No Outfit Changing | Custom LotTrait & Traits

No Outfit Changing | Custom LotTrait & Traits

Sims will not change Clothes with these Traits or Lot Trait

A few Months ago i already wanted to make a Mod which stops Sims from autonomously change into Outfits but back then i thought i had to overwrite all the Interaction Files where the Change Outfit Code is in. Now inspired by Wicked Whims i looked into this again and found an easier way to make it work.

No Outfit Changing | Lot Trait

Active Household Sims on a Lot with this Lot Trait will not Change into Athletic, Everday, Formal, Party, Sleepwear and Swimwear Clothes.

No Outfit Changing | Traits

Sims with these Traits will never Change into the specific Outfit no matter where they are (active Sims & NPCs):

  • traits.equip_trait NoneAthletic
  • traits.equip_trait NoneEveryday
  • traits.equip_trait NoneFormal
  • traits.equip_trait NoneParty
  • traits.equip_trait NoneSleepwear
  • traits.equip_trait NoneSwimwear

To remove the Traits “traits.remove_trait NoneAthletic”… instead of equip.

Dress Code Lot Trait Mod Info:

I am currently working on an Update for my Dress Code LotTrait to make it compatible with this. Until then both Mods will not work together. Your Active Household Sims will not Change into the Dress Code Outfit.

Download “No Outfit Changing” | Downloaded 968 times | 15 KB

XML used “No Outfit Changing”


11 thoughts on “No Outfit Changing | Custom LotTrait & Traits

  1. Useless mod which makes the game limited which is already in first place. Disappointed but thanks anyway for the effort. Look what Scumbumbo(mts modder) is doing which makes the game fun and useful.

    1. Say, you made a park, a hangout for youngsters, with a basketballcourt, youngsters want to shoot some hoops, and change into athletic outfit just for that short game of ball, just to switch outfits AGAIN when they’re done.. Doesn’t seem “realistic” to me. This mod has it’s place for very situational lots and is far from useless. Gonna try it out right away.

      Does the mod really conflict with the dresscode lot traits or is it just that the active household doesn’t change outfit?

      1. First, thank you. That’s the main Reason for this Mod. I hated the fact that my Sims would change into Athletic Clothes when Playing Basketball on the Streets.

        Both Mods don’t conflict. The No Change Outfit Lot Trait will simply prevent your Active Household from changing into the Dress Code Outfit. NPCs are not affected by this Lot Trait anyway so they will change into the Dress Code like before. The No Change Outfit Lot Trait makes most sense at Residential Homes.

        I will Update the Dress Code LTs so after changing all Sims will get a Trait which prevents them to change again. This way you should be better in control what Sims will wear on certain Lots and what not.

  2. Thank for this and dont worry for critics because one modder first make mod for him/she and later when if you share it and is liked for someone then is a plus. I tell this because i am starting make my own mods and i am doing what want for my game if later i share it and some else like it well if not well i dont care.

  3. I can’t believe that rude comment above! Takes all kinds. I love your mods and this is one that I have dreamed about since the sims was released. I hated that I would pick an outfit for them and then they would take a shower or go somewhere and stupidly change clothes. I also hated that I would use the athletic clothes as play clothes and my sims would constantly change back to Maxis everyday ware. Thank you so much for this.

  4. another amazing trait! thank you!
    do you think a trait to forbid children(and toddlers I suppose) from venues is possible? I have a fancy fancy evening restaurant and I don’t think children should be allowed. I usually just make them “go away” lol.

  5. I agree your mods are amazing, im 41 years old and wouldnt even play sims if it wasnt for your mods amd a few other really good ones.

  6. I hated when my sim changes into stupid vet outfit when treating pets, and I really don’t want my sim to dress the same as the employees, would this mod fix that problem?

    1. No. I will put it on my to do list to check out if it is deeply coded/Connected with the opening function of the Vet.

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