Base Game,  Custom Lot Traits

Gender & More | Custom Lot Traits

This Mod adds custom LotTraits like “No Women allowed”, “Teen only” and more

This adds the following LotTraits to the Game:

  • No Women allowed
  • No Men allowed
  • No Children allowed
  • No Children & Teenager allowed
  • No Vampire allowed
  • No Alien allowed
  • No Vampire & Alien allowed
  • No Ghosts allowed
  • Only Children
  • Only Teen
  • Only Young Adult
  • Only Adult
  • Only Elder
  • Only Vampire
  • Only Alien

This LotTrait will get NPCs to leave the Lot right away after spawning and let’s you for example makes a Women only Club. It will NOT let new Sims spawn/replace the ones the LotTrait prevents to spawn/to leave right away. The Game itself has to spawn new ones.

It will not affect the Active Household or Job NPCs like Bartender!


Languages: English (default), Portuguese (by Ana Carolina), Dansk (by Sighubert), Japanese (by Maru), Chinese (by hi007097) and German.

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