More Servings Options & Better MealTime Menus

More Servings Options & Better MealTime Menus

This tuning Mods adds more Servings Options.

More Servings Options

New Servings Options via the cooking and gourmet cooking Menus of stoves & fridges.

  • Dinner for Two (2)
  • Small Family Size (3)
  • Big Family Size (5)
  • Bigger Family Size (6)
  • Small Party Size (7)

Recipes added for the Basegame in the Main Mod File
Addons available for Dine Out, City Living, Spa Day, Luxury Party & Vampire

Added a few Recipes to the Menus that were not connected with them before: BLT, Faux BLT, Quinoa Salad, Salad Capresse, Chips and Salsa, Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, Plasma Fruit Salad

Added more Serving Options for Experimental Food Recipes (you’ll need my More Experimental Food Servings Mod for this)

I moved the following Recipes from the Cooking/Gourmet Menus to the Baking Menu and changed the Skill Requirement/Skill Loot from Cooking/Gourmet to Baking:

  • NYCheesecake
  • ApplePie
  • Cake
  • CookieChocolateChip
  • CakeSignature
  • CakeHamburger
  • CakeBlackWhite
  • CakeWhiteBlack
  • BlackWhiteCookie
  • CookieHeart
  • CakeChocolate
  • CakeStrawberry
  • CakeBlue
  • CakeWedding
  • Fruitcake
  • CarobCake
  • SpookyCookies
  • CorpseCake


Addon Better MealTime Menus (inlcuded in the All in One Versions)

This Addon changes the MealTime Pie Menu of stoves (Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner & Lunch) into Picker Menus with more Recipes.

Known Issues

Unfortunaly one of the new Options doesn’t work 100% like it should. The “Small Family Size (3)” is not “empty” after you took the third Meal from it. You can’t take an other Meal but the Dish still looks like it has Food on it. So far i could not find a reason for that happening or a solution to fix this because all other sizes work like they should. For now i have to leave it like that.

Also the sorting is sometimes messed up. The menu sorts through the prizes. If you use other mods that affect the prizes of the single, small and large Portions the sorting might not be in the right order.

Available languages: English (default), Spanish (by Juniorcayher), French (by Eymiks), Japanese (by Simtelma) & Danish (by Sighubert) and German

Please read the “INSTALLATION_INFOS.txt” inside the ZIP

Download “More Servings Options & Better MealTime Menus” Version 04.04.2018 | Downloaded 15561 times | 6 MB

XML used “More Servings Options”



31 thoughts on “More Servings Options & Better MealTime Menus

  1. One of these is causing cakes to be taken off the menu which is an extremely important recipe to have because it is required for certain social events “Birthday party or ” without them you cannot achieve a gold reward which is needed in the party animal aspiration.

    1. Ok so i see you moved the cakes and some other recipes from the cooking/gourmet to baking. Well this is the issue of why i cant find the cakes anywhere. Baking is a skill included in get to work and i do not have the expansion for that. Either this mod needs a listed requirement of get to work or the recipes moved back.

      1. Well, i will not move them back but i will add a Version without the moved Recipes soon because you asked so nicley 😉

  2. Awww why did you change the party size to seven? We often do have eight-person households and this will require us to cook twice just to feed a family or household of eight. Is it possible to change it back to eight pretty please with a cherry on top 🙂 🙂 :-). I want to take advantage of using this mod but I dont think I really want to have to cook twice lol. Thanks for reading this. Happy Simming!!!!

    1. I did not change the default 1,4,8 Servings i just added those in between. The 7 is called small Party Size not Party Size ;P

    1. I don’t plan to add more than 8 Servings since it would be a hell lot of work^^ 2 Files for each recipe and Serving Size 😛 You should google for Coolspear’s 25/99 Servings Mod which replaces the 4/8 Serving Sizes.

  3. Hi, is it at all possible for you to make a version of this that works with the Craftables Enabler and Menu Expander mods at Sims 4 Studio? When I have all 3 of them in my game at once those two seem to override your mod and make the options disappear. If making a compatible version is possible but time-intensive I’d love it if you could point me in the direction of tutorials for merging the functions of mods so I could do it myself. Thanks in advance!

  4. I have installed this and some other mods of yours and at first it worked perfectly but now it doesn’t anymore. I don’t know which of your mods is conflicting but here’s my list:
    Give Gift
    Miscarriage and Abortion V2 Low, 7 days
    More Servings All in one
    Social Activities
    Call to Meal
    Spa Day Tablet with Crafting Costs All in one
    No Auto Food grab after cooking chef
    Playing Together all in one
    Playing Together Social Addon
    Send to Bed

    I don’t have any other mods installed.

      1. When I select Serve dinner, for example, instead of the picker menu I get the default pie menu. I think this started happening once the baby grew into a toddler.

          1. OMG, I’m so dumb! This mod and the others work just fine together. I must’ve clicked the stove for one test and the fridge for all the others. Sorry for the bother!

              1. I would really appreciate this! I am so in the habit of clicking on the fridge to cook…it confuses me when the recipes are not in the same place. Thank you for re-categorizing the baked goods. This has always bugged me, and I’ve had mods to fix it, but none have stayed updated. You are the best! Much love <3!

  5. I’m so glad I read the comments before posting. I didn’t realize that it only worked on stoves. I thought I had a conflict. Do you plan to make it work with fridges as well?

    1. Oops. Shoulda read further so I would’ve seen where you said you will probably add it to fridges one day. 😋

      1. 😉 Yeah will add this hopefully with the next Update which will hopefully^^ come within the next view days

  6. Hello and Tysm for this mod it’s extremely useful! I was just wondering if you were familiar with GrayCurse’s Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul mod? Can both this mod and that one be used together safely?

    1. I would say both Mods are partly compatible. I use some original Recipes in here. Grays C&I does also use all original recipes. So one thing is that at least one Mod would override the recipes of the other. Second my new recipes for the other Servings don’t use Grays Ingredients Requirements. So only the 1,4,8 Servings would require Grays Ingredients.

  7. I can’t drink custom wines from Sims 4 Studio with this mod. I can make a bottle of wine but get no serving options when I’m done.

  8. Good morning! I love this mod because it makes the organization make much more sense; however, I have run into an issue where instead of images of the food appearing, I have solid blue boxes. I am pretty sure only the items that were moved have this issue, but am not sure exactly. Do you know why this is and/or what I need to do to fix it? Thanks!!!

    1. Did you delete your Cache in between? I don’t have problems with Thumbnails ingame. Only when i delete the Cache it takes a moment for the Game to load the Thumbnails anew.

      1. Yes, because I always do before I start the game since I was told that doing so helps with loading screens. Should I stop doing that?

        1. No but it will delete all Thumbnails so if you open any Menus etc it will take a moment for the Game to load/create the Thumbnails again. I usually delete the cache a few times a week or when i deinstall Mods.

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