pets Allowed | Custom Lot Trait

  1. This is exactly what we needed! I honestly don’t understand why this was a thing in the first place but if I remember right kids used to be able to go into bars when TS4 first came out too. lol

    1. I also do not understand why EA does such things. I mean Dogs/Cats in a Park are totally fine but Club, Bar..??? WTF EA^^

  2. thanks alot for the lot trait I don’t understand why there wasn’t a no pets allowed sign or trait, I like pets but see them running around everywhere it’s somewhat weird.

    Also could you maybe make something like an hates cat and hates dog sim trait?

  3. I knew other people had to believe this was ridiculous. The first time I saw a cat and dog at a nightclub I said “countdown to a mod to stop this stupidness”

  4. In the meantime, I was thinking about a kill pets mod because all should be available in the game just like sim. Hope you do it!

  5. Seen you read my mind, i was already hoping some modder do something like this because is having pet in the discos, bar and other. Thank you.

    By the way can be done this but with socioeconomical level ???? by example had one lot were only can go rich people or poor, something like household money club filter.

    1. I don’t think something like that will be possible without editing original Files. In this Mod i don’t change Situations i just prevent them from happening.

    1. Like listet above only Situations with Pet Owners. Strays are not listet in Zone Directors so they are only in the World as “Walkbys” i guess.

  6. This is such a great mod, thank you!
    Would it be possible to make a similar lot trait to keep children away from certain lots? I have some evening restaurants that I like to keep teens+. If not, that’s ok, I usually just force kids to leave anyway.
    ty for all you do <3 your mods add a lot of flavor to my game <3

  7. I was actually looking for the exact opposite of this mod, lol. I wanted an “allow pets for resturaunts” mod because of a service dog my sim has. But, I will use this for a different save!

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