Improved Spa Day Tablet

Improved Spa Day Tablet

This tuning Mods adds new Interactions & Drink Options to the Spa Day Tablet.

More Drink Options


There are two Versions. One with Crafting Costs and one without Costs (for Lot Owners). Only install one Version!

Coffee/Espresso (Only five Big Cups, Small Cups = six )
Coffee (Basegame)
CafeLatte (Get Together EP2)
Macchiato (Get Together EP2)
Mocha (Get Together EP2)
PerfectPreworkShot (Get Together EP2)
Americano (Get Together EP2)
Expresso (Get Together EP2)
Cappuccino (Get Together EP2)

Serve Drinks
Protainshake (Basegame)
SparklingWater (Basegame)
Water (Basegame)
Milk (Basegame)
Orangejuice (Basegame)
FizzyDrink (Spa Day)
CitrusFizz (Backyard Stuff SP8)
Lemonade (Backyard Stuff SP8)
IceTea (Backyard Stuff SP8)

Serve Tea (Only five Big Cups)
Back (Basegame)
Chamomile (Basegame)
EarlGrey (Basegame)
Ginseng (Basegame)
Green (Basegame)
LemonHoneyGinger (Spa Day GP2)
YerbaMate (Junge A. GP6)

Serve Liquor
Amygdelight (Basegame)
BoilerRoom (Basegame)
Bridgeport (Basegame)
BuffaloWing (Basegame)
CupidJuice (Basegame)
DarkAndStormy (Basegame)
FlamingDrSalt (Basegame)
GrannySmash (Basegame)
HotAndSmoky (Basegame)
Metropolitan (Basegame)
MumAndCola (Basegame)
ProseAndPop (Basegame)
PuckerPunch (Basegame)
Purgatory (Basegame)
SaltyLlama (Basegame)
ScootsAndSoda (Basegame)
SeaOfFire (Basegame)
SeaSplash (Basegame)
SilentFilm (Basegame)
SunsetValley (Basegame)
TartAndTonic (Basegame)
Vigorator (Basegame)
Wrench (Basegame)
ZebraFizz (Basegame)
Wutaheftabir (Get Together EP2)
RootbeerFloat (Get Together EP2)
EAPA (Get Together EP2)
CreamCola (Get Together EP2)
SoftShadowAvornalino (Dine Out GP3)
GraniteFallsGrappoBlanco (Dine Out GP3)
VonHauntEstateMeloire (Dine Out GP3)
MonteVistaReserveRenoit (Dine Out GP3)
HouseWhite (Dine Out GP3)
HouseRed (Dine Out GP3)
RiverblossomCranerletNuala (Dine Out GP3)
VampireSunlightReversalCocktail (Vampire GP4)
VampireResistanceCocktail (Vampire GP4)
PlasmaJane (Vampire GP4)
FuturisticPunch (Luxury Party SP1)
FruitPunch (Luxury Party SP1)
Cider (Luxury Party SP1)
PartyExtender (Luxury Party SP1)
McDillian (Vintage Glamour SP9)
OldYorkfield (Vintage Glamour SP9)
Simadder (Vintage Glamour SP9)
Bacciform (Vintage Glamour SP9)
BlackFern (Vintage Glamour SP9)
Horchata (Junge A. GP6)
EspumaAgria (Junge A. GP6)

New Interactions

Invite for a Drink – Call up to six Sims over to grab a Drink

Grab a Drink together – Call up to five Sims over to grab a Drink together

Empty Tablet – Let’s you quickly clean the Tablet

All Interactions are compatible to work with Basemental’s Drunk System. If you use the Basemental Drugs Mod your Sims will now get Drunk when drinking alcoholic Drinks.

Available languages: English (default), German, Polish and Spanish

Polish Translation by Pawlq
Spanish Translation by efsamos4

Download “Improved Spa Day Tablet” Version 08.03.2018 | Downloaded 9758 times | 485 KB

XML used “Improved Spa Day Tablet”


31 thoughts on “Improved Spa Day Tablet

  1. I gotta say I stopped use bar at home because of this lol you changed putting party into sth nice and easy, all guests can grab drinks no waiting for bartender to made some Thank You

  2. I love this tray! I have a suggestion/question:

    Would it be possible to have a “put away” option into the fridge? Sometimes, there are quite a few drinks left over and the only options are to throw them away, let them, spoil, or manually put each in the fridge or inventory. Would be cool if we could put all away at the same time.

  3. This is very helpful whenever I do house parties. I don’t need to make my sim make seperate drinks every now and then. I loooove it!

  4. I absolutely love this mod and the update killed it! Any chance it’s going to be updated soon? Thank you so much!

    1. 90% of my Mods needed an Update. As written on the Frontpage and on the Site all Updates were Pre Uploaded on Patreon for downloading for free for all. I will upload them here today.

  5. If I place this awesome tray with the costs on an owned lot do I get the money?

    For example, I want my sim to buy a pool. Instead of tending a bar, would it be working with this tray to get the income off those drinks?

  6. I dunno how it is related to 2nd tablet with lemonade (I dunno if it’s from Cool Kitchen Stuff or Romantic Garden cuz I had both packsa at once lately) anyway when I wanna share drinks with other sims they’re reacting like “eww no fresh drinks out there” just since I have that 2nd tablet in game too

    1. It is an EA Bug after the Patch which happens to both Trays! It is fixed in my Mod but i also added an extra Fix for the Backyard Tablet which is inside the Download of this Mod!

  7. Hi! Very inspiring and awesome mods MsSam <3
    I added the all in one free package file … What is the 'backyardTrayFix.package'?
    Do I need that one as well?
    "May you live long and mod much." 😉

      1. If you don’t have the Backyard Stuff Pack you don’t need the Fix. It’s just optional for those who have it and who have the Bug that they can’t drink from the Tray.

  8. I removed al of mine mods and only placed this one inside me mods folder but still the same the interaction does show up and you are abe to perform theme but the text is blank

    1. Ok, i checked the Stringtables and english is included and has all text strings so this should not be the Problem. I will ask in Discord if someone else is having this problem so we know if it is the mod itself or something else messing here.

    2. Ok, someone else with an english version checked it and the stringtables are visible. Try redownloading and delete your cache.

  9. Do you think you could make this mod compatible with Basemental’s alcohol mod? I love this mod cause of how you can serve drinks in tiny apartments without a bar, but the drinks sadly don’t provide the same tipsy, drunk, and hungover buffs that the rest of the drinks in the game do with Basemental’s mod.

    1. Updated the Mod to make it compatible as long as Base does not change his Drunk System 😉

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