Latest Updates and Mods

NewMiscarriage ChanceThis Mod adds a Chance for a Miscarriage (I’m sorry)2017/08/18
FixedAutonomous GardeningHad to fix an Issue where Sims without the PlantLover Trait were still Gardening. If they still do it let me know!2017/08/18
NewSleep InThis Mod lets your Children/Teens sleep in on weekends and on School Holidays2017/08/15
UpdateSchool HolidaysUpdated Mod to work better with the Sleep In Mod2017/08/15
NewParenting Skill for Teens & moreThis Mod unlocks the Parenting Skill for Teens & more (Parenthood GP)2017/08/14
UpdateAutonomous GardeningFixed an Issue where the Plant Lover Trait was missing in the Red & Yellow Version. Sorry!2017/08/13
NewVampire Power "Be able to eat Human Food"This adds a new Vampire Power “Be able to eat Human Food” to the Game2017/08/13
UpdateNo/Less Autonomous Picker (Dollhouse, TV, Dance)Added 24h Versions for each Picker Interaction2017/08/13
NewMaid & Gardener ServiceA small Mod where Maids and Gardener work on Weekends too2017/08/13
NewWatch Movie and Be Quiet please When Sims watch a Movie they like to Talk a lot, this Mod tries to prevent that2017/08/12
UpdateAsk to Cook/Bake/Grill! (including Cupcakes and Experimental Food)Added "Ask to mix Drink" to Bars. Added optional Addon "Put Away Fix" for Maids & Butler2017/08/12
UpdateAutonomous GardeningAdded more Versions (Time Frame & Plant Lover Trait Only)2017/08/11
NewTemporary Earbuds & Sleeping FixA Fix where Sims could not sleep when Earbuds are “on” (Fitness Stuff Pack)2017/08/11
UpdateMore Servings Options & Better MealTime MenusAdded a Version where Get To Work is not needed (no Cakes etc where moved to the Baking Menu)2017/08/11
New Buy Comfortable Cushions (Energy/Comfort on Sofas & Co.) This Mod adds an Interaction to Sofas which lets you buy Comfortable Cushions2017/08/06
UpdateMarketstalls | Toddler can Order & More Food OptionsToddlers can now Order on OpenStreets too2017/08/06
NewVisit Friends & Family This Mod lets your Sims visit Friends or Family Members while you stay at Home!2017/08/01
UpdatePreferences | Custom Lot TraitAdded "Body & Soul" Preferences, Fixed Text Issue2017/07/30
UpdateEarbuds | Listen to Music is FunAdded 5 missing Stereo Cannels. Now every Channel should fill the Fun Motive2017/07/29
UpdatePregnancy OverhaulAdded pool swim to the "First and second Trimester can do more" Part2017/07/28
UpdateMore Servings Options & Better MealTime MenusAdded Culturalfood (City Living) to Better Mealtime Lunch and Dinner Menu2017/07/28
UpdatePregnancy OverhaulSplitted the Mod, so you can choose which Parts you want or you can use the All In One Version2017/07/26
NewPregnancy Overhaul This Mod changes a few Parts of Sims Pregnancy (Size of Belly, Walkstyle and more)2017/07/25
NewToddler Ask for Food | No Junk FoodThis Mod changes the Food that Sims will give Toddlers when they ask for Food.2017/07/22
NewSchool HolidaysThis Mod adds School Holidays for Kids & Teens.2017/07/20
UpdateSlower WritingUpdate for latest Patch
UpdateNo Autonomous Picker DollhouseUpdate for latest Patch
NewSchoolproject is Fun (for some ;))This Mod adds Fun to the Schoolproject (Parenthood GP!)2017/07/16