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No Autonomous Set the Table & Wash “Invisible” Dish

This Mod should prevent Sims from setting the Table & washing “Invisible” Dish autonomously. (Parenthood GP)

No Autonomous Set the Table

In this Mod i added a “allow_autonomous=false” to the SetTheTable xmls.

No Autonomous Wash the Dish

I added a “test_autonomous” instead which checks if they are carrying “Consumable_Empty” or “Servings_Empty”. Be aware this is still a WIP. I have to keep an eye on my Sims, if they are still doing invisible Dishes and if yes which Interaction they are doing exactly or what Buffs etc are responsible for their Behaviour.

Let me know if Sims are still setting the Table or washing the Dish autonomous then i will search for more files that are responsible for that

Download “No Autonomous Set the Table & Wash “Invisible” Dish” Version 23.02.2018 | Downloaded 5121 times | 26 KB

XML used “No Autonomous Set the Table…”