More Seafood Servings

More Seafood Servings

This Mod adds 4 & 8 Servings Options to the Seafood Recipes

More Seafood Servings (Cats & Dogs)

With this Mod you’ll have more Servings Options for the three Seafood Recipes (Popcorn Shrimp, Haddock Sandwich, Lobster Roll).

Known Issue: I am not a CC Creator so i used the Single Food Servings and Cloned those for the Multi Servings. This means that after taking the last serving the Dish will not look empty.


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Download “More Seafood Servings” Version 05.03.2018 | Downloaded 2932 times | 377 KB

XML used “More Seafood Servings”


5 thoughts on “More Seafood Servings

    1. The Recipes should show up under the normal Cooking Menu but you have to “learn” them first. You can eat them via Marketstalls or learn all new Recipes with my Cookbook see link above in description

  1. I found a bug with this mod and maybe also your experimental food version when using these foods in restaurants.

    All 3 meal sizes seem to show up in the menus.

    If ordering from the main part of the menu it’s avoidable (you can just pick the first option which is single serving), but if it shows up as the daily special you can’t tell which version it is and could end up with the 4 or 8 serving version.

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