Gender & More | Custom Lot Traits

Gender & More | Custom Lot Traits

This Mod adds custom LotTraits like “No Women allowed”, “Teen only”…

Gender & More | Custom Lot Traits

This adds the following LotTraits to the Game:

  • No Women allowed
  • No Men allowed
  • No Vampire allowed
  • No Alien allowed
  • No Vampire & Alien allowed
  • No Ghosts allowed
  • Only Children
  • Only Teen
  • Only Young Adult
  • Only Adult
  • Only Elder
  • Only Vampire
  • Only Alien

This LotTrait will get NPCs to leave the Lot right away after spawning and let’s you for example makes a Women only Club. It will NOT let new Sims spawn/replace the ones the LotTrait prevents to spawn/to leave right away. The Game itself has to spawn new ones.

It will not affect the Active Household or Job NPCs like Bartender!


Languages: English (default), Portuguese (by Ana Carolina), Dansk (by Sighubert) and German.

Download “Gender & More | Custom Lot Traits” Version 17.04.2018 | Downloaded 2230 times | 136 KB

17 thoughts on “Gender & More | Custom Lot Traits

  1. Awesome! Is it also possible to make “No ghosts” one? I’d probably give that to every single lot in the game, lol

  2. I’d like to know is it possible to clone an object or have some kind of way to be able to put more than 3 lot traits per lot. I have clubs that need the entrance fee mod, the gender traits, the lot traits for partying. At least a choice of having 6 would be great

    1. The Number of LotTraits is limited through the UI. I once looked into this and only find something deeply coded within the UI Files. But i couldn’t change them the way i wanted so if no Script Modder can give us a LotTrait Cheat or EA itself than i don’t see a solution here for now.

  3. I was wondering if you were considering adding a “No Children Allowed” lot trait?
    I just got a trashy cafe that was immediately full of children! I tried using your “young adults only” lot trait, but then all of the teens and adults left.
    Keep up your amazing work, and thank you for all that you do! <3

  4. I wanted to say those traits don’t work too good, I keep all worlds empty just Newcrest filled and active detective career so my suspect searching happens mostly at bar where I assigned “no women allowed” it seems beside bartender noone could enter bar, even mens, that happens with all those traits all sims leaves lot no matter what age/gender they are

    1. Cannot confirm this. Are you 100% sure you use the current Version? I tested Club + no women allowed. Only Men showed up. Bar + no men allowed. Only Women showed up. Pool + Teens Only plus More Visitors (Teens) plus Auto Employee. Only Teens showed up plus the Auto Employees. So far everything works like it should.

  5. there is one that I miss- No Children Allowed I have restaurant which is actually kinda like strip club and it’s not cool when kids comes

    1. I will put this on my To Do Update List but it will take a little since i am pretty busy with another Mod atm

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