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More Visitors | Custom Lot Trait & Door Interaction

I was trying to find a way to get more Visitors on Lots without modifying the Venue Files. And this Mod is what came out of it.

These Lot Traits add a Buff to all Sims spawning on the Lot. With this Buff Sims will “invite” autonomously two new Sims over.

There are two Versions of this Mod. One where no Vampire, Alien Co spawn (except Alien/Vampire only) and one where all Species spawn (except Alien/Vampire only). Only install one!

The following Lot Trait Versions are available:

  • Young Adults – Adults
  • Teenager – Adults
  • Children – Teenager
  • Toddler – Children (you’ll need the NPC Toddler Park Fix for this to Work on Parks)
  • Female Only – Young Adults – Adults
  • Male Only – Young Adults – Adults
  • Toddler Only (you’ll need the NPC Toddler Park Fix for this to Work on Parks)
  • Children Only
  • Teens Only
  • Young Adults Only
  • Adults Only
  • Elder Only
  • Alien Only
  • Vampire Only

This can be useful if you use custom Venue Types which are not affected by “more Sims Spawning” Mods or if you want to build a custom Venue Type on a Generic Lot.

I don’t recommend using this on default Community Lots where “Employees” like DJ, Bartender spawn because the invited NPC spawning Queue prevents them to spawn properly. Use MCC’s Settings or another Mod for that!

I also recommend to use the “Maximum Sims per Zone” Setting by MCCC or a Mod that increases the Number of Sims that are allowed in one Zone!

More Visitors | Door Interaction (available without LotTraits)

A new Interaction on Doors/Gates is available called “More Visitors”

There are different Age Variations of Picker Menus available to choose from:

  • Young Adult – Adult
  • Teen – Adult
  • Toddler – Child
  • Toddler – Elder

You can pick up to 50 Sims and let them summon on the active Lot. They’ll spawn one by one on the Lot so it will take some time. (They’ll spawn in your Group like other Sims who are normally invited by you)

This does not work on Residential Lots.
If you want to throw a personal Party you should use a Generic Lot for that!

Available languages: English (default), Chinese (by hi007097) and German

Download “More Visitors | Custom Lot Trait & Door Interaction” Version 02.06.2018 | Downloaded 11163 times | 104 KB