Hire certain Vet Employees

Hire certain Vet Employees

This Mod let’s you hire certain Employees

If you want to hire certain Sims in your World this Mod will help you with that.

Give the Sim you want to be listed in the Hire Employee Popup a hidden Trait via Cheat:

(Testingcheats must be on)

traits.equip_trait HireVet

To remove the Trait:

traits.remove_trait HireVet

With this Trait Sims will be more likely be listed in the Hire Employee Popup. You may have to refresh the Popup if they don’t show up right away.


(Would not even make sense since you can work there anyway)

Download “Hire certain Vet Employees” Version 23.02.2018 | Downloaded 4394 times | 3 KB

XML used “Hire certain Vet Employees”


59 thoughts on “Hire certain Vet Employees

  1. Can you do a vet clinic employee satisfaction mod with everytime they remain very satisfied irrespective of criticism or demotion? It will be good if you also remove the time frame they work with unlimited work time at the clinic so the owner can rest while employees do their jobs.

  2. Umm…This mod is good, but I want something like “Hire Family Members at Restaurant”.
    If you do not mind, can you make “Hire Family Members at Animal Hospital”?

    1. Nope that would make no sense^^ You can already work there with all Household Members without the need to hire them. If you want Family Members that are not in your Household you can use this Mod to hire them also.

  3. They don’t show up when I open the clinic? Actually one showed up as a patient and when I asked about their career it even said they worked at my clinic?

  4. So I was wondering how you add the trait to an npc? Do you put their name before hand in the cheat bar or do you have to play as them to add it?

    1. there’s mod “add traits in regular menu” I think it should work fine without entering sims active? if it’s trait I bet it should appear in menu in that mod

  5. Why doesn’t it work for me? ๐Ÿ™ I downloaded the mod and put it in the Mods folder, enabled the testing cheats and script mods but when I type traits.equip_trait HireVet on the active sim, and go back to manage worlds to go back to my clinic, the sim I want to hire does not show up no matter how many times I refresh it. Am I doing something wrong? Can you please, please give me the right steps? Thank you!

  6. I love your mods. I just can’t seem to make this one work. This may sound like a stupid question but, do I have to be in the sim I want to use the trait cheat? I don’t seem to be able to add it to the sim I want to show on the list. Will they not show if they have another job?

    1. The Sim you want to give the Trait needs to be the current active one yes. I will make the Trait visible soon so it should be easier to know if the adding worked or not.
      Regarding the Work Part. I think it is better if they don’t have any other Career but i can’t say if it would work or not if they have another Job.

  7. Hi there! I love all your mods (I really wish I was in a position right now to support you on Patreon) and I’ve got a small suggestion for your business related mods like this one and the restaurant one.

    Have you considered adding the traits to the Aspiration Reward Store where we can purchase the traits? It might make it a little easier on people who don’t want to keep typing or looking for the cheat to add the Trait.

    1. I will not add them to the Aspiration Reward Store unless i find a script that let’s me do this. I don’t want to overwrite the Trait XML because of compatibility.

  8. I’m not getting it at all can you please give step by step. It’s not working for me file is unzipped and in mod folder. everything falls apart from there. Thank you.

  9. When I put this in my game I after putting in the code it didn’t work at all now I can’t open my vet clinic sat their for 7 hours loading I wouldnt even bother with this I’ve taken it out a repaired it still nothing

    1. Like I’ve been trying to open it all day and keep in mind this is the only thing I put in just seems like it could be nothing eles I don’t understand I did everything right and I honestly would just save you game because I haven’t figured out how to fix this idk if it just hasn’t been updated or what but I wouldn’t download it

      1. It works perfectly fine! I just tested it. Opend my Vet. My hired Sims (moved out Family Members) came right away.

        Your Game is up to date? You did give the Trait a Sim that is not in your Household right? Did you get a LastException.txt?

        Make sure you don’t have a Mod Conflict, another Mod causing it or a broken Game perse! If it still does not let you open your Vet even after delting my Mod that is a high indication that it is not my Mod.

        If you want send me the broken savegame and one from a time before you added my Mod and i will gladly check it out. Let me know which Family the Vet belongs to and who you wanted to hire.

        1. Nope I’m pretty dam sure it was your mod it was the only thing I put into my game and it was working fine before I typed in the cheat what kinda fucking is it updated I don’t just leave any of my games undated I’m not sure how tf who the vet is matters point it didn’t work so idk wtf you didn’t help me it didn’t do any or this before so I think it’s pretty damn clear what it was your mod idk how in the world anyone is getting this to work but my game is still fucked and this has never in many years I’ve have been playing sims has this ever happened to me I’ve never run into this problem other then when I put your crap in my game I don’t understand the save game thing it doesn’t make sense or whatever tf that last part meant like why tf whould need that ever had one ask me that ether but then again I’ve never had to do that EVER this didn’t not happen until I typed in the code none of my other mods have ever done this to me so yeah I literally don’t believe that it’s my shit I don’t have many big mods and I repeat because it’s ONLY THING I PUT INTO MY GAME I stopped trying to open I just simply can’t get in it after I put in your code I’m not sure what eles it could be nothing eles has ever done this in My game I just honestly think it doesn’t work and it’s not worth it to have fuck with my game because you’re mod wasn’t 100% you didn’t help your saying the same shit it makes sense because it’s the only thing I put in and it’s been a while sense Pets came out and this doesn’t seem to be updated at all is it ? Because you don’t put that ether it DOESN’T WORK TRUST ME PLZ AND DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS MY GAME IS STILL FUCKED and your trying to tell me it’s my game I know it’s not your mod was what I put in that’s it because I was playing and wanted to make my person a vet and now I can’t get into my vet clinic hmmmm mm really does sound like it’s your mod has nothing has everything to do with the fact it doesn’t work you didn’t help this was shitty I’ll guess I’ll just gonna have to find a way to fix it myself and again PLZZZZZZ DON’T Download this IT’S NOT WORTH IT I didn’t to my game other that what the instructions say

          1. If their are other instructions they should be put their not said after your bulshit fucks up My game

            1. How tf could it not be your mod if it wasn’t happening before I installed it only after did it do this that is such a bulshit answer

              1. First keep your Voice down! I was trying to help you so don’t be an ass here.

                I even offered you to send me your savegame!

                Second you wrote “wanted to make my person a vet and now I canโ€™t get into my vet clinic” does that mean you wanted to make the owner of the Vet a Vet? I never wrote anywhere that you can make your own Household a Vet did i? Since you can already work there as a Vet it does not even make sense. So don’t blame my Mod if you kind of fucked up your Game.

                If you could use it with your own Household i would have written that in the description just like i did with my other Retail/Restaurant Version. To make sure not others get the same Idea like you do i will make that clearer…

                Can you open the Savegame at all? If yes, try to cheat and delete the career of you Sim.

                1. Literally every ting your saying is bulshit why would I be that fucking dumb I wouldn’t try to do that it doesn’t make sense so why tf would you even say that once again no I put in your fucking code and now my game won’t work has nothing to do with my sims because what you just said is fucking pure idot why in the fuck would I try to make the owner of the clinic a vet are you actually that fucking stupid just accept the fact that this happened is a problem with your mod Ik it is it was the only thing that i put in my game thats what fucked it up and once again I don’t see why you would need the save game I also already said that I didn’t understand that and you just protecting your shitty mod

                  1. I’ve told you what I did your the one being an asshole assuming that I’m a fucking idot and that I made my vet the vet whitch literally I pray for you cause your fucking retarded if you wanna be an ass and assume shit then that fine I’ll fix it myself your clearly just trying to save your own ass here instead of making sure you don’t actually fuck up someones shit

                    1. Ok you don’t want any help as it seems. You just keep being an ass. I offered to check your Save. No reaction to that. So you don’t even want help.

                      Have a nice Day!

  10. I did say I didn’t understand that it’s as if your not reading them I did not make my vet the vet because that is literally nonsense so why ask that for the 3 time even tho I’ve said it three times I’m not the one being an ass fix your shit because yes their is somthing wrong with it

    1. Do you even read what you write yourself? What did you not understand? That i offered to check your savegame? Where exactly did you write that you don’t understand that? I can’t find that in the mass of insults and accusations you wrote.
      Sry, but you only keep going with those so do you really expect me to still help after all that stuff you wrote? Send me your Savegame via Contact Form if you want. If not then pls go on with your life…

      1. I love how your going about this like I did somthing wrong your the one who called me an ass to start with and every time you brought it up I did say I didn’t understand literally go read like actually read it because this is bulshit and you said clearly that you can’t make
        clinic owner the vet I DID NOT DO THAT and said that you started accusations I’m calling you out on your bulshit because this is literally bulshit if that was the only thing I put into my game how in the fuck do you not understand that it has to be you mod like tf your answers are crap that doesn’t help me fix what your mod did

        1. I offered THREE times (to speak in your way) to CHECK your SAVEGAME. You CLEARLY DON’T WANT help. So have a nice day!

          1. Your still dodging the actual questions even you asked them so how the fuck do I fix this shit your mod did to my game

            1. What the hell are you even talking? SEND ME YOUR SAVEGAME SO I CAN FUCKING OPEN IT IN MY GAME AND CHECK WHAT IS WRONG. So you understand now what i offered you three now four!!! times? Don’t tell me i dodge anything or i do not try to help! Honestly you don’t even deserve help at all the way you act here! One last time: Use the damn Contact Form i have on this Site. Zip your “broken” .save File. Send it to me. I will check it then. If you don’t want to do that then don’t accuse me that i dodge and don’t help!

              1. Just in Case you finally consider to actually do send the save. I need to know which sim you wanted to hire…

              2. This is crazy you seriously didn’t not read then whyyy wtf dude seriously I’ve said so many times that doesn’t make sense one why why would how would even help and two I have no idea what you actually mean by that I literally said that so many times so yes feels like your really not 100% all their or what cause I’ve said that each time you asked about what the actual fuck

                  1. So i can check his Traits? If you want me to tell you what is wrong i need to actually open your savegame and take a look! What is so hard to understand there?

        2. I love how you also literally stated what I was having problems with and act like you didn’t read it and I’m the ass

  11. @Maddie Open your saves Folder in your Sims 4 Folder. Check for the latest ***.save File. Zip it with winzip or winrar. Then go to my Contact Form http://littlemssam.de/contact/ click the search Button on the Bottom to add the zip file and this way you can send it to me. If even the zip file is bigger than 10MB you would need to send it on another way though…

        1. Okay never mind I guess the date goes up downward anyway so even if I send the save tho how is gonna help the infinite loading thing like is the fact I already typed it in the code bad or would it linger because it just happened after I put it in

          1. I cannot tell you anything then that i need to open your savegame in my game and see what happens then. If i for example can open it just fine then it is something else then the savegame that is going on. I use this Mod since i made it and never got any Problems. Also no one else had this going on so far.

            If you send me your savegame you can also look into your sims 4 folder (where your mod folder and saves folder is) if you got any lastException… Text Files. If so send them too because these are Error Messages that might show what is going on.

  12. Well Ik how to get into my mods….
    folder also kinda confused on how taking out a save wouldn’t mess thing up ? So it’s okay if I take it out just as long as I don’t load the game or what

  13. First of all,i should apologize for my poor english ๐Ÿ˜›
    It is a great idea !but i still can’t hire the people who i whant to hire.Perhaps the people is a youth so he can’t be hire?
    Please give me a right step for this mod.
    i really want to hire the man.
    And i really think it’s a great mod!Keep going,i will follow you!

    1. The Sim can be a Young Adult just not a Teen. Could you give the Sim you want to hire the HireVet Trait via Cheat?

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