Hire certain Sims (incl. Family Members) at Restaurants

Hire certain Sims (incl. Family Members) at Restaurants

This tuning Mods lets you certain at owned Restaurants.

Dine Out needed!

How to use this Mod

Give Sims you want to show up in the Hire Host, Chef, Waiter Menu a certain Trait (Testingcheats must be enabled):

  • traits.equip_trait HireChef
  • traits.equip_trait HireWaiter
  • traits.equip_trait HireHost

To remove the Traits “traits.remove_trait HireChef”…

The Hire Menu will most likley show those Sims with Traits but sometimes you have to refresh the Hire Menu.

You have to have at least a 2 Member Household if you want to hire Family Members. Buy a Restaurant. After your Sim did spawn there hire the Family Member which has to be at home as a Chef, Host or Waiter. Then let them spawn on the Lot and send the first Sim home to hire her/him too.

Requirements for Sims to be listed:

The Sims you want to hire/rehire need to be at home.

Chef: No Ghost, Must have Homezone, min Age Young Adult, Household must have been played, No Career, No EventNPC, No Alien trait, No CriminalNPC. Min. lvl 5 in Cooking and min. lvl 1 in Gourment Cooking & Bartending.

Host: No Ghost, Must have Homezone, min Age Young Adult, Household must have been played, No Career, No EventNPC, No Alien trait, No CriminalNPC.

Waiter: No Ghost, Must have Homezone, min Age Young Adult, Household must have been played, No Career, No EventNPC, No Alien trait, No CriminalNPC, No Childish an No Evil Trait.

Use the Normal Version or the Version which includes No Wages. Not Both!


What you also need to know

  • Your hired Sims from your own Household will work like every other hired NPCs!
  • If you take control of your hired Sim to let them use the toilet or whatever, they’ll go back to work after but it will cause a lastException.txt because you are interrupting their job, so be aware of that!
  • These jobs are now visible in the Career Overview when you are searching for a Job via Phone or whatever. Don’t choose those Jobs this Way. Your Sim needs to be hired by the Restaurant Owner to work properly.
  • When you visit the Restaurant with another Household the hired Sims (Lot Owner etc) will work there but the Game adds possibly more random NPCs. It may happen that these are still “hired” when you are playing the Restaurant Owners again. You have to fire them to get rid of them. (Happend to me with a chef once)


Adding/Removing Traits Addon

With the help of this Addon you can add/remove the three Traits with just a few Clicks. You’ll find a new Pie Menu on PCs “Restaurant Employees” there you can add/remove Traits.

This will also help you if the Game added to many Traits to other Sims (happens when you open the Hire Window) and prevents your ceratin Sim to show up. Remove all the Traits from NPCs you don’t want to hire and add to those you want to hire. now they should again be on the List again.


Download “Hire certain Sims (incl. Family Members) at Restaurants” Version 20.03.2018 | Downloaded 13026 times | 159 KB

XML used “Hire Family Members at Restaurants”

No Wages:
All above plus

105 thoughts on “Hire certain Sims (incl. Family Members) at Restaurants

    1. Please read the F.A.Q. first.

      If that does not help then i need more information than “does not work”.

    2. Excuse me… After adding tge mod… I cant hire or manage my Employees… When clicking tge hure employees… The tgere is no content… Only white..

      1. I’m having the same issue.
        installed the “all in one” package with wages disabled all mods to see if they were clashing and still encountered the problem.

        I have a screenshot if required.

        1. No need. All my Mods are updated for the latest Patch Almost all Mods that have been updated for the Cats & Dogs Patch will not work with older Game Versions because EA changed too much within all Tuning Files etc.

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the mod, I am having a bit of an issue though. For some reason the Chef part isn’t working. I get to select my sim and I get the notification that they are hired for Chef, but when I open the business my other sim (Host) appear but not the Chef. Instead I get an NPC chef that spawns, but when I check employee management, it says my sim is the Chef. I tried opening with different sims, but same results. I tried when the sim isn’t in the restaurant and when he is, but it doesn’t work. I also can’t fire the NPC chef no matter how many times I fire him. I tried hiring my other sim instead, but same issue. I fired my sim, rehired him, reset him, nothing. I also removed all other mods and CC, so the only two things I had in my mods folder was the Chef and Host mods, and same issue. For right now I will be removing the chef part of the mod, but I am keeping the host, since it is working.

    1. Just tested ingame. It worked with Members of the Active Family as well as other played Household Members. I could hire them and they showed up when i did open the Restaurant.

      It does not work if your Sims doesn’t fullfill the Requirements of min. lvl 1 in Cooking/Gourment Cooking & Bartending. They are hireable but the Game can not spawn them and replaces them with unimportant NPCs.

      1. Hello LittleMsSam,
        It has been a while. At the time I tried your advice and made my character lvl 2 cooking and mixology. It didn’t work, so I just gave up again on it. I eventually moved on from that household. Anyways, tried again new household but it didn’t work. I then tried by maxing all sim skills with a cheat and the chef worked. So then I removed all skill, and worked my way down cooking, gourmet cooking, and mixology. Anyways, the mod worked but only with my sim being lvl. 5 cooking, lvl1 gourmet cooking, lvl 1 mixology. From your description, though it meant lvl 1 in cooking or lvl 1 gourment cooking were options, but it really is only lvl 1 of gourmet cooking, which you unlock at lvl 5 cooking. I figure I post that little clarification. Thank you so much for creating the mods and the help provided. You are wonderful.

        1. Hello LittleMsSam,
          It has been a while. At the time I tried your advice and made my character lvl 2 cooking and mixology. It didnโ€™t work, so I just gave up again on it. I eventually moved on from that household. Anyways, tried again new household but it didnโ€™t work. I then tried by maxing all sim skills with a cheat and the chef worked. So then I removed all skill, and worked my way down cooking, gourmet cooking, and mixology. Anyways, the mod worked but only with my sim being lvl. 5 cooking, lvl1 gourmet cooking, lvl 1 mixology. From your description,though it meant lvl 1 in cooking or lvl 1 gourment cooking were options, but it really is only lvl 1 of gourmet cooking, which you unlock at lvl 5 cooking. I figure I post that little clarification.Thank you so much for creating the mods and the help provided. You are wonderful.

          Ah alright, thx for letting me know i will change the description. Sry about the trouble!

  2. Hi, I am having the exact same issue with the Chef part as Lunaimes. Tried everything several times and nothing seems to help.

    1. Same Answer as above.

      The only thing i can offer is to take a look into your save.

      For that you need to upload the Savegame somewhere, send me a Link and the Infos which Family owns the Restaurant and who should be hired as Chef.

  3. Hello LittleMsSam,

    Thank you for your game mod, it is a terrific one!
    I have the following issue, my family has 3 adult members, I managed to hire 2 of the members as chef and host however as the default NPCs are no longer visible I’m not able to select another Sims for the other positions in my restaurant and this way I cannot open the restaurant.

    Jenny Stefanova

    1. If you only want to have Family Members as Chefs/Hosts you can only install the Files for those Jobs.
      You should be able to hire NPC Waiters if you don’t use the Waiter Part of this Mod.

      With the Way EA handels hiring in Restaurants there is no other way for me to make this Mod happen. Unfortunately i cannot mix Family Members/NPCs as being hireable.

      If you want a Family Member and a NPC as Chefs for example you should make the NPC a “Played Household”.

  4. So the mod worked but had a horrible side effect. The restaurant was going well until I went to my music store and went to manage maybe hire more using a different sim family. If you’re on another venue you own that is NOT a restaurant and attempt to manage employees or hire more the moment you click the button for it you get big pop up that says “Hell NO!”. Just kidding…it says log script error but neglects to allow any further use of employees and hiring abilities.

    1. So hiring Restaurant Employees while being on other lots don’t work? Have you only tried it on the Retail Venue that you own? Were the Restaurant still open?

      1. I had a sim with a music store. He could not hire. Even after I removed mod the lot was screwed. I did not want to chance to destroy more.

        1. hm, if the problems was still there after you removed the Mod then i’m not sure if it was this Mod that caused the Problem. But i will check out later ingame if i can hire employees at Retail Stores with this Mod active.

  5. @Brett Keane i checked it ingame. Had a Family with a Restaurant and hired their family Members. Then i switched to another Household who had a Retail Store and hired NPCs. I could hire them and open the Shop without any Problem. I’m not sure if it really is this Mod here that is causing the Issue or maybe another Mod or Mod Conflict!

  6. Hi LittleMsSam, is it possible to change the job requirements to allow teenagers as well? I’m using Telford’s “Drop Out of High School and Get a Real Job” mod (available on ModTheSims site) that lets my teenage sims quit school and join the proper adult jobs. For one family, I want the teenager to help as a waitress in her parents’ diner. I hope it can be possible ^^ I’m already using this mod for her father as the chef and her mother as the host, it’s working very well. Thank you for such a great mod!

    1. I tried that in the beginning but it did not work. No matter what i did Teens did not spawn on the lot and if i let them spawn before opening the Restaurant they did not go to do the work. So i took them out again.

      1. Oh I see, thanks for response ^^ I have (very) basic XML knowledge from school class so I tried to fiddle with the mod earlier, I just added/replaced Teen under all the Age parts. It allowed me to pick Teens from the employee selection panel, and my Teen could now see the Waitress job when she search for jobs on the phone. But after I selected her from the panel, like you said up there, she did not spawn for the restaurant shift ๐Ÿ™ Even when I spawn her on the lot first before opening the restaurant, she did not change to uniform or have “Waitress” above her name, or do any work, but the other waitress I hired who is a Young Adult showed up properly. Maybe it is something deeply embedded in the file that we can’t see >.< Sorry for troubling you with long post, thank you again for your help^^

  7. Hi there,

    I love the mod, just what Dine Out needed! I just have one small issue. I made a family of 4 young adults, 1 manager/owner, 1 chef, 1 host and 1 waitress. They all turned up for work when the manager opened the restaurant, but only the chef went to work. The host and waitress just stood in the same spot. Their relevant skills went up as if they were working, but unfortunately for my guests, they were just left to chat for 6 hours! :/ I tried getting the manager to criticise and check up on them in the hope that would kick start them, but sadly not. Any ideas? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes, I even tried switching off mods in the options, restarting the game, turning them back on and restarting it again. And waited til the next day, but unfortunately that was the same. Even the chef takes 3 hours to go to the kitchen ๐Ÿ™

    1. I don’t know if there can be Mods working for PC but not for MAC. Never heard of that. What exactly is not working?

      1. Any of it :/ My Sim is not listed as a choice, only NPCs are. This is the first proper Mod I’ve ever installed (all CC before that), so it is entirely possible that I’m derping it up. But I downloaded the files, unzipped, read the ReadMe and selected the ones I wanted (with wages), and dropped it into the Mods folder. I started the game, and there your Mods were, listed with all my CC, but it just didn’t seem to do anything. My chef Sim is at home with no career, and my other Sim is at the restaurant. HALP. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. He is Master in cooking, gourmet cooking, and mixology. Not an alien, or at an NPC event. He meets all the requirements.

  8. Hi Little Ms Sam! I love this mod so much! I’m wondering if you were thinking of updating it so that Favourite Households can be selected from as well as family members.

  9. Hi! Thanks so much for this mod. I was wondering if you would consider doing something like this for Cats and Dogs and the vet clinic?

    1. I already testet this today but the First Test i did regarding this was not successful. I have to wait for the S4S Update before i can take a closer look why it is not working as well as in this Mod or the Retail Mod.

  10. I am incapable of hiring any of my family members even after selecting specifically with no wages and putting it into my mods folder. I am not sure if I am missing a step, but random other sims I have created from other households are showing up. My cache is cleared, so I’m not sure what my next step should be.

    1. There are some Requirements that you need to fulfill. If you have played a few Households it may be that they simply don’t show up because there are too many Options and the Window only shows 6 Sims. I’m going to rework this Mod soon to make hiring certain Sims easier like in my Retail Overhaul Mod.

  11. He is maxed out in cooking, gourmet cooking and bar tending. He can be hired as a waiter or a host, but not a chef. He is also the only family member that shows up as being hireable, just not as a chef, as I would like him to be.

    1. I will rework this a little. I will add Hidden Traits like the Ceratin Vet Employee Mod maybe it will work better then. If everything works right i will have it reworked until the end of this week.

  12. What is strange, is that the Mod is not showing NPCs, but it is showing every sim I have made when I go to hire for my restaurant. With the exception of the family which is who the mod is supposed to show. It’s incredibly bizarre.

  13. I followed all of your steps and requirement, but all I get is on the manage employee screen empty white out. There is nothing on there, even the select hire sims option and tabs, all complete gone. Did I do something wrong?

    Cooking, gourmet cooking, and bartender skill are all max. My household got five members. Only one member in the restaurant and four others who like to be hired as waiters, host, and chef are at home. I only put normal version mod. Also test with no wage mod, still the same.

    Please help! Thank you!

    1. If the Window is completely empty then something went wrong yes. I had that once back when MCCC fixed a ingame Bug where Household Members were shown in the Menu. I had to change the Filter to a Custom one to make it compatible again with MCCC. Which Files did you install exactly? Do you have the newest Version?

        1. If you install the new Version from yesterday you need to give the Sims you want to be shown in the Hire Menu a Trait (see Description). Sims with this should then be shown most likely in the Menu but also other Sims.

            1. I tried the new version out. The window is still completely empty. I already assign needed trait to the sims. Maybe there is another issue?

          1. So even I only install your mod, and remove every other mods. It still only get empty screen. I can give the chef, waiter, and host trait to my sims which are at home.

              1. I installed all-in-one with no wage. I also tried out three files inside the separate file, which are no wage host, waiter, and chef.

                Yes, the hiring window work without any mod at all. The hiring tab and hiring employee information will disappear when I install the certain mod.

                1. Checked the All in One with No Wages and everything works fine. I cannot tell you why it does not work for you. The only thing i could offer is to check your Savegame myself and see if i can hire “your” Sims without Problems. If you want me to check it you need to send me your Savegame via Contact Form (max. 10MB).

  14. Hi there,
    first, thank you for all your mods, I have some in my game and they work smoothly. However, I have a problem with the Hire own Sim mod.

    I have a Diner with my Sim Luke, and I have Linda, a second household, who should be the chef in Luke’s diner.

    I made it that she was hired with the cheat and your mod (the one WITH the wager) and she was there and cooked and got a learning session and made it to level 2 in gourmet cooking and mixing.

    After the diner closed I changed to her household and there she stood in her chef attire, but she got no money! There was a notification about the increase of the levels mixing and cooking but no money increase.

    In her job description is now mentioned that she is a chef.

    So, all in all the mod is working but how does she get her money?

    Can you help?

    1. The reason is pretty simple. There are two Chef Jobs in the Game. The normal one which you can find when you search for a Job and where you can actually earn Money and one “hidden” Job for NPCs you can hire and who work at retaurants. The second one is the one Sims get when you hire them. This Job does not let NPCs earn Money as far as i know and Sims you hire with this Mod are NPCs in this case.

      1. So, I should take the No Wages option, because Linda does not get any money, anyway, and Luke shouldn’t pay money for no reason? It would be good for Luke, because those wages cost a lot.

        1. It depends how you play the Game. I used the No Wages when i was hiring Members of my own Household because it did not make sense to pay Household Members.

  15. It worked for me once but in the second time didn’t. I guess I have to wait when the system of appearing sims on the hire/host/waiter gets better because it’s frustrating when the exact sim I want to appear isn’t there. My first time was a lucky one xD I even don’t know how to reload other sims there, it appears always the same sims, not even new ones, at least one.

    1. The reload happens when you close/load the Hire Window. Who where you trying to hire. Did fullfil reach the Requirements?

    1. You as the Owner normally have to pay Wages for Employees. In the No Wages Version you don’t have to pay any Wages.

  16. Hi, I was wondering what the lastException.txt part of the description means? Is that something I need to delete, what is it, where can I find it etc.? Because I’d really like it if my sims could attend to their needs when they have to/socialise with each other while they work.
    Thank you!

    1. Since your Household Sims will have all Buffs etc. of the NPCs you can hire their Needs should not go down as fast as they normally would.

      While playing this i never did need to take care of them to fill up their needs.

      The lastException.txt is a Text File that gets generated inside the Sims 4 Folder when an Error happens. It is just a Warning of the Game that something went wrong or a Mod is not working anymore etc.

  17. Hello!
    I have downloaded your mod and that should allow me to hire my own family members as chefs without wages.
    There are no sims appearing in the list for the chef position, but there are sims in the other categories. So i assume that i have installed the mod correctly. I can’t, however, give my sim the trait so she can be hired as a chef. I have enabled modding and it works fine, but when i try
    “trait.equip_trait HireChef”
    nothing happens, do you know what i might be doing wrong?

    I have the latest version of the game and the mod.

    1. Made a quick check ingame if i messed something up in the LittleMsSamHireCertainSimsRestaurantChefPlusNoWages.package File but it works fine.

      The equip Trait Cheat works with Testingcheat enabled and disabled so this is also not the Problem. When you look into the UI where your Traits are shown and equip the Trait there gets nothing added then?

      1. I checked, and it does get added. I sent her back home so only one sim is on the restaurant property, and still the list of people i can hire as a chef is empty. Have i missed adding some file then maybe? I’ve only added that .package file that was in the zipped folder.

        1. AH ok so Trait adding works but Hiring Chef Pop up is blank.

          I checked that too and it works fine.

          There could be a few reasons why the Pop up is completely blank i guess:

          1) Wrong Game Version
          2) Mod Conflict
          3) A rar Issue i can not explain or fix because it never happend to me so far

          You said already that your Game is Up to Date right? Did you check if the Mod works if you load the Game without any other Mods/CC to see if a Mod Conflict is going on?

  18. I figured it out…. I didn’t read through the description of the mod enough it seems, i read it again to make sure i hadn’t missed anything, and saw that the family member can’t have a career. As soon as she quit her job everything worked fine.

    Thanks for the support, the mod runs perfectly now! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ah ok, thx for letting me know^^

      I recommend to use my Hired Employees earn Money Mod if you want your Sim to earn Money.

      1. Well my sim is in the family that i play, soher family still earns that money in a way even if she doesn’t get payed ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hi there,

    Thanks so much for creating this mod! However, I am having the same issue as some others have described. The sim that owns a restaurant goes to it at when she tries to hire someone, there are NO sims listed as available for hire. The place where potential employees are usually listed is completely blank. I am using version with the Cats and Dogs expansion installed and no other mods are active. I only have LittleMsSamHireCertainSimsRestaurantALLINONEplusNoWages located in the Mods folder. I can share my save file if needed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Its perfectly working. Its normal that when hiring an employee, the menu is just white. All you have to do is, first, click on the sim that you wanted to hire, in the menu: add trait – choose either waiter, chef, etc. Then if the chosen sim already had the trait being a chef, waiter, etc., they’re now included in the options when hiring an employee. Hope this HELP. Sorry for my bad English.


    2. Yes, Sims with those Traits will show up but normally if no Sims with Traits are available the Game should choose new Sims via a second Filter. But for whatever reason the Game ignores this second Filter. I never had the Problem (because of MCCC) but i saw it via a Savegame i got send. So an Update is in work.

  21. Hi! I am having a problem with my waiters not waiting on critics even after I click on “take order”. They’ll take the order but never go to the chefs or serve food to the critics so I keep getting low ratings. Anyone else having this problem?

    1. Checked ingame. Everything worked fine. Taking Orders, giving Chefs the Orders, Chef cooking and bringing Food to the Tables.

  22. So…I have this family…and they go out to a restaurant and they never get their food…
    You have some mood for fix it?

    1. I have no fix for this because it never happens in my Game. Make sure you don’t have a Mod that is causing this Problem.

  23. Hey im having trouble. the sims that i hire as a chef doesnt show up but instead a random chef show up everytime..

    1. It is a known “Bug” with the Original Game. Even in vanilla a hired Chef sometimes for whatever Reason does not show up. You could try another Sim and see if the same happens there?

      The only thing i know of that could prevent them from spawning is when the Chef is a Vampire without the Sun Resistence Perk. But you should also not be able to hire them at all.

      1. Thanks for the reply!
        yeah i tried it with a new save and hire a diffrent sims, but the same happend.
        but when i remove your mod after i hire them and load the save they gonna show up. so i dont think its the Vanilla game problems.

        1. Ok, i would have to check it out myself in your save since i don’t have such Problems in my Game. You can send me your Savegame and let me know which restaurant and wich Sim you wanted to hire?! Zip the Savegame (just the single .save file) and use my contact Form. You can send a Zip File over that.

  24. Good day, LittleMsSam ^^ I’ve been using this mod for a while now and I really love how it makes gameplay and storytelling more interesting. Thank you!

    After a while of visiting restaurants, I noticed the host podium is always soooo crowded with diners who spawn after my sim. Sometimes 15 sims are all standing there. Even after my Sim has finished eating and chatting and leaves the restaurant, half of them are still waiting to be seated lol.

    I went to look for a suitable mod and found lindseyy’s Hire One Additional Host mod on MTS. Would you advise that her mod can be used together with your mod? ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to have 2 hosts to speed up seating guests. But if you think it will not work with this mod, I would rather keep yours.

    Thank you very much for your time ^^ x

    1. Hi, we use the same ressource “businessEmployee_Restaurant_Host.SnippetTuning.xml” so both mods are not compatible, sry

      1. Ok, thank you for the reply ^^ I will not use that mod then. Do you maybe have any recommendation for this slow host/crowded podium issue?

        1. The only thing coming to my mind would be to enable the “Allow Guests” thing for non owners too so you can controll the incoming Guests like you can as an Owner. I will try out these days if that would work.

  25. Hi Sam,

    I have an issue with my hired Chefs, Waiters, and Hosts not showing up; they are always replaced by random NPCs. Is this normal? How do I fix it if it’s not? Thank you!

    1. Are those Vampires without Sun Resistence? If yes then it is normal. But you should not have been able to hire them. If no. Then it is kind of also “normal”. It is known that if the Game is not able to spawn Employees that it replaces them. I myself had that a few times. But not all the time through. The reason why they do not spawn is difficult to say because we can’t really look into the game to figure out the reason.

  26. Hi Sam! I love your mod it totally works but i have 1 problem. Whenever i open my resteraunt all my sims dont work especially the chefs (the chefs dont even put on their uniform). Also when i look at their jobs it says they all have the day off.

    1. Checked ingame. All Chefs, Waiter and the Host came, changed Outfits and get to work. One Chef and the Host are my own Sims who are the Owner. Make sure it is not another Mod conflicting. Check if it still happens even without any other Mod/CC. The Day off part is “normal” because this is usually a hidden Career with no Schedule.

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