Ask for a Romantic Massage

Ask for a Romantic Massage

Do you want your sims to get into the right mood for a romantic evening? Why not letting them give their loved ones a romantic Massage on the Massage table?

Ask for a romantic Massage Version

A new Options for the massage table pie menu:

Ask for a romantic Massage

The Option is only available if your sims are at least in a romantic interest relationship and are on the same lot.

A romantic Massage takes around 45-60 minutes and will set both sims in a high flirtatious mood

Unfortunately there seems to be a routing error where the wrong sim lays down on the massage table. Standing close by the massage table with both sims when asking for a massage may help to prevent that error. I couldn’t find a solution for that so far. Sorry. BEst way is to stand right next to the Massagetable before “Asking for a Massage” so Sims will find their right place. Unfortunaly there is still a routing Problem sometimes but it works better now.


Available languages: English (default), Portuguese (by Guedesrs) and German

Download “Ask for a romantic Massage” Version 24.02.2018 | Downloaded 7758 times | 14 KB

XML used “Give/Ask for a Romantic Massage”


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