Hire certain Vet Employees

Hire certain Vet Employees

This Mod let’s you hire certain Employees

If you want to hire certain Sims in your World this Mod will help you with that.

Give the Sim you want to be listed in the Hire Employee Popup a hidden Trait via Cheat:

(Testingcheats must be on)

traits.equip_trait HireVet

To remove the Trait:

traits.remove_trait HireVet

With this Trait Sims will be more likely be listed in the Hire Employee Popup. You may have to refresh the Popup if they don’t show up right away.

Download “Hire certain Vet Employees” Version 24.11.2017 | Downloaded 3192 times | 3 KB

XML used “Hire certain Vet Employees”


26 thoughts on “Hire certain Vet Employees

  1. Can you do a vet clinic employee satisfaction mod with everytime they remain very satisfied irrespective of criticism or demotion? It will be good if you also remove the time frame they work with unlimited work time at the clinic so the owner can rest while employees do their jobs.

  2. Umm…This mod is good, but I want something like “Hire Family Members at Restaurant”.
    If you do not mind, can you make “Hire Family Members at Animal Hospital”?

    1. Nope that would make no sense^^ You can already work there with all Household Members without the need to hire them. If you want Family Members that are not in your Household you can use this Mod to hire them also.

  3. They don’t show up when I open the clinic? Actually one showed up as a patient and when I asked about their career it even said they worked at my clinic?

  4. So I was wondering how you add the trait to an npc? Do you put their name before hand in the cheat bar or do you have to play as them to add it?

    1. there’s mod “add traits in regular menu” I think it should work fine without entering sims active? if it’s trait I bet it should appear in menu in that mod

  5. Why doesn’t it work for me? 🙁 I downloaded the mod and put it in the Mods folder, enabled the testing cheats and script mods but when I type traits.equip_trait HireVet on the active sim, and go back to manage worlds to go back to my clinic, the sim I want to hire does not show up no matter how many times I refresh it. Am I doing something wrong? Can you please, please give me the right steps? Thank you!

  6. I love your mods. I just can’t seem to make this one work. This may sound like a stupid question but, do I have to be in the sim I want to use the trait cheat? I don’t seem to be able to add it to the sim I want to show on the list. Will they not show if they have another job?

    1. The Sim you want to give the Trait needs to be the current active one yes. I will make the Trait visible soon so it should be easier to know if the adding worked or not.
      Regarding the Work Part. I think it is better if they don’t have any other Career but i can’t say if it would work or not if they have another Job.

  7. Hi there! I love all your mods (I really wish I was in a position right now to support you on Patreon) and I’ve got a small suggestion for your business related mods like this one and the restaurant one.

    Have you considered adding the traits to the Aspiration Reward Store where we can purchase the traits? It might make it a little easier on people who don’t want to keep typing or looking for the cheat to add the Trait.

    1. I will not add them to the Aspiration Reward Store unless i find a script that let’s me do this. I don’t want to overwrite the Trait XML because of compatibility.

  8. I’m not getting it at all can you please give step by step. It’s not working for me file is unzipped and in mod folder. everything falls apart from there. Thank you.

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