Housewarming Party (instead of Welcome Wagon)

Housewarming Party (instead of Welcome Wagon)

This little tuning Mod turns the Welcome Wagon into a Housewarming Party.

>>> Housewarming Party <<<

Now instead of Neighbors your Friends are coming over for a little Housewarming Party.

~ 8 Friends instead of 2 Neighbors will come over to celebrate a Housewarming Party with you.

Instead of a Fruitcake they will bring tasty Chocolate Cupcakes with them. (Look out for the Cupcakes they like to just put them down on the sidewalk ;P)

The Duration will be 4 hrs instead of 5 hrs.

To prevent the Housewarming Party to start again daily i had to add a custom Buff. This custom Buff is hidden and has a duration of 360000 min (250 Days).
The Buff gets removed when your Sims move out via Computer or Phone and into a new Neighborhood. Or if you remove all buffs via Cheat or MCCC.
I did test this for a whole week without the Housewarming Party appearing again.

This will probably not work with new Savegames or when your Sims have no Friends at all!

There are two Versions inside the ZIP File. One where Friends come (see above) and one where 8 Neighbors with Cupcakes come. Only Install one Version!

Available languages: English (default), Polish, French, Japanese, Danish and German

French Translation by cinthila
Polish Translation by Pawlq
Danish Translation by Sighubert
Japanese Translation by Simtelma
XML used “Housewarming Party”


9 thoughts on “Housewarming Party (instead of Welcome Wagon)

  1. I have just discovered your mods (I haven’t played Sims 4 since May 2015 and am now just getting back to playing). I find all of them a nice addition to my game.

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Possible to make another flavor whereas Instead of friends coming (if sim is brand new to neighborhood, they have no friends) more than two neighbors come and they also bring cupcakes instead of fruitcake?

    1. I’m currently on a fine tuning trip for most of my mods maybe i will do this to and add a version with neighbors then. But you’ll be able to only use one Version at a time.

    1. You are right. This Mod actually had a Blacklist Buff but it was a victim of one of the Big Patches as it seems. Will fix this… Hm i check the Files and the blacklist is still in there not sure if i really deleted something or EA changed something!? But i guess from your experience that they do start daily again?

      1. Should I wait to download this? I had used it but pulled out all mods after JA/last patch and am slowly putting back in. It isn’t as much fun to play without your mods.

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