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New Precious Treasures

I like digging for treasures/collectibles but i missed a “real” treasure as a reward so i made a small tuning mod which adds new precious treasures to the rewards when sims are digging with a treasure map. 

How many Treasures i’ve added so far: 6

I’m not going to tell you what i added
You just have to dig and find out for yourself
Good luck

Available languages: English (default) and German

If you’re using my “Collectibles (Rock Digging) Rework (Slower/Harder)” Mod you don’t need this one!

Any mod that modifies the same files listet below will likely conflict!

Download “New Precious Treasures” Version 19.06.2018 | Downloaded 8297 times | 837 KB

XML used “New Precious Treasures”