Important Info

Important Info

Due to the new upcoming privacy policy law i will disable some functions on my site at the End of April:

From then on Support will only be available via Contact Form, Patreon Comments or Discord.

For those of you who recieved the Newsletter: you can use the “follow” Function via Patreon to get Notifications when a new Mods get published or join my Discord where i announce new Mods.

Comment Section Rules

Rule No 1: Every disrespectful Behaviour will get one Warning only. If the Behaviour does continue i will ignore/ban you.

Unfortunaley because of the Behaviour of some People the last weeks i have to announce this new Rule regarding the Comments Section.

Always remember i am one person only. I mod and support my mods in my limited free time. I don’t want and i don’t have to keep myself treated disrespectful by some Members of this Communtiy.

If you want/need help i will give my best to help you but always be/stay respectful!

Thank you to everyone who was always respectful and patient!


11 thoughts on “Important Info

  1. Hi Littlemssam, your creations are very cool, I want ask you if you can create a mod that allow toddlers using the children’s drawing table. Is it possible??
    I’m waiting for your reply

    Many thanks

    Santori Michela

  2. Im so sorry you have gotten any disrespect on ur page you have accomplished so much and your are not charging lie alot of people, your site is clear and easy to understand, and you keep it updated. thank you for making me and thousands of other players games playable ur amazing keep up the work

  3. Hey, just wanted to say I appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in. I am quite careful putting mods into my game and I feel like I can always trust all your mods. How well you keep updating and so fast.

    thank you

  4. Hi! Sorry that you have been experiencing this. Please know that there are many more individuals that love and appreciate all of the work that you do! I cannot imagine playing without some of your mods. THANK YOU!!

  5. Hey, I have a question about your Bowling Rounds options mod… well, all mods technically. How do I add them into my game? Sorry… I’m a noob. Do I have to unzip it, or do I keep it zipped? Thanks!

    1. Unzip them and put the Package (and maybe ts4script if they have those) into your Mods Folder. If you look under FAQ there is also a small Tutorial on how to install Mods.

  6. I am trying to purchase a daycare with this mod… I have made my daycare and set the lot type to “daycare”… but when I use my sim to try and buy the daycare, the option “buyable venues” does not show up. How can I buy the daycare and start using it???

    1. 1) Wrong Comment Section 😉 2) can you see the Pie Menu LittleMsSam’s Buybale Venues under Household?

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