More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types

More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types

This tuning mod lets you buy more Venues and adds new Venue Types to the Game.

Get to Work needed to be able to buy Venues!

Please read the What you also need to know Part below before downloading this Mod!


Default Venues

  • Bar
  • Club
  • Lounge
  • Café
  • Library
  • Gym
  • Karaoke Bar
  • Arts Center
  • Museum
  • Park
  • Pool
  • Relaxation Center
  • Penthouse (in San Myshuno)


You have to change the Venue Type to the special Venue in the Build menu to be able to buy the following Venues!
Special Venues
  • Ownable Lounge
    Difference to the normal Lounge: No Auto Employees
  • Ownable Karaoke Bar
    Difference to the normal Karaoke Bar: No Auto Employees
  • Ownable Bar
    Difference to the normal Bar: No Auto Employees. No Ghosts, Bear, Knight and Alien Nights
  • Ownable Club
    Difference to the normal Club: No Auto Employees
  • Ownable Café
    Difference to the normal Café: No Auto Employees
  • Ownable Relaxation Center
    Difference to the normal Relaxation Center: No Auto Massage Therapist & Reflexologist Spawns and 2x more Guests

Go to Work Venue Types (for Roleplaying)

  • Scientist Lab with NPC Scientists spawning
  • PoliceStation with NPC Civilians, Cops, LabTech, Assistants and Chief spawning
  • Medical Clinic with NPC Nurses, Assistant and Patients spawning

New Venue Types

  • Holiday Home (You can buy more residential Venues!)
  • Gaming Center!
    A Place for Kids, Teens and all the Geeks to play Video Games, Arcade and have lots of fun!
  • Playground!
    A Place for Toddlers and Kids to play and enjoy the sun!
    A Park where mainly Toddlers & Children are spawning at daytime
  • Daycare!
    A Place for Toddlers to be taken care of when their Parents are working!
    Mo-Fr – 8am ~ 4pm 2-6 Toddlers, Sa 6pm ~ 10pm 2-6 Toddlers – You need to be there at 8am/6pm because Toddlers are spawning in a small Time Frame and stay around 6hrs
    (Unfortunately Family Members want to hang out there too sometimes and Toddlers sometimes despawn just like that when their duration is over instead of walking out or getting picked up.)
  • Customizable Venue
    Customize a Generic Lot (Read Info below before using this!)
  • Rentable Business
    You can use this to own a Hotel, Prison or Apartment Building (Read Info below before using this!)
  • Cinema
    Be an Owner of a Cinema or a Visitor (Read Info below before using this!)


>>> Customizable Venue <<<

  • Generic Lot (Visitors Allowed)

How to customize Generic Lots:
I recommend using my Lot Traits Dress Code | More Visitors | Entrance Fee | Preferences Mods so you can customize Generic Lots into your own personal Business!

Example: a Generic Lot with Entrance Fee, More Visitors & Preferences (Entertainment) Lot Traits!

>>> Rentable Business <<<

What you generally need to know:

I wanted this Venue to be flexible so you can use it to have a small B&B with 4 Beds, a Motel with 10 Beds or a Hotel with 20+ Beds. You could even use this to make a rentable Apartment Building where you are the Landlord or a Prison with 50 Prisoners. This is why no Sims get autonomosly spawn. You have to choose how many and who should spawn on the Lot!

  • As the Owner you can Collect your Income once per Day. The Income is based on the Number of Beds!  Bed 1-10 will give 250$ per Bed. Bed 11-20 will give 125$ per Bed. Bed 21-40 will give 75$ per Bed. 40 Beds and above will give a random Money Loot between 5325-12500$
  • As a Guest or Tenant you have to Pay a Daily Rate of 150$ per Sim (75$ per Child, Toddler are Free)
  • Sims that get spawn on the Lot have a Situation Duration of 100 Days. But if you leave the Lot they will still vanish. Use the Current Guests etc. Interaction to bring them back.
  • You need to Check out/Dismiss/Cancel all Guests/Prisoners/Tenants including yourself (When you are a Guest etc.)! If not you need to remove the “Hotel Trait” manually! (Traits.Remove_trait Hotel)
  • Same goes for the Owner. If you don’t sell the Lot via the new Interaction on Computers you need to remove the “Hotel Owner Trait” manually! (Traits.Remove_trait HotelOwner)

How to use the Rentable Business Venue!

After changing a Lot to the Rentable Venue Type you need to specify the Venue by using one of the following Lot Traits:

  • B&B|Motel|Hotel LotTrait
  • Prison LotTrait
  • Apartment LotTrait

These will make the Lot workable and have the following characteristics:

B&B|Motel|Hotel and Prison

  • Inappropriateness Tags: Cleaning, Cooking, Grab Snack, Bartending
  • Appropriateness Tags: Sleeping

Apartment Building

  • Appropriateness Tags: Sleeping, Cleaning, Cooking, Grab Snack, Bartending

The new Venue and the LotTraits will activate new Interactions:

On Computers (Hotel/Prison/Apartment)

  • Confirm Booking/Confirm Prisoners/Confirm Tenants – With this Interaction you can get Guests/Prisoners/Tenants on the Lot.
  • After the confirmed Sims have arrived on the Lot you need to Check them in via Check in Guests/Prisoners/Tenants –  Those Sims will get a special Trait as long as they are Guests etc.
  • Check out Guests/Dismiss Prisoners/Cancel Rental Agreement – You need to Check out Guests etc. properly no matter if you are the Owner or a Guest etc. yourself! This Way the Trait they/you got will be deleted and they/you will go Home.
  • Current Guests/Current Prisoners/Current Tenants – If you leave the Lot for a Sightseeing Trip and come back and the other Guests etc. have vanished, this will “bring them back”.
  • Sell Rentable Business (Owner only!) – The Owner gets a special Owner Trait when buying this Venue Type. I highly recommend selling the Venue via this Interaction to delete the Trait and sell the Lot!
  • Call Rentable Business Owner over (Guest/Prisoner/Tenant Only!) – If you are visiting the Lot as a Guest etc. you can call the Owner over. Owners (just as NPCs) then will get a Buff which gives them characteristics of Maids, Handyman, Gardener & Nanny (Help Toddler, Talk with Kids, Mentor Kids, Play with Kids)

On Doors (Unlock Door Mod highly recommended)

  • Assign Room/Assign Cell/Assign Apartment – This lets you Assigns Rooms to Guests etc. You need my Unlock Doors Mod to be able to Lock Doors on non owned Venues (if you are a Guest etc.)

On Beds

  • Assign Beds – This lets you Assign Beds to Guests etc. Needed for the “Bedtime” Interaction!
  • Bedtime – This Interaction let’s you choose Sims who then get really tired and go to their assigned Beds. However sometimes they still prefer to Nap or Relax. I recommend using my Send to Bed Mod with this too.
  • Better Mattress for (if you have the Better Mattress Mod!) – If you use my Better Mattress Mod you can give all Guests (including yourself) a Buff which prevents Uncomfortable Buffs from cheap Beds and gives better Energy while sleeping!

Recommended Mods to use with this Venue:


>>> Cinema <<<

“Movie Hangout” SP is necessary for this Venue Type because i wanted a more real Cinema Feeling instead of Sims watching News or Stuff. I also disabled autonomous watching TV to stop Sims from changing the Channel in the middle of a Movie.

New Interactions to watch Movies (Cinema Show) added to 4 big TVs:

Plasmatron 3000 (BG), Anti Flatscreen TV HDCurV (CL EP) and the two MovieScreens (MH SP).

These Interactions will let you choose up to 30 Sims to go and watch a Movie. (I recommend using the Watch Movie and Be Quiet please Mod with this)

The Movie will start right away to prevent your Sim as an Owner of a Cinema to have to start and watch each Movie. Your active Sim is also choosable in the SimPicker Menu so the new Interactions work for both the Owner and Guests.

Money Loot for Owners will be via Computer “Collect Salary”, when Sims take Popcorn, Barista/Espressobar and with the Entrance Fee (Updated Version needed of Entrance Fee LotTrait).


Send us a Text via Phone and one of our professional Service Employees will arrive within a few Minutes!

You can hire one of our Services (Maid, Handyman, Gardener) once per Day for Free! A Mailbox is needed on the Lot for the Services to work!


How to buy a Venue:

  • The Venues are buyable via the new Pie Menu “Buyable Venues” which can be found on every ingame Computer under the Household Menu.

What can you do on those Venues:

  • Transfer Money from and to Household
  • Build on Lot with your own Money
  • Earn Money

EARNING MONEY (not on residential lots)

  • Via every ingame Computer or via the Tablet (Tablet has no Animation)
    These will let you collect Income every 24 hrs. There are three Money Loots for different Venues and the Outcome is random.
  • Low (750 ~ 1000$):
    Karaoke Bar
    Relaxation Center
    Ownable Lounge
    Ownable Karaoke Bar
    Ownable Bar
    Ownable Club
    Ownable Relaxation Center
    Scientist Lab
  • Medium (1000 ~ 1250$):
    Ownable Café
    Gaming Center
  • High (1250 ~ 1500$):
    Arts Center
    Medical Clinic
  • None
  • Special
    Rentable Business (see more Info above)


 If you use my “Entrance Fee on Community Lots” Mod you’ll get the following Entrance Fees:

Lot | Entrance Fee per Hour

  • Pool | 10 $
  • Gym | 20 $
  • Karaoke Bar | 20 $
  • Cinema | 20 $
  • Lounge | 30 $
  • Club | 40 $
  • Relaxation Center | 50 $

MORE WAYS TO EARN MONEY (not on residential lots)

You’ll get Money Loot from following Interactions/Objects NPCs interact with:

  • Bartending
    When Sims order a drink you will get a random Money loot no matter if you are the Bartender or a NPC. Set the Hire Limit from 1 to 3 Barkeeper
  • EspressoBar
    If you own a Café you will get Money when sims order Food or Drinks no matter if you are the Barista or a NPC. Set the Hire Limit from 1 to 2 Barista
  • Entertainment
    Bowling Lane
    Table Football
    Karaoke Machine
    Computer Browse Web, Chat & Play Game
    Motion Gaming Rig (at the End of Playing)
    Playing Darts
  • Fitness & Wellness
    Bathing (“Take Bath With Soak…” and Mud Bath)
    Massages at Massage Table
    Massages at Massage Chair (added “Hire Reflexologist” to Massage Chairs)
    Yoga Class ( at the End of Class for each Participant)
    Mentoring of Sims as a Personal Trainer
    Selling Snacks through the special Company Fridge (Works on all Venues except Residential)
    Climbing Wall
  • PoliceStation
    Get Case Assignment
    Browse Police Database
    File Paperwork
    Take Police Report (Civilians)
    Go on Patrol (CrimeMap; no actual Interaction; Available every 2 hrs)


  • Bars (default)
    This Addon disables the special Events (Ghosts/Bears/Knights/Alien) and non of those NPCs are spawning at Bars.
  • Granite Falls
    This Addon turns the Vacation World into a Residential World so you can build a Holiday Home there and buy it!
    Be aware that the “Vacation” Interaction where you really take time of work does not work when you have this Addon installed. It’s connectet to the Vacation World and does not work when the World is turned into residential. Use this Addon on your own risk since it may can cause Problems that are not known yet! One known Issue: At least one Lot (the left one in the front by the Water ) causes Problems. It can happen when you spawn on that Lot that all of the Furniture, Doors, Windows etc will be gone. It only happend to me on this lot but it could happen in the whole World. You have been warned!
  • Hire Lot Owner & Optional Outfit Requirement
    This Addon changes the Filter for specific NPCs you can Hire. Changed the costs to 0$ (default 100$) when you don’t own the Lot. If you are visiting a Custom Bar/Club etc. which is owned by another Household you play and you want the Owner to come and work you can now find them in the Pick List if they have at least the following levels:
    Barista no lvl needed
    Bartender min. lvl 1
    Entertainer (DJ, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Violin, Comedy) min. lvl 5
    MassageTherapist min. lvl 5
    Optional Outfit Requirement:
    This will change the Uniform into the Formal or Everyday Outfit
    Everyday = DJ, Guitar, Comedy, Barista
    Formal = Piano, Organ, Violin, Bartender


  •  So far i could not get the Close/Open Function working on other Venues because it seems to be to deeply coded so here is a Tip to pretend to be closing/opening your Bar etc.:
  • Use my “Force to Leave” Mod to “close” your Business. Then lock the Door! When you visit the Bar etc. the next day all NPC from the day before are gone and new NPCs can not spawn inside your Bar etc.. They are going to come when the door is unlocked or are waiting outside for you to unlock the door!
  • How to become retired Scientist to use all objects on a lab venue:
    1. Type “careers.add_career Scientist” in Command Console
    2. Type “careers.promote Scientist” in Command Console, repeat that until you are lvl 10
    3. Type “careers.remove_career Scientist” in Command Console
    4. Optional type “testingcheats on” in Command Console, right click on you Sim and choose Scientist -> Breakthrough ALL


  •  Installation: Put the Main Mod and the Venue List into your Mod Folder.
  • Deinstallation: Before deinstalling the Mod change all Custom Venues back to normal Venues and sell all owned Venues you bought via this Mod. After that you can delete the Mod Files.


  I can’t find the Menu to buy Venues?!

If you have the
in your Mods Folder, you should find the Menu under the “Household” Menu on every Computer at Home.

If not:
Check if you have Script Mods enabled in your Options.
Check if you find the Menu on another Computer.
Check if you get the Menu when you put all other Mods/CC out of your Mods Folder and just have this one in.
Check if it works if you put the Files directly in the Mod Folder and not into Subfolders.



  • This Mod adds Custom Venues to the Game. Every other Mod that is adding Custom Venues IS NOT compatible. My Venue List includes Zerbu’s Venue List and the Get to College Venue List! If you use one or both of those please delete their Venue List!
  • This mod is based on the retail store xmls from Get to Work as deep as possible without scripting. The functions of the retail store don’t work on other lots than the real retail store
  • All Venues still have their individuell behavier, nothing was changed there
  • Apartments in San Myshuno can not be modified to be buyable as second Homes etc. Unfortunaly those Apartments are no venue types which is necessary to make them buyable. Sorry!
  • If you use this mod, delete the Freelancer Salary Mod pls
  • If you use my Playing Together Mod please be aware that the Playing Together Addon is NOT compatible with this mod. Please delete the Addon before using this one!

Available languages: English (default), German, French, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish

More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 12.12.2017

XML used “More Buyable Venues…”

Venue List:
Bar Addon:
Granite Falls Addon:
00000000000101BF.Granite Falls.RegionDescription
Addon Hire Lot Owner
Optional Outfit Requirement


  • French translation by Mixerced
  • Chinese Translation by wuccwzt
  • Portuguese Translation by guedespoa
  • Spanish Translation by efsamos4


120 thoughts on “More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types

  1. I really want to use this mod but I’m unsure if it will conflict with the go to school mod? I know you mentioned the university one, but I have go to school working and not university right now.

    I would LOVE to use this, university, & go to school! Will it work?

    1. Hi,

      yes, it should work with Go to School V4. I don’t use that Mod but i know some did use MBV & GTS together.

      You just have to use my Venue List & delete Zerbus.

  2. Hey, is it possible to earn money through singing at your lounge or something like that? Like a makeshift singer career?

    1. It is something on my To Do List but not exactly as a Part of Buyable Venues because it should not be bound to own a Lot. More like a Freelancer Career. But i have not 100% planned this out yet and i can’t say when exactly i will work on that since my To Do list is long^^

  3. Hi ! I’m curious about the Granite Falls as residential world addon. Does it work without the main mod ? I have no much use for it, but I’m very interested in having people living in Granite Falls for when my sims goes in that area. To make it some kind of a village where my sims goes from time to time instead of a holiday club with random people from the main residential worlds.

    1. Hi,

      you can use the Granit Falls Addon without the actual More buyable Venues Mod 😉 But be aware that it turns the Vacation World into a normal Residential World.
      Plus i never 100% tested it while actually living in that World. But so far i never had any Issues there.

      1. Downloading now ! 😉 Thank you for your answser, I’ll send you feedback if I find anything wrong.
        By the way, I really like your mod collection and I wanted to tell you that they are part of the few mods that really increase the quality of the game to me. So thanks a lot, and keep up the good work ! 😀

  4. Agradeço muitissimo pelo mod !!!!!!!!!!!! O ADOROOOOOOOOO. Faz a jogabilidade ser mais interessante. Mas no meu jogo não aparece a opção colégio. :(((

    1. Make sure you actually have more Toddlers in your World. Only Toddler who exists are getting spawned. Toddler spawn in a small Timeframe so be sure you are at the Daycare before 8 am. You could also use the More Visitors Lot Trait Mod. There you have a Interaction on Doors where you could “invite” Toddlers over. The “Collect Money” Interaction is available in the Main Menu of Computers/Tablets (just checked in it does work in Daycares that are owned)

  5. Oi LittleMsSam!
    Quando vou editar um lote e vou escolher a opção de torná-lo uma escola a mesma não aparece :(. Todos os outros estão listados e funcionando perfeitamente. De novo obrigada pelo Mod, não consigo mais viver sem ele.

    1. Hi Karen. I’m sorry i don’t understand fully what you mean. Google Translator is not a good help here^^ Do you mean you can’t find Schools in the Build Menu List? Zerbus Schools? If so then you probably need Zerbus V4 School Mod. If that is not the Problem can you try to explain it a bit more?

  6. kkkkkkkk, sei como o google translator é horrível. Agora eu compreendi o problema. Eu tinha pensado que o MOD era integrado com o Ir a Escola de Zerbu. Obrigada pela ajuda!!!! E obrigada pelo MOD!!!!

    1. Ok^^ Yeah just Zerbus Venue List is included in my Venue List. So you still need the Main Go to School Mod. Just make sure to delete Zerbus Venue List! 😉

  7. Hi! Was just wondering, what is the advantage of venues that have no auto employees? Do you get to personally choose the baristas, batenders, etc?

    1. Yes, it is. At least i want to try it out but i don’t know when i will get to that. Too much to do, too less time to do it 😉

  8. Hi! First of all, thank you very much for this awesome mod. ^.^
    I have a question: Would it by chance be possible to combine your mod and the Go to School Mod? I mean, making it possible to buy and lead schools. That way, it would be possible to own a (private) school.
    I unfortunately don’t know much about modding, so it’s just a suggestion.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. I have a question: Would it by chance be possible to combine your mod and the Go to School Mod? I mean, making it possible to buy and lead schools. That way, it would be possible to own a (private) school.

    I don’t know if i will do that anytime soon. But i will keep it in mind to try it out sometime.

  10. Alright found a major issue. I put a house and family in Granite Falls. Sent my Sim to his business Venue. When he returned home after a lot of work the house was empty. Everything including beds and toilets gone. All my unlocked stuff was gone. Now I must move out to one of the other towns. I’m sure you know what this means. I lose the business I bought. I’m not mad. I think it’s a great idea and loves the Granite area because I’m a woods forest type of fella. Besides this, I hope you can make traits that make it to where certain sims will not auto cook nor use pc.

    1. Was it maybe the Lot in the front on the left by the Water? Where the Building with the Green Roof was on? I had the same Problem today but only on this lot and only with bigger Households. I’m not sure if this is a Problem with changing the Vacation World to a Residential World or a general Bug just on this Lot.

  11. I installed and I get the pie menu on the computer. I select the appropriate venue, but then when it takes me to the maps to choose, it won’t allow me to buy the venue that I had changed to the certain ownable lot.

    1. That sounds like you don’t have get to Work installed? The buying Part only works with the EP Get to Work. If you have it installed please try again with only this Mod inside your Mod Folder and no other Mod/CC to see if you have a Mod Conflict going on.

  12. I bought the Stargazer Lounge just fine and I have the entrance fee installed as well. However, I don’t see the option on the computer to collect funds. It’s been way more than 24 hours.

  13. I have the Venues and VenueChange files in the mod_Zerbu_GoToSchoolV4, which one is the Venue list? I am confused, should I delete both or only the Venues? Thank you.

      1. Yeah the “Venue List Mod” should be the one that needs to be replaced with the Venue List from the More Buyable Venues Mod

  14. Hi LittleMsSam,
    I do have a problem, i don’t have on the computer or phone the options “buyable venues”. I have the Get to work expansion, I also tried without any other other mods or CC in the folder. I actually can change the the venue kind, I have all the new venues but I cannot buy them, only the restaurant and retails store. Can you help ?

    1. That sounds like the Interactions are not in your Game. This can happen if you put the Package & Script files to deeply into the Mod Folder. Script Mods like this are only allowed one Folder deep.
      For example all my Script Mods are in my “…/The Sims4/Mods/ScriptMods/” Folder.

      PS: The Interactions are only available on Computers and not on Phones

    1. The hiring is available at Bars for example (of course only if you have the Addon). I changed the Filter so you can find more NPCs in the List and this way “hire” the Owner. They’ll will then be the Bartender etc.

  15. Hi,

    My daycare works fine but I can’t seem to earn any money. I can’t even find any “Collect Money” option on my computer on my home lot.

    Please help 🙁

      1. Yeah, i have not included a way yet so you can collect it at home because i have to find a way to make the “Collect Salary” for each Venue Type only available if you really own a lot like that. But i have an Idea that i will add in the future if it works like i want.

  16. So how does the Daycare actually work? I bought a daycare buildin and set it as a daycare lot and hired an employee. It pretty much look like a Retail system. When I click Open, it said that I need to put up items on sale. Collection of money works but I don’t have toddlers or anybody coming in my daycare. Please halp 🙁

  17. I just wanted to let you know there appears to be something weird going on with the dartboard. My sims kept playing it on their own retail lot and each time it took a bunch of money from them in rapid succession. I had to get rid of it.

      1. Thank you! This mod has completely changed the way I play the game. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with all of the new stuff from Pets!

  18. I am absolutely in LOVE with your Daycare mod. I just played it and it is mind blowing! It feels like a REAL daycare. THANK YOU! I know there is a patch coming up soon in Nov 2017 and I pray it doesnt break your mods! Thank you for keeping them up to date.

      1. Well I will be checking back frequently to make sure i have the most updated mod 🙂

        Also, ran into an issue with the daycare mod. It may just be some other mod or maybe bad CC, I’m not sure, but my sim was on her daycare lot and I had locked my doors to prevent anymore toddlers/sims from entering the daycare as it was closing time. I built a bedroom in a basement for my sim so that she could sleep on the daycare lot and just wake up and start her day all over again.

        Well, I had to stop what I was doing, so I saved my sim game while my sim was still on the daycare lot so I saved my game and I exited sims. Later in the day, I loaded up my sim game, clicked on my sim’s daycare (where my sim still was) to start back playing, however, the daycare wouldn’t load. The plummbob just kept spinning 🙁

        So I exited and tried to go into build mode to edit the daycare, but the daycare still wouldn’t load.

        After further investigation, I have concluded that if I save the daycare while my sim is in the daycare, the lot will not load.

        I have MC Command Center and a an updated Simulation Lag fix mod in my mod folders and a slew of your other mods lol.

        If you have any pointers, please advise, otherwise, I’ll keep digging to see what the issue is. Next, I will take out all my mods except MCCC and your venue mods and see what happens then.

        1. Try loading the Lot without any other Mod even MCCC and see if that works.

          I once had a Problem where i could not load a Custom Lot and always got thrown back into World View. Back then it was a Setting in MCCC but we could never really locate which Setting exactly it was.

        2. Update!, I took out all my other CC except for all of your mods that I have and MCCC and simulation lag fix and my lot loaded up fine. Might be bad CC. Nevermind! Sorry for the long post! Lol I was just devastated when my lot didn’t load

  19. Hi, my sim only watches one child and it only lasts for about 3 hours. When I get there at 8 am, there are toddlers coming but then their parents come and take them away so they never enter and when they do their parents shortly pick them up. Is there is a solution?

  20. Hi, your venue list comes up in the community/my Library tabs but not underneath the actual lot options. I deleted Zerbu’s list and i only have your mod but i can’t change the venue types to the ones your mod offers. Please help? Thank you.

        1. I was just about to message you regarding this that they didn’t show up but I’ll await your update. Thank you for all your hard work and time with all your mods!

  21. So, I have everything installed but when I got to the Household option on the computer, the only options are to buy a cinema, hospital, or a blank option.

    1. You only have these Options?
      Do you have the three necessary Files installed (LittleMsSamMoreBuyableVenues.package, LittleMsSamMoreBuyableVenues.ts4script & LittleMsSamVenuesList.package)?

      The Blank Options can be a Translation Error or a Venue that comes with a DLC which you don’t have maybe. Which language do you have installed and do you have all DLCs?

  22. Hi. I’m having trouble with more buyable venues.
    I have built a bar and my sims has bought it. Everything works, I get money for drinks and PC.
    But I can not get cleaned up! When I press the clean button, my sims only takes one glass at a time. I need to touch each and every empty glass to get cleaned up.
    I have tried to remove all other mods, including MCCC. It did not help.
    I have the latest updates of both your mod and game.

    1. Checked ingame in my own Club. My Sims could clean up the empty glasses without doing it one by one. Are you sure those were really empty?

      1. Pardon. I had forgotten one thing. To delete localthumbcache. It works now.
        Thank you for your great work. That’s what we lack in the game.

  23. The function of going on vacation does not work, the site does not leave on vacation. He says that this world is not apt to go on vacation. Thanks and best regards.
    PD: sorry if the translation is not good is from google

    1. You’ll only get the Hire Maid, Gardener and Handyman Options when you are actively on the Hotel Lot which you own. The Options are on the Phone under the Household Menu.

        1. I did not have it, I put one but it does not give actions, just pick up mail and the cleaning service boy has disappeared

          1. Try what happens if you call a Gardener/Handyman (if you have a Garden or something broken). If you have a Mailbox they should go to Work. It did not work with the Maid because you did not have a Mailbox from the start. The next time you call a Maid they should do their work now that you have a Mailbox.

          1. There is no Nanny Option. The Services within this Mod are only the three Option i mentioned. The ingame Nanny Service is only available on Residential Lots.

  24. Hello, and Hi from Germany 😉 (wo wohnst Du? Ich in Berlin)

    I have a question to all your custom venues. Did you build them on your own, or did you download them? Because I’d like to play with those venues. 🙂

    I found this mod yesterday and I needed to read it multiple times to really understand it, it sounds amazing.
    I want to have a hotel, a gaming center, daycare, a playground… well just like you.
    And I think with your credit card mod, I can give my Sims all those venues.

    I’m looking forward to play all those venues and make a huge amount of money :).

    Thanks for all your mods. Keep up your excellent work.

    1. Hi 😉 Ich wohne in Südniedersachsen 😛

      Die Custom Venues sind Grundstückstypen. Du kannst in der Gallerie zB nach Playground suchen und dann das Grundstück ganz normal runterladen. Im Anschluß einfach im Bau Menü oben Links den Grundstückstyp auf Spielplatz umstellen und schon hast du einen Spielplatz.

      Eine riesige Menge an Kohle wirst du nicht unbedingt verdienen, aber ich verdiene mit meinen zwei Sims die einen eigenen Club haben (eine ist die Mixerin/eine ist die DJin) in ca. 10 Stunden um die 5000$ bis 10000$ durch Eintritt (EntranceFee Lottrait), Drinks & Tips für den DJ.

      1. Hey, vielen Dank für die Antwort, habe mich in der Galerie schon umgesehen und einiges gesaugt.

        In Niedersachsen war ich schon oft, ist ja nicht weit von Berlin. Ist schön da.

        Werde mich jetzt mal an so ein Lot machen, mal sehen, ob mein Erfolg auch lohnenswert ist. 🙂

  25. So, a playground doesn’t bring any money? Not even Entrence Fee?

    I tried a playground and there comes no money, even with the entrence fee trait.

  26. Hey there, I’ve been trying the mod out and it’s very impressive. Excellent work! The mechanics are solid and I haven’t yet encountered any bugs with what you’ve added to the game.

    The return-on-investment for stuff like the gaming center is pretty bad though, and it encourages bad behavior. I concede that the base game’s best moneymaking paths are partially to blame. Solving the whole “painting while just being someplace other than home” problem would be a massive undertaking, because it’s so much a part of the core game.

    Still, though, just to flesh out my criticism, let’s use the gaming center as a model.

    1) Right now, investing more time/money into the venue is a terrible idea. It shouldn’t be, at least not always. As a bare minimum list, I think it makes sense for the gaming center’s income to increase noticeably due to:

    a) more expensive machines,
    b) upgraded machines,
    c) focus decor, and
    d) generic decor.

    To put it mildly, right now your best bet is to spend almost no money at all, and just travel there for ten minutes to collect the daily income. I’m not even sure the arcade machines – the best return-on-investment, by far – present a good reason to stay on the lot (unless you do the whole paint-while-you’re-there thing. Again: that’s a problem with the core game. It’s totally unfair to expect a modder to solve it.)

    2) Obviously, “being your own employee” is the ideal way to force non-rich households to start off with these venues, and the core game’s retail minigames/buffs do compel that to an extent. For this mod, I think it would be acceptable for the starting situation to be “your active sim should really want to stay on the lot for many hours a day.” That means that the “ticks” of income should, at the start, be much more important than the daily income.

    If, however, you invest more time/money into the business, that should change. Indeed, eventually it should make sense to hire employees (and pay them) in exchange for not having to visit the lot at all, and instead collect the daily income from any computer. You could still visit and get all the ticking income – and quite a bit of it, if you’ve got tons of high-end machines – but it should no longer feel necessary. *That’s* when the whole “painting instead” thing makes sense, and no longer feels like an exploit – and, to hammer home that it doesn’t feel like an exploit, you can stay home and paint in your painting studio, rather than cheesing the game by living on your business lot.

    Food for thought. You should be proud of the work you’ve done, but these issues are what I noticed very quickly when exploring a small slice of it.

  27. I can’t get any money. I had a daycare for two full days but how can I earn the money? At the computer is no “get money” under household.

    1. The Collect Salary is not under Household it is in the direct Pie Menu of Computers. You have to be on the Daycare Lot to Collect the Money.

      1. Juchuh, I got it. I didn’t realize to place the computer on the community lot. Stupid me. Thanks for your help, it is so much fun to play with 6 little rugrats at once :).

  28. My sim pays $120 entrance fee to visit a nightclub. Shouldn’t it be $40, or am I reading that wrong?

    I don’t really mind, it’s just not that realistic now – lol.

    1. Yes, as written in the Description of the EntranceFee Mod i changed the Payment interval from hourly to one time and therefore set the Payment itself higher.

  29. Hi! I love your mods! I was really excited to use this for a b&b, but when I was testing it out, all the sims that were checked in just kept repeatedly using the showers and tubs 🙁 If they weren’t checked in and just on the lot then they just hung out.

    1. Alright checked a Hotel ingame. Checked in a few Guests. They were doing Yoga, playing Kicker and went swimming. So far everything looks good. No Shower/Tubs addictive behavior.

  30. Appropriateness Tags: Sleeping, Cleaning, Cooking, Grab Snack, Bartending this option can not find it for apartments, where is it? Thank you

  31. FYI: Checked my mod folder with TS4 Package conflict detector, and it shows that LMS..MoreBuyableVenues.package and LMS..VenueList.package have a conflict. Not sure how this impact the game. I do have an issue with active career when I make the lot Workplace2, but it could be a coincidence.

      1. Yes, that is the only version I ever had. The conflict checker I used is the very last one from scumbumbo.

  32. Hi there, there’s another mod of yours that comes with note saying that it will conflict with this mod/not to use a certain file if I’m using this mod, but I was extracting so many zip folders at the same time that I don’t know which mod it was referring to. Any idea which one it is? Just so I don’t use this and the file in question at the same time.

    1. Hm, Playing Together is one where a Addon is incompatible with this one. I am not sure if there is another one^^

        1. Thanks, it was indeed the Playing Together addon. Just to be sure, the employee lot traits are only for owned businesses right?

          1. The Auto Employee LotTrats has two LTs. One for LotOwner Businesses and one for non owned Lots.
            If you mean the Hire Service Options on Phones then yes, they are just for owned Business Lots.

  33. Hello, Love this mod but when i go to confirm booking for a prison the option doesnt appear can you help me with this it is probably a mistake of my own but id love to know how to sort this problem !

    1. Do you have the LotTrait Prison on the Lot? I checked ingame and in the Pie Menu Rentable Business was the “Confirm Prisoners” Option.

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