LittleMsSam’s Food Delivery Service

LittleMsSam’s Food Delivery Service

Order more Food than just Pizza…

LittleMsSam’s Food Delivery Service

On MTS the Food Delivery Mod “Food Delivery for your Sims!” by simmythesim has not been updated since Feb 2016. I did not update this Mod because i never used that Mod and it is also a script Mod which is not easily updated (at least for me).

So i made my own Version of such a Mod:

  • With this Mod you have more Options to order Food.
  • You can Order Food as Single, Family or Party Size.
  • If you have my “More Servings Options” Mod, you can also Order all the other Servings Options i added there. (The Plate will look empty when the NPC spawns. It will look right when you put the Food on the Table or when it gets resetted)
  • The Delivery costs 25 $. The total Amount you have to pay for the Food and the Delivery is between 56 $ and 139 $.
  • The Service is available 24hrs the whole Week
  • The Delivery Service NPC will leave right after you took the Food and will not stay to hang out on your couch anymore!

What you need to know:

The original Pizza Delivery Service did just have one Price for all Pizzas. To get it to work (i’m still a complete Script Noob!) with just XML Tuning i had to play a little with Buffs to get different Prices for the Food. I could not get it to work on the Food itself. This means you can technically pay the highest Price for a Single Meal of Pancakes and the lowest for a Party Meal of Tortellini Lobster etc. The Price will be random and is only based on random Buffs your Sims get.

I recommend to let your Sims finish the Order before doing other Interactions. Otherwise it can happen that you have to order again and that could cause higher Costs in the End!


Available languages: English (default), Spanish (by Edespino), French (by Eymiks), Japanese (by Simtelma), Danish (by Sighubert), Portuguese (by Ana Carolina) and German

Download “LittleMsSam’s Food Delivery Service” Version 02.03.2018 | Downloaded 22151 times | 32 KB

XML used “LittleMsSam’s Food Delivery Service”


43 thoughts on “LittleMsSam’s Food Delivery Service

      1. It’s about my Sims get to skip the dishes

        I don’t get what you mean?

        Also, a bug I am having is the delivery sims don’t have their outfit, instead it is the invisible outfit

        The Outfit is the Base Game Fast Food Outfit which should work for all. Was the NPC a Teen or older? Anyone else having this Problem?

        1. She was a regular adult.

          as for Skipthedishes. A food delivery app with more choices as the cost of delivery surcharges. So if you want sushi delivered to your house it has you covered

  1. She was a regular adult.
    as for Skipthedishes. A food delivery app with more choices as the cost of delivery surcharges. So if you want sushi delivered to your house it has you covered

    I will check later if the Outfit is not enabled for Adults. In my Game it works fine with Young Adults at least.

    Do you mean you want serveral Food Options for only 25$ for example instead off different costs for each Delivery?

  2. Skip The Dishes is real life delivery app. That was what I was referring to.

    Ahhhh, and i thought there’s a Bug in my Mod where Sims Skip the Dishes or so xD

  3. I am really confused on what I need to be downloading. Do I just need to download your mod only or do I have to download both your mod and the non-updated script mod?

  4. Hi, would you consider supporting “plasma pack delivery”?
    1. Player order it from their phone.
    2. Deliverman Deliver 10 pack per week to mailbox. (automatic)
    3. Household player(who is a vampire) automatically pick up and add it to the inventory.

    — or —

    1. Player order it from their phone.
    (repeat 2 and 3 each week, until there is no money to pay OR there are no vampires OR player cancelled from phone)
    2. The mod scan orderedPlayerHouseHold().IsVampire().
    3. If there is 1+ vampire in household, add 10 pack to his/her inventory.
    4. Deduct money from household money.

    1. Unfortunately i don’t think i will do something like that. My TO Do List is already way too long so i only do Mods that i really need in my Game. But maybe another Modder sees this and is willing to do it?!

    1. ? I don’t have any Problems like this ingame.
      I can order the Food and still can Cook everything normally myself. So no Bug needs to be fixed.

      1. I can cook and order but I can’t cook or see the custom food. And the other custom food mod you mentioned to download.

  5. Must be a bug. Can’t see or cook any of the custom food. I also downloaded the “More Serving Option” mod.

    1. Same answer as above. There is no Bug. I also use More Servings (and many other Mods) and everything works fine.

  6. The mod works just fine thanks, just a fine tuning i think, because after the delivery the boy stands by the door indefinitely ja ja, right now I have 3 delivery boys standing by the door doing nothing.

  7. Hi. I was trying to translate some of your mods (to spanish) but my S4studio just don’t want to open the delivery one. I don’t know why, like, I import the package file and the program just stops working.

    1. Hi there, i downloaded the File and did open it with Sims4Studio without problems. Maybe if you redownload it, it will work?!

  8. Hi! Is there a way your Food Delivery Mod could show the prices of the food before we ordered it? It’s not very nice discovering how much we’re gonna pay only when the food arrives. Thanks!

    1. Unfortunaley no. The Prices are not based on the actual Food Prices. It is based on the Pizza Delivery where Pizza would always cost 25$. To make a more dynamic Price System i added multiplier in the Take Food Interaction. But these show up when the Food already gets delivered.

  9. Hey I just tried this mod and sadly it’s not working. My sim was able to call in for the food and the delivery person had came but my sim wasn’t allowed to get to get the food from the sim.

  10. I love this! Thank you so much! I have a small suggestion…Can you make it so the food is delivered in a brown paper bag like the sack lunches?

    1. So far i don’t have that on my List to do. Maybe if i have some more time i would try it out but i can’t promise anything yet.

  11. I’m hoping it’ll work better than the current delivery system. My sim has to wait years to actually get the pizza smh

    1. I don’t know if it will help you with that Issue. The ususal Arraival Time takes up to 1 hrs and so far that works fine in my Game. How long do you have to wait?

  12. Sadly this mod has never worked for me. I’ve downloaded it several times and it just doesn’t work. Could it be there is a pack or something i don’t have it requires? I know it says is basegame, but some thing i ordered are basegame and never delivered but have been charged for. I get a notification that it will be at the house soon but i never receive the food. The only food i believe i ordered was a pizza that had arrived but any other food, never.

    1. If you got charged right in the Beginning than there is something wrong. With this Mod you don’t get charged upfront. You have to pay the moment you take the Food from the Delivery Sim.

      You don’t need any Pack for this to work. All the recipes you don’t have (from other Packs) should not show up in the List.

      Did you check what happens if you only have this Mod inside the Mod Folder and no other Mod/CC?

      1. I haven’t tried using it without any other mod, i will try it alone see if it may be another one.

  13. Hi and thanks for ALL of your hard work with these mods!!! You are A-mazing! Mods make the game soooo much more fun.

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