Mod Conflict with MC Command Center

Mod Conflict with MC Command Center

Lately there seems to be a Mod Conflict with MCCC and some Mods.

I know that it happens with at least two of my Mods:

  • More buyable Venues (could not visit a custom Bar Lot*)
  • Improved Spa Day Tablet

I don’t know how these Mods could Conflict but resetting the “mc_settings.cfg” File might solve the Conflict!

Move the File out of your Mods Folder and check if your Mods work again.

If so then you can try to find the setting that is causing the Problem or reset everything.

Edit: * We could not 100% figure out what exactly happened but next to the find the Setting or reset Settings Solutions the MC Career Module installed also helps preventing the loading Issue in this Case.





10 thoughts on “Mod Conflict with MC Command Center

  1. Wouldnt a better solution than removing mc_settings to find which setting that might be conflicting and turn that setting off in mc_settings? *shrug*

  2. I agree with Gusti. You are doing MCCC users a disservice by telling them to remove their MCCC config file to make 2 of your mods work properly. We on the MCCC Support Discord would sincerely appreciate it if you would retract your “remove settings” statement and post What Setting(s) are being affected instead. It’s unfair to expect players to have to redo their entire settings file just to figure out an error with unrelated to MCCC mods. Feel free to visit our Discord for help figuring out where the issue actually is.
    EG, MCCC Support Discord Admin

    1. Well, i’m not a script expert so i did not know if i could find the setting without having to test every single one of them. Is there a way without having to try one by one?

      ” It’s unfair to expect players to have to redo their entire settings file just to figure out an error with unrelated to MCCC mods.”

      Ok, how is it unfair of me to warn Users that there might be a conflict between MCCC and other Mods? If those Mods work without any other Mods inside the Mod Folder and don’t work with just MCCC as another Mod inside then there is clearly a conflict. And if they work again after resetting the Settings then it is something inside those settings that causes the Conflict. Or is is not?

      I’ve rewritten the post so Users can try to find the Setting or reset everything. It’s up to them.

      1. I agree with LittleMissSims here. My game works perfectly fine with all my mods but as soon as I put MC Command in my gamr it starts to conflict with Wicked Woohoo and I dont know why. Ive actually done the same thing she was assisting before she assisted it. Its not really a disservice, just an opinion from a fellow player.

  3. I’ve had the spa day tablet mod for a while, and never come up with a conflict yet. If someone does get one on that, I’d be happy to try their settings and their version of the spa day tablet (free, notfree, all-in-one, etc), to see if I could find which setting is causing the issue. You can find me on the MCCC discord channel @sabreene

  4. It is a nice rewrite, I will give you that. I still would love to see that mc_settings file. Dont forget that we are always available to help find those issues on MCCC Discord.

  5. I think I know what your issue is with mc command. More buyable Venues (could not visit a custom Bar Lot*) problem is conflicting with mc tuner scripts. He has edited up the pc and many other interactions. He calls them annoying actions that shut down the phone, computer, and many things you use for your mods. How do I know this? Because today I kept having problems in the game. All was smooth till I enabled his tuner mod. Look at annoying actions and objects. Sorry for annoyance.

    1. I don’t have the Tuner Module. In my case it was a Setting that somehow where messing things up. Still don’t know which one cause i’m too lazy to check them all one by one^^

      1. Mc Tuner is new. It turns off things like the phone, tv, stereo etc. It’s like the ultimate non-auto mod for everything all wrapped into one. It is an MC command plugin. I noticed when I removed the tuner your mods worked again. Just wanted to save you the hassle.

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