Important Info

Due to the new upcoming privacy policy law i will disable some functions on my site at the End of April:

From then on Support will only be available via Contact Form, Patreon Comments or Discord.

For those of you who recieved the Newsletter: you can use the “follow” Function via Patreon to get Notifications when a new Mods get published or join my Discord where i announce new Mods.

Comment Section Rules

Rule No 1: Every disrespectful Behaviour will get one Warning only. If the Behaviour does continue i will ignore/ban you.

Unfortunaley because of the Behaviour of some People the last weeks i have to announce this new Rule regarding the Comments Section.

Always remember i am one person only. I mod and support my mods in my limited free time. I don’t want and i don’t have to keep myself treated disrespectful by some Members of this Communtiy.

If you want/need help i will give my best to help you but always be/stay respectful!

Thank you to everyone who was always respectful and patient!