Latest Updates and Mods

Latest Updates and Mods

Due to the new upcoming EU privacy policy law i will disable some functions on my site at the End of April:

  • Newsletter
  • Comments

From then on Support will only be available via Contact Form, Patreon Comments or preferable Discord.

For those of you who recieved the Newsletter: you can use the “follow” Function via Patreon to get Notifications when a new Mods get published or join my Discord where i announce new Mods.

Unfortunaley it got to my attention that my Mods are downloaded, translatet, renamed (no credit at all anywhere!) and uploaded behind adfly links. If you want to translate my Mods feel free to do so for personal use only or send me your Translation via Email. Please DO NOT download my Mods and upload them somewhere else! If you want Modders to continue Modding be respectful to their work!