Hired Employees earn Money (Vet, Retail, Restaurant)

Hired Employees earn Money (Vet, Retail, Restaurant)

Hired Employees (Vet, Retail, Restaurant) earn Money

Hired Employees earn Money

I like to play one Main Household who hires moved out Family Members or Friends as Vets, Hosts, Waiters, Chefs or Retail Employees. Unfortunaley after a hard Day at work those hired Employees don’t earn any Money.

Now they do.

What Employees will earn:

  • Vet 2.000$ – 2.500$
  • Retail Employee 1.000$ – 1.500$
  • Host 1.250$ – 1.750$
  • Waiter 750$ – 1.250$
  • Chef 1.750$ – 2.250$


Download “Hired Employees earn Money” | Downloaded 2500 times | 6 KB

10 thoughts on “Hired Employees earn Money (Vet, Retail, Restaurant)

  1. Great!!! However I think those earnings a day are too much, relative to career daily earning and job type. Also, does it mean that your main household has to pay $1,250 for the hired waiter?

    1. I made it this high because i don’t open my Business Daily. No your Household will not pay it. The Owner will only “pay” the normal Wages.

  2. I was always in need to pay more (or even have some option to give them special “tips”) great idea for mod

  3. How do we know if the hired employees are gettin paid ? & what happens if we travel to the store as the hired employee. ?

    1. The only way for you to check if the NPC gets their Money is via ShowSimInfo (a Mod on MTS) for example. Or you could check their Household Money in the Household Menu before and after work maybe. If you are the hired Employee you should get the Money Loot (sometimes takes a few Minutes until it happens)

      1. This may sound dumb… money loot? 🙂 I went as my hired employee & as the owner . Neither showed any money changes. Should I take the mod out sub folder?

        1. Money Loot is what it is called in the coding. It works like this (as a Lot Owner it only works with Retail/Restaurants): the Sim spawns on the Lot. As a hired Employee he/she gets all the Buffs normal Employees get. With one of these Buffs i added a new Buff. This Buff has a Loot on Addition which gives the Sim Money and adds a commodity so your Sim is not allowed to get another Money Loot within 12 Sim hrs.

          If your Sim does not get the Buff then something does not work right.

          Since it is a script Mod it is only allowed one Folder deep.

  4. Can you explain to me how to make this work exactly please?? Also the apartment rental mod that you have as well?? I want my Sim to work as the Receptionist and I don’t know what to do. Thanks.

    1. This Mod gives hired Employees when they spawn a hidden Buff which gives them a Money Loot. You will not see anything unless you yourself are the Employee (only Retail, Restaurant, Vet). You can only check if it works right by checking their Household Funds before and after work.

      If you mean the Rentable Business Venue of the More Buyable Venues Mod then you need to buy such a Rentable Business Venue via the Computer -> Household -> LittleMsSam’s Buyable Venues. You also need to give the Venue the Apartment Lot Trait. After this when you are on the Lot you’ll fin a new Pie Menu on Computers “Rentable Business” where you find all the Interactions listed in the Description of the More Buyable Venues Mod.

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