Miscarriage Chance

Miscarriage Chance

This Mod adds a Chance for a Miscarriage (I’m sorry)

Miscarriage Chance

With this Mod it is possible for pregnant Sims to wake up with Cramps and Pain.

If that happens you need to go to the Hospital with them (via the Phone, you can go alone or with your Signifcant Other)

There is still a small chance that your Sims will come Home and the Baby is ok but mostly they will come back with very Sad News. Both Outcomes will affect the whole Household.

There are 3 Versions of  Miscarriage Chances available. Only install one!

Version 1 – Very Low (Sad Buff in 2 Days and 7 Days available. Only install one)

1st Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 1,5 %
  • Adult 2 %
  • Elder 3,5 %

2nd Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 0,5 %
  • Adult 1 %
  • Elder 2,5 %

3rd Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 0,125 %
  • Adult 0,25 %
  • Elder 1,5 %

Version 2 – Low (Sad Buff in 2 Days and 7 Days available. Only install one)

1st Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 3 %
  • Adult 4 %
  • Elder 7 %

2nd Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 1 %
  • Adult 2 %
  • Elder 5 %

3rd Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 0,25 %
  • Adult 0,5 %
  • Elder 3 %

Version 3 – Middle (Sad Buff in 2 Days and 7 Days available. Only install one)

1st Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 6 %
  • Adult 8 %
  • Elder 14 %

2nd Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 2 %
  • Adult 4 %
  • Elder 10 %

3rd Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 0,5 %
  • Adult 1 %
  • Elder 6 %

Version 4 – High (Sad Buff in 2 Days and 7 Days available. Only install one)

1st Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 9 %
  • Adult 12 %
  • Elder 21 %

2nd Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 3 %
  • Adult 6 %
  • Elder 15 %

3rd Trimester

  • Teen/Young Adult 0,75 %
  • Adult 1,5 %
  • Elder 9 %

Optional Death Chance

With this Addon it is possible for Sims who just had a Miscarriage to die.

Dying Chance (Sad Buff in 2 Days and 7 Days available. Only install one)

  • Teen/Young Adult 1 %
  • Adult 2 %
  • Elder 3 %


Other Information:

  • After a Miscarriage the Miscarriage Chance is blocked for 7 Days (unless you delete all Buffs)
Miscarriage Chance & Optional Death

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 04.10.2017

XML used “Miscarriage Chance”



43 thoughts on “Miscarriage Chance

  1. hey I really like this mod(weird to said that but it adds some realism) from seeing the screenshots the sad buff is 2 days would you maybe consider an 7 day version? I think miscarriage is something that would be more then 2 days

  2. I may add a longer Version. I just have to make sure not to add to many Versions because updating Mods is already a hell lot of work^^

  3. I just want to say that you are AWESOME!! This is a sad topic but I think it adds realism to the game. I’ve been through a miscarriage before and somehow having my Sim experience the same helps me cope.

    **Side note** Do you consider suggestions for different mods?? I’ve been looking for a mod that makes Teen pregnancy reactions for realistic for parents. It drives me crazy when the parents are excited that their teenage is pregnant lol

    1. Hi there and thank you 😉

      Whether i do suggested Mods depends on if i need/would use them in my Game. So far i don’t use Pregnancy for Teens in my Game. So for now i don’t think i will do such a Mod since my To Do List is already way too long^^ Sry

      1. Ok that’s cool. Regarding the miscarriage mod, is it just a random chance that it could happen or if the mom is stressed or uncomfortable does that increase the chances of miscarriage?

        1. Only the Age and Trimester Stage have different chances like written in the description. Since i had to trigger it with a common interaction, adding Moods etc did not make much sense.

  4. I have a question when you say this, “You can “Try for Baby” and can get Pregnant again but you probably have to restart the Game for that to work properly.”, do you mean right after the miscarriage? Would we have to wait 7 days for it to work properly again or is this anytime after the miscarriage because restarting the game every time can be a bugger lol

    Anyway thanks so much for making this Mod! I was debating adding it to my game because I’ve personally been through a miscarriage and it can be touchy, but I do use MC Command for me realistic play in my game and decided to give it a try to add more realism to my game. I really appreciate all you do with your mods! Keep up the wonderful work! and Thanks again 🙂

    1. Hi & thx.

      I mean right after the miscarriage. If you want your Sim to get Pregnant in the same Gaming Session then you would need to reload your Game.

    1. So far the only thing that happens is that the pain won’t go away. I will maybe add a timer some time where in the end the sim goes autonom to the hopsital or maybe dies.

  5. I know someone asked this same question, but I still don’t understand what you mean by restarting the game to make pregnancies work properly.

    If my sim has a miscarriage and waits for the two day buff to disappear, will she be able to have another pregnancy as normal? As someone else said, it would be annoying to have to restart the game any time there’s a miscarriage :/

    1. It means if you want them to get pregnant in the same “Gaming Session” again then you need to restart the Game first. I will try to get rid of all Pregnancy Codes but i’m totally new to scripting so i don’t now how successful i will be. I will try it out the next days.

      1. Thanks, MsSam! I hope you can get it to work. It’s difficult for me to restart my game when I have so much CC on a slow laptop lol

        I love your mods, so I’m hoping I can use this one, too. It would be a great realism addition to my game.

        1. This whole scripting is still a bunch of ???? for me^^ So i recommend to use MC Commands Terminate Pregnancy to clear all rest coding of the Pregnancy if you want to get pregnant in the same Session.

  6. I really love this mod, i find it gives a bit more realism plus it keeps it interesting for ultra-control freaks like me, but uh..

    Has anyone’s SPOUSE died from the miscarriage?

    My female sim woke up cramping, sent her to the hospital, came back, husband totally distraught and sad, next thing I know my young adult pro athlete dies of “overexertion”.

    Now, I’ve always felt that there really needs to be a third emotional death, but well 😀 Not how I had it in mind.

    Has this happened to someone else?

    It’s the only recent Mod I got, so I’m guessing it’s from this or some combination with some other one.

  7. worm:
    Has anyone’s SPOUSE died from the miscarriage?

    So far none of my Sims died but i had a miscarriage once.
    If you use the Death Chance Addon then yes your Sims can die after a miscarriage.

    1. Ah ok, well yes I have the Death Chance Addon, but I expected the pregnant sim who actually physically experienced the miscarriage to die, not the husband. But thanks for clearing it up!

      1. Ah no, only the Sim who had the miscarriage should die not the Partner. Will check later if/why that could happen…

  8. I downloaded the mod and followed the instructions by only downloading one. The mod is not working can someone help please?

    1. If you downloaded and extracted the Package and ts4script Files only one Folder deep inside your Mod Folder the Mod should work fine. Be aware this Mod is a small chance for a pregnant Sims to get a Miscarriage when they wake up. It is not something you visible see ingame all the time. The new Interaction on Phones is only visible if your Sim actual has the Pain/Cramps Buff.

  9. My sim got the notification that she was having the cramping and should go to the hospital, but there’s no option on the phone to go to the hospital. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Did you install the package & ts4script File into your Mod Folder? And only one Folder Deep? That sounds like either the ts4script is not installed or deeper than one Folder.

  10. It doesn’t work, my sim wasn’t wake up cramping. I installed version 4, it has package file and script file I installed them both. I don’t khow why it doesn’t work.

    1. Sims don’t get a Miscarriage every Time they wake up. It is only a small Chance that they may will get the hidden Buff. The % Chances are listed in the description.

  11. doesn’t work for me. My sim had a Miscarriage and after that her first child go older and I changed his cloths in the cas. After that my sim showed the same signs like when she was pregnant again so I saved the game and restarted it and she’s pregnant again.

    1. Did you restart the Game in between Miscarriage and CAS? I guess this has to do with the Coding which i mentioned in the “Important Information”. As long as i don’t know how to script clean every rest of the Pregnancy i suggest after a Miscarriage to “clean” the Sim with MC Command or the Pregnancy Mega Mod.

  12. I am running on the latest Sims 4 patch and using V2 (Low) of the miscarriage chance along with the Low version of the chance to die after delivery and my pregnant sim always wakes up from her sleep with morning sickness. She is carrying twins according to MCCC. I made her go back to sleep and wake up, rinse and repeat, etc. and she would wake up each time with the morning sickness moodlet. Is this normal?

    1. The “Morning Sickness” Buff has nothing to do with this Mod. This Mod gives a “Cramps & Pain” Buff.

      1. I know that. It seems she just had a terrible pregnancy cause she continued to wake up sick meanwhile another pregnant sim woke up fine. Sorry for bothering you, I have never encountered such rough pregnancy before haha. ( I even checked to make sure there wasn’t a mod conflict and yours was the only pregnancy mod I had downloaded)

  13. I had the same issue as mentioned above. My sim had a miscarriage and after a day, she started showing pregnancy symptoms again even though she didn´t have any wohoo in between. I was clearly the actual pregnancy which went on after the miscarriage.
    It was the only miscarriage I had so far so I hope it will not happen again. I do not use MC so that´s no option for me to avoid this bug.

    1. I believe the problem is a part of your loot_miscarriage_reset tuning. You set the pregnancy commodity to minimum instead of removing it.
      If you change the code to


      it should fix the problem. I didn´t try it yet, but I hope the info is still helpful. 🙂

  14. Thanks for this mod, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while!
    Are you working on translations? I could provide a german one if you want. 😉

    Are you also taking “requests” (I guess)? There are two things that could be interesting as some kind of expansion:

    1. There was a mod for “Sims 3” that worked with probabilities for miscarriages. Sims who woohooed while being pregnant, did sports (jogging,… not sure what sports pregnant sims can actually do in “Sims 4”) or didn’t eat/sleep enough had a higher chance of losing their baby/babies and the more they did, the higher the chance got.

    2. Abortion mod: Works similar to yours except that the “go to hospital” option is always available to pregnant sims (maybe restrict it to the 1st/2nd trimester?). The chance for a “miscarriage” would be 100%, of course, but you could basically keep the same popup messages/moodlets. If possible, maybe just add a “fee”.

    1. Hi, German Translation is normally included by default since i’m german too 😉 Unless i forgot it of course^^

      1. I always try to use as less Xml Files as possible to overwrite so all my Mods are compatible together. So far in this i only used one of the wake up files. I may will add later some Files like the Buffs which you get when you are really Hungry or Tired. I don’t know when i will look into that. But i will put it on my To Do List

      2. This is already a Part a Wicked Whims if you have that Mod?

      1. Ah.

        1. I see – looking forward to the buffs then!

        2. I know, the problem is that that’s a big mod that also adds a lot of other stuff that I’m not really interested in. Plus, I’m not sure if it’s even compatible with MC Command Center, since that one also adds a lot and has its own “Woohoo” module. That’s why I’ve been looking for a stand alone mod just for abortion but there doesn’t seem to be one – at least, apart from your “chance” one here.

        1. WW is compatible with MCC but i know WW is not for everyone. I will ask Turbo if he would be ok if i make an Abortion Mod which would be close to his or if he would make his as a sperated Mod instead.

          1. Oh, I didn’t know that. But yes, adding a mod that big for just the abortion option is a bit overkill.
            Thank you very much!

  15. Thank you SO much for this mod, i´ve been waiting for ages! I am trying the high option (bc im playing the history challenge and it adds more realism)
    Again: thank you, this is incredible

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