No Gender Chance (Pregnancy)

No Gender Chance (Pregnancy)

No Gender Chance when eating certain Food or listening to certain Music (Pregnancy)


No Gender Chance (Pregnancy)


Pregnant Sims can influence the gender of their offspring by eating certain Fruits/Veggies or listening to certain Stations.

This Mod disables this Gender Chance loots.

Now my Sims can eat/listen whatever they want without me having to stop them from doing so 😉

Download “No Gender Change” | Downloaded 950 times | 850 B

XML used “No Gender Chance (Pregnancy)”


4 thoughts on “No Gender Chance (Pregnancy)

  1. Is this for the ultrasound mod ? If so , can you use it with the mod so the results will be acurate and not change or will it conflict ?

    1. I always did not like this but the main reason is the Ultrasound Scan Mod yes. I did not want the Gender to change after i made a Scan. Both Mods do not conflict.

  2. This bugged me so much to avoid the stereo and fruits as i play often as living off the grid kind of people and i sometimes only had strawberrys or apples

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