More Away Actions & Vampire Fix

More Away Actions & Vampire Fix

This Mod adds new Away Actions to Sims that are left at Home.

More Away Actions

My Sims are working in their Club at Night and when i come Home at 4-5 o’clock in the Morning the Rest of the Family is not only awake, but seem to have not slept at all.

With this Mod i added a “Sleep” Away Action which you can choose for the Sims who are still at Home. The Energy will fill up fast enough so your Sims should have full Energy when you come Home (Unless they did “wake up” shortly before). They will still “wake up” when another motive is down to -75 so they can take care of themself!

Be aware that does not mean that your Sims will actualy be in Bed and asleep when you come home. Unfortunaly that’s not how the Game works. I don’t know if i will ever find a way to make that happen.

More Away Actions Version 2

For those who come home late in the Morning and don’t have much time to take care of all the needs of their Kids etc before they go to school, this Version fills all the other Motives while Sims sleep at home.

New: Added also the possibility for Teens/Children to do Extra Credit!

More Away Actions from Bienchen83

Bienchen83 already made a Mod which also adds more Away Actions. I did not want to miss that in my Game so i asked for her Permission to add her changes in my Mod too. Thankfully she gave me her Permission Thank you to Bienchen83 for the following additions:

Skill Away Actions: Singing, Baking, DJ, Dancing, Pipe Organ, Bowling, Parenting, Climbing and all Toddler Skills.

Plus new Away Action: Do Homework from off lot

New: More Away Actions – Vampire (Fix)

Vampires have all Away Actions (Building Skills, Garden…) including the new ones too!

Download “More Away Action” Version 23.02.2018 | Downloaded 8650 times | 101 KB

More Away Actions & Vampire Fix


29 thoughts on “More Away Actions & Vampire Fix

  1. Love, love, love your mod. This has been one thing that has annoyed me since the beginning. I always felt if I wanted to have a night out with the parents, the kids would be home wasting their precious time.
    One question though, I have a vampire in the family and she doesn’t have these options, I was wondering if its possible to have those options on vampires or if there’s a reason they are not showing up.
    Thanks again and your mods are amazing.

    1. I have the same Problems with Vampires. Those Away Actions seem to be connected to Humans and i have a feeling that somewhere/somehow Vampires are not considert as Humans. So far i could not find a soluation for that but i will keep trying…

      EDIT: Found a way to fix it!

  2. Seems like the mod interferes with the “throwing away” action of trash that remains after repairing an object. Action gets interrupt and Sims are complaining. Can salvage afterwards again though. Could be a neverending resource of upgrade stuff. xD (But the city looks quite dirty after a while)

    1. I tested it ingame and could trow away the Trash without it getting interupted. Maybe another Mod is causing it or a Mod Conflict.

  3. I got a lastException today that I think has to do with this mod because I don’t really have any other that adds new away-actions. But I’m not really sure because as you know the latest updates were a pain and I’m still trying to figure out what mods are broken and not. >_<
    You can read the le here:
    What I was doing: I selected a away action for a child sim when my main was away at her detective job. I had the child socially interacting with another sim first without an issue but when I tried to get the kid to care for self I got the LE.

    I hope you would look it over when you can, if possible ofc. 🙂

  4. This mod makes all small breed dogs puppies and adults disappear when coming to sim lot for adoption. Also made a small breed dog in cas for a family in full edit mode and when was finished and try to exit cas it what stuck on an unless loading screen The large breeds and cats are not a problem. Not sure how it would be affected but it is. I used the one with the Vampire fix

      1. Checked ingame. Added a Boston Terrier via CAS no endless loading screen. Everything was working fine.

        Adopted a Chihuahua also no disappearing Dogs. Everything worked fine.

        Did you check with only this Mod and no other CC/Mod in your Mod Folder?

  5. Yes I did. Since taking it I have had no problem, I also have small breeds showing up at the vet which didn’t before. Strange. Ok

    1. The only thing you could check or do is delete your cache and maybe try repairing your game. Sometimes when patching something messes up. If it still does not work then i’m out of ideas :/

      1. Ok, I’ll try it, I was having a hard time repairing my game in Origin it keep hanging on finalization it might have been what cause the problem. Thanks for your help and you do a great job on all the mods you make my game wouldn’t be as good as it is without them.

        1. I think a few Bugs did come with EAs Changes. Only time will tell what broke in the Game itself after the huge Patch.

  6. The Mod seems to be broken since the last Cats&Dogs Patch/Update. I’ve got a lastException error message:

    File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\away_actions\”, line 178, in _away_action_exit_condition_callback
    File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\away_actions\”, line 189, in reset_to_default_away_action
    File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\away_actions\”, line 172, in create_and_apply_away_action
    File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\away_actions\”, line 58, in _run_current_away_action

      1. I have the same issue, but it happens when I got to work and I choose the option work hard I already checks my mods and this one is the reason why I’m getting LE

        1. Checked two different Sims ingame and choose the work hard Options. No LEs were generated. So i am not really sure if it really is this mod or a general EA Problem. So i can’t really “fix” anything if i can’t reproduce the Problem. If it bothers you too much i suggest taking it out. I will keep an eye on it ingame but so far while playing i never got a LE with teh away actions.

  7. I went with one Sim and one Dog to the Animal Hospital and then i’ve got an error message from the MCC saying there’s something wrong and i should look at the lastException file. I haven’t even used the Away Actions for the other sims who were staying at home, just the default setting (i don’t know how it’s called in the english version, i play the game in german).

    1. Hm, i often go to my Vet and leaving Sims at home without getting LEs. Can you keep an eye on it if it happens all the time and let me know then?!

  8. Hello, just want to inform you that I am also having an issue with this Mod causing endless loading screen when trying to enter households with small breed dogs.

    I can create a household in CAS with a small breed dog, but when I put them in the world and try to play them, I get an endless loading screen. I used Task Manager to quit the game and tried again.

    I can create and play other households with large breed dogs/no dogs, it only affects small breed dogs. I tested adult and puppy, both are affected.

    I did the 50-50 elimination method to figure out which Mod was causing it and found out it’s this Mod. I tried again with only this Mod in my Mods folder and still got the endless loading screen, so it’s not a mod conflict. When I remove this Mod, my game works fine.

    I’m on the latest game patch

    I hope this information can be of some help to you 🙂 Thank you for all your amazing mods!

    1. Hi LittleMsSam, sorry! I just realised there is a newer version of the Mod. I was still using an older one. After updating the Mod, I can play with small breed dogs normally again. Sorry about that, thank you for everything!

  9. Love this mod – it’s incredibly useful for getting my Sims to skill while I’m otherwise occupied. 🙂 Would you please add Archaeology skill to the Away actions?

    1. I will put it on my to do updates List. It may take some days since i am sick and not that much in control of my mind atm^^

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