Hire Family Members at Restaurants

This tuning Mods lets you hire Family Members at owned Restaurants.

Dine Out needed!

How to use this Mod

You have to have at least a 2 Member Household!

Just use the File for the Job you want to hire a Family Member for.

Buy a Restaurant. After your Sim did spawn there hire the Family Member which has to be at home as a Chef, Host or Waiter.

Requirements for Sims to be listed:

The Sims you want to hire/rehire need to be at home.

Chef: No Ghost, Must have Homezone, min Age Young Adult, Household must have been played, No Career, No EventNPC, No Alien trait, No CriminalNPC. Min. lvl 1 in Cooking/Gourment Cooking & Bartending.

Host: No Ghost, Must have Homezone, min Age Young Adult, Household must have been played, No Career, No EventNPC, No Alien trait, No CriminalNPC.

Waiter: No Ghost, Must have Homezone, min Age Young Adult, Household must have been played, No Career, No EventNPC, No Alien trait, No CriminalNPC, No Childish an No Evil Trait.

Use the Normal Version or the Version which includes No Wages. Not Both!

You can even ran a Family Business only

Hire the first Family Member then let them spawn at your Restaurant. Send the other Member home and hire them then as a Host or Waiter.

What you also need to know

  • Your hired Sims will work like every other hired NPCs!
  • If you take control of your hired Sim to let them use the toilet or whatever, they’ll go back to work after but it will cause a lastException.txt because you are interrupting their job, so be aware of that!
  • These jobs are now visible in the Career Overview when you are searching for a Job via Phone or whatever. Don’t choose those Jobs this Way. Your Sim needs to be hired by the Restaurant Owner to work properly.
  • When you visit the Restaurant with another Household the hired Sims (Lot Owner etc) will work there but the Game adds possibly more random NPCs. It may happen that these are still “hired” when you are playing the Restaurant Owners again. You have to fire them to get rid of them. (Happend to me with a chef once)

Read the Read me inside the File before Installing!!!

Hire Family Members at Restaurants

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

Latest Version: 01.06.2017

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8 thoughts on “Hire Family Members at Restaurants

    • Please read the F.A.Q. first.

      If that does not help then i need more information than “does not work”.

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the mod, I am having a bit of an issue though. For some reason the Chef part isn’t working. I get to select my sim and I get the notification that they are hired for Chef, but when I open the business my other sim (Host) appear but not the Chef. Instead I get an NPC chef that spawns, but when I check employee management, it says my sim is the Chef. I tried opening with different sims, but same results. I tried when the sim isn’t in the restaurant and when he is, but it doesn’t work. I also can’t fire the NPC chef no matter how many times I fire him. I tried hiring my other sim instead, but same issue. I fired my sim, rehired him, reset him, nothing. I also removed all other mods and CC, so the only two things I had in my mods folder was the Chef and Host mods, and same issue. For right now I will be removing the chef part of the mod, but I am keeping the host, since it is working.

    • Just tested ingame. It worked with Members of the Active Family as well as other played Household Members. I could hire them and they showed up when i did open the Restaurant.

      It does not work if your Sims doesn’t fullfill the Requirements of min. lvl 1 in Cooking/Gourment Cooking & Bartending. They are hireable but the Game can not spawn them and replaces them with unimportant NPCs.

  2. Hi, I am having the exact same issue with the Chef part as Lunaimes. Tried everything several times and nothing seems to help.

    • Same Answer as above.

      The only thing i can offer is to take a look into your save.

      For that you need to upload the Savegame somewhere, send me a Link and the Infos which Family owns the Restaurant and who should be hired as Chef.

  3. Hello LittleMsSam,

    Thank you for your game mod, it is a terrific one!
    I have the following issue, my family has 3 adult members, I managed to hire 2 of the members as chef and host however as the default NPCs are no longer visible I’m not able to select another Sims for the other positions in my restaurant and this way I cannot open the restaurant.

    Jenny Stefanova

    • If you only want to have Family Members as Chefs/Hosts you can only install the Files for those Jobs.
      You should be able to hire NPC Waiters if you don’t use the Waiter Part of this Mod.

      With the Way EA handels hiring in Restaurants there is no other way for me to make this Mod happen. Unfortunately i cannot mix Family Members/NPCs as being hireable.

      If you want a Family Member and a NPC as Chefs for example you should make the NPC a “Played Household”.

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