Longer Sit in High Chair

Longer Sit in High Chair

Toddler will sit longer in High Chairs until they call for someone or someone picks them up autonomously

Longer Sit in High Chair

I know there are already Mods out there which disable the autonomously Interactions where Toddlers get picked up out of High Chairs completely but that’s not what i want in my Game. I want them to be able to call for someone or that their Parents & Co. pick them up without me telling them to but i just want them to do it a little later and not right away.

So this is what i did in this Mod:

When Toddler get put down into the High Chair they usually get a hidden Buff called “buff_Toddler_AutonomyMod_InHighChair” which has a Duration of 90 Minutes. I increased the Duration to 120 Minutes.

I added a new Loot so when Toddlers get the Buff above they will also get the “buff_Sim_Hidden_CheckToddlerCooldown”. I increased the Duration of the Cooldown Buff to 120 Minutes. This prevents Sims to Check on them as long as the Buff is active.

I added the “buff_Toddler_AutonomyMod_InHighChair” as a Blacklist Buff to the following Interactions:

  • socials_Toddler_AskToBe_Picked_Up
  • socialSuperInteraction_CarryPickUp
  • socialSuperInteraction_CarryPickUp_FromSeated

This should prevent those Interactions to happen autonomously.

You can still pick them up manuelly if you want.

After the Duration of 120 Minutes these Buffs will be removed and Toddler can call to get picked up again, or can be checked on again etc.

Download “Longer Sit in High Chair” Version 23.02.2018 | Downloaded 6026 times | 27 KB

XML used “Longer Sit in High Chair”


12 thoughts on “Longer Sit in High Chair

    1. Glad to hear it works like intended. Do you have YT? Would love to see ppl playing with the Daycare^^ I just love Toddler^^

      1. I actually do, but I’m not famous nor do I have followers lol. I planned to upload a few snippets later this evening to showcase your amazing daycare mod! Youtube missmani09

  1. I can’t find any mods on how to remove the autonomous pick up completely, and I really want it. Do you have any links or something?

    1. Try to google for coolspear1 + Naughty Sims. But you have to register there to be able to download anything i think.

      1. Hello, I know it’s a little late but that mod you mentioned doesn’t give me what I wanted… and I’ve been looking everywhere but I can’t find any mod that removes the whole “toddler-summoning-an-adult-after-a-certain-amount-of-time” thingy. I want it gone completely so that I can only let them out manually. Do you know of any other mod that could help me out?

        1. Hm no. The only thing you could try out is either Deaderpool’s MC Commands Tuner Module where you can Tune all Autonomous Behaviour or if you don’t have MC Command the Self-Configurable Autonomy Mod by scumbumbo on MTS. Never used both for this so i don’t know if and how good they will work.

  2. Thank you so very much for this mod. I had asked for a better toddler and highchair interaction on Patreon, and you delivered! Your work is always amazing!

    1. I probably have to rework this a little. I did not have much time to actual play after the Patch but i feel like they changed something which lets Toddler again ask for Adults” more often. But i have to play more to see when and why it is happening.

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